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Brave MRA reveals the true lesson of the Woody Allen mess: Feminists “are cruel vindictive [slur redacteds]” who will cuckold you with Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra: Come fly with HYPERGAMY?!
Frank Sinatra: Come fly with HYPERGAMY?!

One of the incredibly important Men’s Rights issues being discussed on the A Voice for Men’s forums at the moment: Is Ronan Farrow really the biological son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, or is his father actually Frank Sinatra? I mean, sure, he doesn’t look much like Woody, and Mia Farrow herself has acknowledged that Frankie may “possibly” have been the daddy.

But somehow this doesn’t seem to me to be, er, the most important issue in ongoing story of Woody Allen’s awfulness as a human being.

To a regular contributor to the AVFM forums who calls himself Maxx, though, Frankie is key to the whole story.

Woody Allen’s entire life has played out like a liberal dream turned abject nightmare…

He smugly hooks up with a progressive feminist chick who’s supposed to be outta his league, but of course that sort of stuff isn’t supposed to apply in wonderful progressive unions that have evolved past their basic human nature…right?

But wait…

She cheats on him with the biggest alpha male she can find (Sinatra)…and has Allen cuckolded into raising the man’s kid.

Wait a minute wasn’t Farrow supposed to be a modern women who had progressed past her biological hard-wired attraction to the protypical alpha male? I guess she wasn’t as evolved as she thought she was in practice huh?

And what does Woody Allen the guy who wrote all those films where women evolve past their base nature and conspire to find a weedy prototypical nerd like him the most charming man in the universe do….


He in turn embraces the ‘if it feels good do it’ mantra of sex positive social liberalism too by sticking his dick into his adopted daughter…

And when the marriage to Farrow breaks down this supposed progressive liberal modern empowered feminist woman Farrow throws out every dirty trick in the Lady Macbeth playbook from claiming battery against her limp wristed chump of a former husband to charging him with sexually abusing his children.

The moral of the story ladies and gentlemen is we can’t ‘progress’ past our hard wiring and it’s futile and crazy to try to…oh and don’t marry a feminist because they are cruel vindictive cunts who will fuck up your shit.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure those are not the actual “morals of the story.”

Also, and I feel a little silly even bothering to point it out, Allen and Farrow were famously never married, though that’s probably the least offensive incorrect assumption that Maxx is making here.

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Arctic Ape
Arctic Ape
7 years ago


He can have sex pretty causally – if it leads to something more, so be it, and if it doesn’t lead to anything more, so be it.

Typo of the week 🙂

7 years ago

So… I was reading this out loud to my boyfriend, right? And the Grammar Policewoman in me flipped out again. BECAUSE WHERE THE HELL DID THE COMMAS GO IN THAT FORUM POST?!

Those poor commas.

7 years ago

I read the post with my face going from disgust (the rape and child abuse apology and the… the everything) to intrigued puzzlement: how is Frank Sinatra, nerdy little chap with a smooth voice, an alpha male in anyone’s book? He’s better looking than Allen. But Allen made films – many of them highly regarded – and Sinatra’s star had long waned by then

Oh my word, does that mean alpha/beta might be relative? Or even, not…not really real?


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