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In which Paul Elam, alleged human rights champion, tells me to kill myself



 Paul Elam @AVoiceForMen  ·  2 hours ago  David Futrelle: Please kill yourself

So that was A Voice for Men founder Paul Elam’s response to a recent post of mine talking about Christopher Cantwell, an AVFM contributor who also likes to tell people to kill themselves.

In an AVFM post also titled David Futrelle: Please kill yourself, Elam waxed eloquent upon this theme:

David, please go kill yourself.

You should, however, before you slip away into the dark void that resembles your capacity for logic, consider that you may want to get out more. A lot more, actually.

“Please kill yourself,” in the context of Twitter and a lot of other internet exchanges is par for the course.

That is sadly true, Paul. I see that as a problem; you apparently see it as an excuse for the harassment and abuse you and your followers so enjoy heaping upon your opponents in the name of “Men’s Human Rights.”

Apparently, in Elam’s world, the best way to fight male suicide is by telling other men to kill themselves.

Oh, but one of Elam’s fans has an answer to that, too:

RedPillPhil ‏Futrelle isn’t a male so there’s no hypocrisy

Human rights advocates at work!

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8 years ago

Wow. That’s terrible.

Here’s some kitties and bunnies for you, David:

As Eye Behold
8 years ago

Hah, ikanreed pretty much covered off what I was going to say … also, what an insanely-disillusioned sociopath this Elam character must be and I’ll round that up with a generous does of what the fuck?

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