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On A Voice for Men, a gay MRA takes on the real enemy: stubby-fingered lesbians

Over on A Voice for Men, much-beloved commenter andybob, an honest-to-goodness gay MRA, confronts what he apparently sees as the real enemies of “real gay men” like him: stubby-fingered lesbians and the “noisy, spangled disco version” gay men who don’t hate lesbians enough.

Lesbians barged into gay men’s spaces in droves jabbing their stubby fingers at everyone. Predictably, they proceeded to boss everyone around, making the gay rights movement about them. Note that homosexuality was a criminal offence for MEN ONLY. Lesbianism was never against the law. They had jackshit to whinge about, but they made gay rights about them anyway, and used it as a propaganda vehicle to support feminism.

Notice that GLTT [sic] became LGTT? [sic] How’s that for petty entitlement? Gay men should have fought back, but, to our everlasting shame, we didn’t. The only gay men who remained in GLTT were slimy political types seeking personal aggrandizement, zeta poodle carriers and moronic party boys who don’t give a shit about anything except the pattern on the umbrella in their drinks. Of course, the MSM focus entirely on this noisy, spangled disco version of real gay men like me: men who know exactly how greedy, relentless and downright shady those lezziefems are and don’t trust them one iota.

Truly an inspiring vision of solidarity!

In the comments, Perseus seconds andybob’s hatred of “lesbian femmies.”

I’ve come across a lot of people over the course of my life, a whole range of people, a wide variety.. different cultures, different backgrounds, different types and different temperaments. Shady people, adversarial people, etc..

I can tell you that where I have experienced the most uniquely sinister, hating and conspiratorial sensation has been from encounters with true-blood lesbian femmies. It’s as if they can barely contain their loathing. They have that look of someone who has been talking insane shit about you, conspiring and plotting intensely against you, and would stab you right on the spot if they could get away with it.

Project much?

Lesbian feminists place themselves behind the scenes, using hetero-females as their curtain. They regard hetero-females as immature, naive useful idiots, the former using the collective sexual and feminine power over men, of the latter, as the levers of manipulation that they wield. How far do you think a bunch of gumballs like Naomi Wolf could really have taken this thing?

Lesbian femmies, we’ve got an eye on you, you’re on notice.

Considering how utterly disposable regular females regard males as, how amplified does that disposability become to a creature which doesn’t even see that shred of value in him as a heterosexual mating utility?

Their hatred for males manifests in two objectives: 1) to injure and destroy and 2) to manipulate and control, to the fullest extent possible.

Nuttin wrong with bein gay. Somethin wrong with acts of evil..

Naturally, both andybob and Perseus received only compliments for their clear thinking from the assembled AVFMenners.

Andybob only dealt with the first two letters of the LGBT acronym; I shudder to think what he must feel about the other two.

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My favorite American story is when a friend of my husband’s (Mr. HK is from Hawaii) asked him how he liked being in the U.S. I do not think this person was nuanced enough to be asking about mainland vs. island life, either.

Texas has plenty of shit that will kill you, I will never go camping here. I’ve only seen one spider in the house, though. They were everywhere in the PNW.

A (former co-worker (with some Pacific Islander ancestry) had someone ask her if she spoke English in a bar in San Francisco (big surprise that this happened in the Marina). Believe it or not this was part of an attempt to pick her up.

(“Do you speak English, sexy lady?” as a pick-up line? Guys, don’t do that.)

Another (Vietnamese) friend gets asked where she’s from all the time. The people asking never will accept “Ohio” as an answer.

Mr. HK gets mistaken for Mexican in some stunningly inappropriate ways. He’s Filipino/Japanese and looks like Manny Pacquiao.

I think my favorite was this exchange in a corner store buying beer. Mr. HK had just grabbed a case of Corona as we were going to a friend’s houseboat.

Cashier Dude: I didn’t think Mexicans drank this.
Mr. HK: They don’t.
CD, not looking at Mr. HK: So, what part of Mexico you from?
Mr. HK: Hawaii.

This happened in Seattle, not TX.

Death by being bumped-into by a basking shark: most inglorious death ever.

I have to share this, because I’ve got these Nephila spiders in my backyard. I think the species around here are a bit smaller, but on the plus side (?), in some individuals the black-and-white pattern on their carapace resembles a human skull. Yeah…

I live in the Pacific Northwest of the US, and I’ve never had a scary animal interaction in the US (don’t ask me about my three months in the Caribbean and the hammerhead sharks and the dogs). The closest I’ve come is when I was on a week-long raft trip and some of the others disturbed a rattlesnake at our campsite. I made sure to make a lot of noise whenever moving around and to stay off the rocks.

That was also the trip I shared the river with a bear for a little bit. We almost didn’t see it, because when the guide on the raft in front of us made the “animal” signal our raft guide thought it meant there was a mountain goat up in the hillside.

Oh, and then there was the time some idiots decided to throw sticks at the moose we were looking at in Yellowstone. Dad got us all into the car pretty quickly when that happened. And the time some morons decided to walk right up the path the giant bison was laying on… also at Yellowstone. But in that case, I knew that I wasn’t going to be the one getting hurt.

@Cassandra, weather was a big deciding factor in moving to Australia from Edinburgh. We got sick of staring out the apartment window at the the grey skies and drizzle, wondering what to do with our bored 2yr old again. I won’t miss the weather, especial not the cold, the greyness and the snow ( which always turns to dirty slush and black ice)

Edinburgh sounds just like my upstate NY hometown in February. We called that dirty snow/slush mess “snirt.”

Fresh snow is beautiful, but the grey sludge it turns into a day or two later is no fun at all.

Snirt? Cool. We didn’t have a name for it. I have such memories of shivering, waiting for the bus to school to arrive, staring at the piles of dirty slush piled up by the side of the road, lot up by the orange street lamp because it’s Scotland and it’s still pitch black until 9.30am in the winter.

In other news, i shared the book of learnin’ on a slate thread where NWOSlave was helping stink up the joint.

That’s actually one of my least pleasant memories of high school, the short days in the winter. We started school at 8:30 and, other than a break for lunch and hockey/lacrosse, didn’t stop again until 6:30. So basically we only saw daylight while shivering in the rain and pretending to be enthusiastic about hockey or lacrosse for months at a time.

Only if you were one of the ones who lives in an area with things like cold temps. Today we are in very late October and it is like 85 outside so I would still be chilled.

That’s 29C! We’re only just starting on those sort of temps now, in spring, here in Melbourne. It’s still way too hot for my liking. Melbourne’s fairly temperate; we don’t get seriously cold winters – it’s rare for a day to stay in single digits, which is to say below 50F. But our summers usually hover in the high 20s to low 30s. Worst I’ve known was the year of Black Saturday, when we had a week of temperatures in the 40s (up to about 114F).

That whole “where are you from” stuff is really commonplace here, too. I can understand it if someone has a foreign accent, but on appearance alone? That’s just silly.

Oh, and for really dumb, the time I was asked by some schmuck if I was “from around here” because I had a coat with me on a warm day. “Wearing more than most people around here” was how he put it. Shock horror, there’s a dress code for locals (probably “women are to dress minimally”) that I didn’t know about. Presumably the idea that it had been a frickin’ cold morning didn’t cross his mind, any more than the idea that it was none of his flaming business where I was from or how I dressed.

But our summers usually hover in the high 20s to low 30s. Worst I’ve known was the year of Black Saturday, when we had a week of temperatures in the 40s (up to about 114F).

You would hate the climate in the Middle East and North Africa so much. One of my strongest memories of Saudi, because it happened every single time we flew into the country, was arriving after midnight and hearing the following message on the plane’s intercom right before landing.

“We will shortly be landing in Dhahran. The time is 1:15 am., and the temperature is 98 degrees Farenheit. Please enjoy your stay in Saudi Arabia.”

You’re right, I couldn’t cope with that at all!

I’d love to live in Hobart (capital of Tasmania) – I could deal with the cold winters, and I like the city, it’s sort of halfway between a city and a town, big enough not to get stared at but small enough to be fairly relaxed. Trouble is there’s hardly any work down there, and from what I’ve seen the public transport isn’t up to much.

When my Dad used to work in the deep desert in Libya it was so hot that they had to wear gloves all the time, because you couldn’t touch any of the metal railings etc without badly burning your hands. Leaving anything plastic, like a cassette case, on the dashboard of your car would result in it melting. I love that kind of climate, but it’s definitely not for everyone.

Wanna swap some autumn/winter coolth for our spring/summer heat? There must be a way we could do an exchange …

Kittehs, you would hate central TX. I hate it in the summer. In 2011, we had something like 90 days where the temp was above 100.

Right now it is 57 and I couldn’t be happier.

I would gladly exchange most of my cold winter days for hot summer days. I only want to keep a few mildly cold days as an excuse to wear my favorite coats.

Basically if the temperature stayed between 75-ish at night and 115-ish all year round I would be happy.

@Cassandra, that’s a long day.i just had regular school hours… but still went and came home in the dark. And prayed for hockey to be cancelled. Which it never was even when the pitches were covered in snow.

I never want to be cold again. Where we are hovers around the mid to high 20s (c) for most of the year, with occasional spike into the 30s dec – Feb. I love it. Melbourne’s a great city but the winters put me off plus the sudden and extreme heatwaves.

BigMomma, did you hear on the news the other day that the El Nino effect the weather bureau were expecting may be less severe than they thought? In fact they said on Channel 2 news that it may be more of a La Nina – so, a cooler, wetter sort of summer, presumably like the last couple we’ve had. I hope. Winter doesn’t bother me but yeah, our heatwaves are gross. I’d be happy if it never got above 25C.

Kitteh, yes i did hear and they were predicting average rainfall… our last 3 summers have been so wet and where we are was never in drought in the first place. I’d welcome a dry hot summer!

more northern than you! i’m in northern new south wales. Magpie, you are very welcome to our rain!

LOL Just about everyone in Oz (except people in Tassie) is more northern than me!

I’ve got a long-standing Internet friend in Melbourne, and we’ve decided that we actually live in the same climate, just calendar-reversed–I’m in Los Angeles, and we have the same tendency toward hot summers and relatively mild winters with the occasional chill. The terrain seems similar too, and we even have eucalyptus trees in common. Ours are transplants, of course, and are actually left over from when this was a big orange growing region. It’s just kind of eerie how two cities half a planet apart can wind up so similar.

It was pretty funny when he came to visit me in August and temporarily forgot that the seasons were reversed and hoped I wouldn’t have to wait “out in the cold” for his bus from the airport.

But to a straight male, the voice of the human female can be the most melodious sound. It’s why Japanese Eroge have live voice actresses…

Errr, isn’t it that visual novels and dating sims have voice actors regardless of the game’s rating, and the voice actor tends to be the same sex as the character?

(Also, my inner editor wants to snark: “live voice actresses”? As opposed to undead ones?)

I miss the weather in Calif. (and I’m missing Sandy, because I’m at a convention in Ohio; it’s most unlikely our plane will be allowed to leave). I’ve lived in the Upper Midwest, wintered in Ontario, as well as Coastal Calif., and Seattle; and the inland deserts. I’ve summered in Utah and Arizona (N, and S) as well as in Iraq.

I love the desert (apart from the scorpions). I love Coastal Calif. with a burning in my heart, and I’m pretty fond of a decently cold winter.

The world, and all that’s in it. Boomdeyadda.

@Karalora – one of my best friends lives in LA too. She’ll be here in a week and I’m counting the days!

I’ve noticed just the same thing about our climates. They really are similar. And those eucalypts … I think yours were imported from Australia. I know I was severely unimpressed when I visited LA for the first time a few years back. “I’ve flown however many thousands of miles to look at bloody GUM TREES????” 😀

They were imported. Leland Stanford heard about how they were used for railroad ties in Oz, and imported some, because the local lumber is totally unsuited for such. They grew well, so he had a 1/4 mile of track laid, and ran a locomotive onto it.

The ties promptly failed. The soil was so rich, and the water so plentiful that the trees were too soft.

But they were useful as windbreaks, and went native too. I dread (with a heartsick ache I can’t explain), the day the overdense Euky-forest which covers the slopes of Montaña de Oro finally catch fire. I love to ride through those woods, and breath the smell of the blue-gum trees.

I love the smell of eucalyptus trees. We had a whole grove of them on a hill behind my house when I was a kid, and I didn’t know they were a non-native species I just knew they smelled wonderful.

Pecunium – that’s the thing that throws me about planting eucalypts. They rely on fire, it’s part of their cycle. All that oil … it’s not just that they burn ferociously, they explode when it’s hot enough. The Black Saturday fires here in ’09 were utterly terrifying, they were firestorms.

Plus they are seriously crap trees in urban areas. They don’t provide shade, because their leaves turn edgewise to the sun; they shed all year round, and their roots wreak havoc on any drains in the vicinity.

Aren’t a lot of people very allergic to eucalyptus too? I love the smell, but if it’s making tons of people unable to breathe that’s not good.

Not many people allergic to gums. But heaps of people suffer dreadfully from wattle blossom.

Magpie’s right. The commonest issue with many gums isn’t the burning, it’s the dropping gigantic limbs on any day a tree decides it’s too warm, too dry, too windy, or just too much trouble to stay as it is. We had a big lemon scented near our old house, big for a lemon scented means gigantic by most standards. Smelled divine on a damp morning.

Other mornings we’d go out and get a huge jolt – thanking goodness none of us were out there when a branch as big as one of our other trees had come down. At least mrmagnificent got a good physical workout chopping up half a winter’s worth of firewood which had been ‘delivered’ to the back door.

The thing that makes Euky such a dangerous tree is the oils. The trees which aren’t burning are exhaling oils at a massive rate, then a spark hit it and you get, to all intents and purposes, a Fuel Air Explosive.

Which spreads the fire, something fierce.

What they are really good for is windbreaks. You can see them in stands around houses up and down the Central Coast of Calif.

In Calif. they are less regular at random limb-dropping.

You do know that ridiculing a campaign that is supposed to encourage people to protect others from being raped does nothing but show how you’re a terrible human being, right?

Yeah, Blah, seriously, the hell is your problem. Am I allowed to just go roofying guys at parties with impunity? Of course not. Nobody should get raped at parties. Piss off, necromancer.

Ah, an MRA-defaced image with introduced spelling errors and bad grammar.

Because stopping a female being sexually assaulted is *just like* fighting a medieval battle. And preventing sexual assault is all to do with chastity. And being wasted is a permanent condition.

What gives with the heavily xtian sentiment? Do they think* that male feminists are xtian and/or that the King Arthur legend is xtian?

*I am using this word in its broadest possible sense.

And when a female gets wasted, that’s her signal that she’s giving consent to all males.

MRAs, spotting female interest in you, you’re doing it wrong.

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