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Karen "GirlWritesWhat" Straughan accuses ex-AVFMers of using nude pics to try to lure her away from AVFM

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Congratulations, A Voice for Men! You’ve caused me to feel an actual twinge of sympathy for a woman who once declared, on AVFM no less, that “[w]omen are facing a very real and grave problem in our culture: They are obnoxious [plural form of vagina-related slur redacted.]”

The c-word-slinging woman in question is former AVFM contributor and YouTube micro-celebrity Diana Davison, a friend to and frequent collaborator with another former AVFMer, the infamous “JohnTheOther” Hembling. The two have been sniping at AVFM in videos for months, and getting sniped back at in return, and have both become entangled in the wider war between AVFM and what seems to be virtually the entirety of the Men Going Their Own Way movement.

As Davison’s video above makes clear, this war is getting pretty ugly, with some AVFMers apparently circulating nude photos of Davison in an attempt to shut her up with some good old-fashioned slut-shaming.

The drama escalated dramatically about a week ago, when blabby antifeminist Youtuber Karen “GirlWritesWhat” Straughan — a longtime AVFM ally and “contributing editor” — launched into Davison and Hembling in a series of nasty YouTube comments, accusing Hembling of using the nude pics of Davison in an attempt to seduce Straughan into making a video attacking Paul Elam.

No, really. Here’s the relevant bit of one of her comments. (You’ll have to dig through the comments here to find the whole thing, as well as an assortment of other, well, interesting thoughts on AVFM.) I’ve highlighted the important bits.

John the Other … asked me to if I’d be willing to film a clip of myself Chris Crocker style, sobbing, “Leave Paul Elam ALONE!!!” after I’d repeatedly told him I was staying out of his bullshit with Paul. I’ve seen his girlfriends tits exactly three times, which was three times more than I’d asked to see them, and each time I was shown them I was told, “you’re smart, like me and John, not stupid like Paul and Dean and Sage Gerard and all those other guys at AVFM…”

Oh, and BTW, I’ve seen Diana completely buck, ass, [vagina-related slur redacted] and all. Not because I asked, either, but because apparently they thought it would bring me to their side. I have yet to see Paul in the altogether, and have no real desire to. YMMV.

On that very last point, my mileage definitely does not vary.

In another comment, she wrote that

John the Other and his girlfriend attempted to convince me to attack Paul Elam by showing me her tits and then telling me how smart I am.  … [H]e’s willing to put his girlfriend on the buffet table to lure me in, and she’s willing to offer herself up as lunch. 

The idea that Hembling is using nude pics of Davison to lure Straughan away from AVFM is a bizarre accusation, and Hembling has what appears to be pretty conclusive evidence — in the form of Skype chat logs of conversations with Straughan — that it’s complete bullshit. (You can watch his rambling video on the subject here; the relevant stuff starts 3:24 in. Hembling, who was ejected from AVFM last year, sounds a lot like someone who has recently escaped a cult.)

Natually, the AVFM regulars have responded to Davison’s video with their customary tact and aplomb. Here’s AVFM “Assistant Managing Editor” and “Director, Disqus Moderation Team” Suzanne McCarley, in the comments to Davison’s video:

Suzanne McCarley 1 day ago   What's with the accusations of slut shaming? I have no idea whether or not you're a slut; for all I know you're just a tease who never puts out. What I do know is that you have attempted to use your sexuality to manipulate no less than five influential MRAs before you found one who would take the bait.   You weren't giving it away, you were selling it to the highest bidder. I think that makes you a whore, not a slut, doesn't it?" Reply  ·  15

Elam, responding to McCarley’s comment, offered a slightly different assessment:

Paul Elam 1 day ago   With all respect I have to dissent from your opinion. Actual, real whores, are pretty honest. They tell you what you are getting and for how much. There is an honor to the transaction.   DD (not talking about her chest) is just a personality disordered cunt who whores herself figuratively, not for money but for control over other people. She doesn't even have the integrity to be a whore. Or the consistency. I note that she is now crowing about the futility of engaging feminists from her Feminism LOL channel, because the change of attitude serves her personal agenda.   John the Idiot just happened to be the one guy at AVFM who was one blowjob away from turning mangina when the Queen of Auschwitz showed up to swallow.   I saw the pics (wish I hadn't). Fucking gross.

The comments continue on in this vein for some time, with AVFMers accusing Hembling of supporting yet another woman (who, like Davison, was embraced by and then tossed out of AVFM)  because, in Elam’s words, “he was toying with the idea of fucking her at the time.”

This isn’t the first time that AVFMers have brought up Davison’s “chest.” Several months back, you may recall, AVFM’s “Chief Operations Officer” Dean Esmay accused Davison of using pics of her “titties” to lure MGTOWers to the anti-Paul-Elam Dark Side.

Now, it’s true that Davison is an anti-feminist ideologue with appalling ideas and a nasty rhetoricial style. She ends most of her YouTube videos with rape jokes. She regularly attacks other women as “cunts” and “narcissistic twats.” She thinks that men commit crimes mostly in order to get more stuff for the demanding women in their lives. She thinks that any woman who goes to sleep next to a man in bed is thereby giving him permission to penetrate her in her sleep. By joining up with the MGTOW movement as a weird sort of Female MGTOWer she’s siding with some of the internet’s skeeziest and most obsessive misogynists.

In other words, she’s at least as bad, ideologically speaking, as the AVFMers she now regularly attacks.

Nonetheless, she doesn’t deserve this sort of shit from AVFM assholes attempting to use attacks on her sexuality as a way to shut her up. No one does.

But apparently those at AVFM think this is how “human rights activism” is done.

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7 years ago

I can’t stand any of the MRA, MGTOW crowd for the most part… however I couldn’t call myself feminist. I mean I think traditionalism is impractical, and some of the topics GWW others like her bring up are petty and inaccurate. Some of the things feminists go on about make no sense or are very trivial to me. Sometimes I wish I could just not hear silly gender war stuff.

If you ask me, I think MGTOW is far from the way she described it (merit based). They only want to hear a point of view that mirrors their own, or somehow compliments theirs. If you ask me, I go my own way (that is I don’t actively chase tail, and I don’t care about being in a relationship) but I couldn’t give a damn about what women do with their own lives or what rights they have that I don’t (because I haven’t seen too many ‘privileges’ women have over men. Or anything that concerns men, that is something men have to go through that women get a free pass on).

The only thing that I can think of, is the Draft. But even this isn’t much of a concern, as technology progresses and women grow into more and more responsibility, I believe it will disappear.

7 years ago

@TheJournier “Some of the things feminists go on about make no sense or are very trivial to me.”

1. Trivial to you might not be so trivial to others. I am curious as to what some of these things are which you find trivial.

2. Personally, some of the issues feminists talk about are pretty fundamental. Even if you find yourself to be more traditional leaning, these seem like areas of strong commonalities.

Partially, I ask this because we see a lot of self-proclaimed “egalitarians” who are anything but.

I don’t expect to convert you, but I am curious.

7 years ago

If you ask me,

No one did

I go my own way

Which is why you’re here, expounding on a topic no one asked you about.

because reasons
because reasons
7 years ago


chase tail

FYI, this kind of language is pretty much a dead give away that you’re full of shit. Go step on some legos.

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