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Criticized for posting a puffball interview with PUA dirtbag Roosh V, Paul Elam reassures readers he knows how to get his dick wet

Paul Elam: The ladies want summa dis
Paul Elam: The ladies want summa dis

A couple of days ago, A Voice for Men posted the first half of what will evidently be a nine-zillion-word interview with none other than Roosh Valizadeh — you know, the far-right racist shithead who just semi-seriously proposed legalizing rape as a way, he says, to end it. Oh, and he also once admitted to raping a woman.

While AVFM is pretty hateful itself, some MRAs were a bit nonplussed to see a post on the most influential Men’s Rights site on the internet describing Roosh, who’s also repeatedly attacked the Men’s Rights movement, as “a layered, tempered and earnest guy, who truly wants to help other men in their most basic and primal of life goals; a deep thinker, a powerful communicator … I got nothing but respect for the guy.”

Over on the Men’s Rights subreddit, a couple of commenters raked AVFM and its Maximum Leader over the coals for opening his site up to a dude whose ideology is hard to distinguish from actual fascism.  Lauzon, a feminism-hating subreddit regular, wrote:

Even as MRA’s take pains explaining to critics that the Men’s Rights Movement has nothing to do with Pick Up Artists, A Voice for Men has just published a fawning interview with Roosh V. …

For those unawares, Roosh is a far (FAR) right wing ideologue who considers gays “deviants,” rejects female suffrage, publishes articles advocating a return to monarchy, and is more or less openly misogynist.

I think it’s safe to say that the incompetent leadership at AVFM has just screwed the pooch. I defended Elam when he became the target of a smear campaign based on his personal life, but this is beyond the pale.

In a followup comment, he added:

I certainly won’t be donating to them again.

Well, that got Elam’s attention! Never one to take a threat to the flow of donations to him lightly, Elam posted a response on AVFM today.

Ignoring Roosh’s racism, homophobia, transphobia and open misogyny, Elam assured his readers that he, Paul Elam, knows how to make the ladies tingle without any of that PUA bullshit.

No, really.

As Elam tells it, his life became what Roosh might call a “Poosy Paradise” after he stopped being a “nice guy” to women.

The minute I figured out that my problem was not having a set of personal values strongly enough held that no woman could make me budge from them was the same minute I found a path to attract women, cull out the trash without drama or expense and to maintain a relationship with no pussy passes or princess bullshit. It is not that I never have to deal with that stuff from time to time, but I never, ever let it slide. My dick has not been the worse for it.

That’s right, folks: we’re getting an update live and direct from the ultimate authority on all things heterosexual: Paul Elam’s dick.

When I got to the point that I could look at woman in the eye and tell her I was not interested in being anyone’s knight in shining armor and that dinner with me meant finding your purse when the check came — and not give a single fuck about the women who could not handle it — I cleared the way for one who could.

Yep. Paul Elam would like the world to know that he has actually done the sex with a lady. And possibly even seen her naked.

This isn’t the first time Elam has celebrated his amazing ability to have sex with women without paying for dinner (or much of anything, apparently).

In a debate, of sorts, with a PUA going by the name Frost several years ago, Elam boasted that his non-dinner-buying approach to the ladies had “yielded a glut of butt” for him.

No, that’s a real quote. As is this

[D]oing what I did resulted in a whole slew of women lining up for summa dis. It was as easy as not giving a shit.  I didn’t need lines or come on’s or a fucking book of tactics. All I needed to do was choose one if I liked her.

I’m apologize if any of you were reading this over breakfast.

But rest assured: Paul Elam’s penis is doing a-ok!


112 replies on “Criticized for posting a puffball interview with PUA dirtbag Roosh V, Paul Elam reassures readers he knows how to get his dick wet”

Kirby, you are doing the Lord’s work. I thought the part where Roosh describes how terrible he is in bed would be the funniest, but then you had to post the bit where women are shallow for being into vapid celebrities like experimental documentarian Harun Farocki when they could be following the deep thoughts of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He would be adorable if he wasn’t, you know, a rapist.

@Bina Redheads forever!! *cough*

@ParadoxicalIntention No need of curses, really! Try a blessing so he is happy, truly happy. (And not spewing hate across the ‘Net)

Wait, I just now clicked the “poosy paradise” link… Is this real? Is that an actual book by Roosh V about Roosh V in which Roosh V describes Roosh V in the 3rd person?

This sort of thing is the reason AVFM is fast becoming yesterday’s news in the manosphere. I suspect Paul is desperately trying to generate new revenue streams and is having a hard time navigating the waters that are the the self important, legends in their own minds members of the MRM.

I think Paul’s a little confused. It’s not his dick that’s doing ok it’s his nose. Just watch it grow.

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