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Vox Day: "Feminism is a Satanic, anti-Christian, anti-reason, anti-science ideology that destroys literally everything it touches and everyone who embraces it."

Man protecting himself from the evils of feminism
Man protecting himself from the evils of feminism

Oh dear. Fantasy author and garbage person Vox Day is having one of those (vox) days, and has decided to take it out on, you guessed it, feminism, pounding out an overwrought little rant on his Alpha Game blog.

Never give feminists an inch. Don’t agree with them, don’t tolerate them, show them no mercy whatsoever. Feminism is a Satanic, anti-Christian, anti-reason, anti-science ideology that destroys literally everything it touches and everyone who embraces it.

Wow. He’s so mad he’s practically plagiarizing Pat Robertson’s famous quote about feminism being “a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.” I’m not sure how Vox managed to forget the lesbian witchcraft angle.

Reject it and its adherents the way you would reject someone offering you plutonium on their bare hands; to accept it is to begin to die a slow and painful death.

Might I offer you some notes, Vox? This bit seems a little understated. I mean, the plutonium thing is pretty good, but a person handing you plutonium isn’t anywhere near as scary as having, say, a bear do it. Or a shark. Or a bear-shark. Or a bear-sharknado.

The problem isn’t merely that feminists are ugly and hateful, or that their ideology is incoherent and deluded, but that by mere toleration of them, through mere intellectual contact with it, you are permitting your life to be infected and degraded.

Clearly Vox, a dude who clings to memories of his D-list celebrity as a former member of an angsty dance band two decades ago, and who devotes much of his life to pounding out hateful and unintentionally self-parodic rants on the internet, offers us the very model of a healthy and happy life well-lived.

Reject all of it. Reject their appeals to equality. Reject their pretense to intellectual standing. And most of all, personally reject all of those who subscribe to it in any way, shape, or form. Any man who calls himself a feminist is ideologically transgender and mentally unstable.

Ideologically transgender? Wow. He’s come up with an even more obnoxious way to call someone a “mangina.”

Vox, you’re so cute when you’re angry!

And by cute I mean a you’re a pathetic, hateful, disgusting excuse for a human being.

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7 years ago

Well, Tracy, there’s no perceived obligation on the part of some atheists to filter themselves when communicating with the general public. When a Christian leader explains that all humans not professing hir specific version of Christianity will be condemned to eternal torment by an all good and loving deity, we collectively shrug and say. ‘eh’. When an atheist leader says, ‘all religions are dumb, don’t believe ’em’, we clutch our pearls and gasp at the rudeness. Some atheists perceive this as a double standard.

7 years ago

@ Robert – and I gotta say, they kind of have a point!

7 years ago

@Robert: Well, yes, of course. It would be humiliating, from my point of view, to be held to a standard as low as that of a hell-breathing bigot.

7 years ago

An, to be precise, we were talking about Dawkins and his ilk. Unquestionably atheists and agnostics are discriminated against when they are not actively demonized.

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