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Men’s Rights website falsely accuses Ohio University student of being a false rape accuser

Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c): False accuser
Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c): False accuser

Well, this is depressing. The Raw Story is reporting that

An Ohio University sophomore has deactivated her social media accounts and is afraid to leave her house after she was falsely identified as the woman who reported she’d been raped in an incident captured on cell phone video by a passerby.

The student, Rachel Cassidy, now falsely accused of being a false rape accuser, has had her personal information — not just her name but her address, the name of her sorority, her social media accounts, even her Pinterest page — listed on a Men’s Rights site called Crimes Against Fathers. (I won’t link to it.)

The man behind Crimes Against Fathers? None other than the notorious Men’s Rights extremist and crackpot Peter Andrew Nolan — or, as he prefers to be known, for reasons I don’t fully understand, Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c) . Apparently taking inspiration from Paul Elam’s, Nolan’s site does what Register-Her only threatened to do: it actually releases the personal information of those it identifies as “Man-Hating Women.” He will even add names of women you don’t like to the list for a fee of $70 (Australian).

So far the site has several hundred women listed, most of them apparently women who have run afoul of Nolan or his most active lieutenant on the site, the pseudonymous “John Rambo” of “Boycott American Women” fame, either online or in real life. In most cases, luckily, the amount of personal information given out is relatively scanty and the number of people who’ve actually viewed the posts (which is listed on the site) has been small.

That’s not the case with Cassidy, whose life Nolan and “Rambo” have set out to ruin as thoroughly as they can. In addition to her personal information, the site has also dug up an assortment of pictures of her scraped from various sites on the internet.

And, unwilling to believe that she is not the woman in the video — and a false accuser of rape — the two have taken aim at those who’ve stepped forward to defend Cassidy. They’ve posted the personal information of Jenny Hall-Jones, the Dean of Students at Ohio University, for the “crime” of publicly saying that Cassidy is not the woman in the video, as well as several other women who’ve come out in support of Cassidy.

On Crimes Against Fathers, “Rambo” writes

[C]onsidering that women will always try to cover for their fellow women, and will NEVER hold their fellow women accountable, there is a very strong possibility that Jenny [Hall-Jones]  is LYING and that Rachel Cassidy IS the girl in that video. This means that Jenny Hall-Jones is a CRIMINAL because she is covering up for the CRIME of making a false rape accusation. Therefore, she is a criminal and needs to be publicly exposed as such.

Neither “Rambo” nor Nolan has leveled similar accusations against Ohio University president Roderick McDavis, a man, though he too has said that the woman in the video is not Cassidy.

Men’s Rights activists like to say that Nolan isn’t really one of them. If this is the case, they should be willing to stand up and denounce his reprehensible actions, and the very idea of his Crimes Against Fathers “Man-Hating Women” directory.

EDITED TO ADD: I should note that Nolan’s site also has a “Name and Shame the IgnorMANuses” forum directed at alleged man-hating men, including Vince Gilligan (creator of Breaking Bad) and Nacho Vidal (the pseudonymous dude behind The list is considerably smaller than that of the Man-Hating Women directory, and none of the entries I saw listed any personal information that went much beyond links to Facebook pages.

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9 years ago

The fundamental dishonesty was his pretense this was “all about justice”. If it were he would have been able to provide (or willing to discuss) the relative rates of prosecution for false accusation.

He would also have been (as I said) militating for increased investigation/prosecution of other police reports which don’t lead to charges being filed: e.g the friend of mine who was robbed; a checkbook was stolen. It was later used to purchase pizza. The police didn’t follow up. Now this is a slam dunk to prove, the cops have an address (because the pizza place delivered).

Since this would have been easy to prove (the checking account had been closed three weeks before. We found out about it because the bank tried to charge him for NSF), and no charges were filed it must have been false. But they never investigated him for fraudulently claiming someone else used his checkbook.

And that’s the chilling aspect of it. He wants women to know that if their rapist isn’t charged, or if they make a mistake in IDing someone who raped them, they will be hounded by the police, investigated by the DA. Not, “automatically”, but rather at the caprice of election year politics, and based on the vindictiveness of the person they mistakenly identified, or worse, the malice of a rapist who was lucky/clever enough to have a case the DA couldn’t/didn’t want to prove.

Do yeah, he can cuddle up to a teddy bear cholla before he fucks a barrel cactus, what with is, “outrage over things people didn’t say: When people give female rapists a free pass, it sends me into a rage

All the while expecting us to not care that he wants to make it harder on women who bring charges of rape; in effect encouraging society to give rapists a free pass.

I hope, someday, he comes to a full and complete realisation of just what sort of person he has been.

Argenti Aertheri
9 years ago

Having repotted my cactī bed to include my new succulents, the barrel cactus is indeed very spiky. (Dear gods were the roots a mess, five decently sized succulents in a 4″ pot!)

zoon echon logon
zoon echon logon
9 years ago

I’ve been looking into sovereign citizens lately, and I ran across these:

A Canadian law decision in a divorce case and a blog post about it. From the blog post:

Justice Rooke’s decision in Meads not only identifies almost every OPCA indicia and deconstructs almost every OPCA concept and argument, but also explains why each cannot succeed and what courts, lawyers and litigants can do if faced with OPCA litigants’ tactics and arguments.

“Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Argument” = sovereigns, freemen-on-the-land, etc.

It’s an excellent resource for understanding these people, and it’s a pretty funny read if you’ve got the patience.

It’s unrelated to MRAs (except that they’re both crackpots), but if you want to know why “Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)” spells his name like that, this should explain why.

Illuminati Ingrid
Illuminati Ingrid
9 years ago
7 years ago

wait – not Nacho Vidal the porn star – or?

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