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Woman slams sexist shirt; Twitter douchebags tell her to kill herself. Worst offender? A contributor to A Voice for Men

No girls allowed?
No girls allowed?

Very cool: We humans have landed a space probe on a goddamned comet!

Not cool:  when one European Space Agency dude gave an interview about the landing, he was wearing a shirt festooned with cheesecake images of scantily clad women.

Even less cool: when Atlantic magazine science writer Rose Eveleth pointed out that this choice of attire doesn’t exactly broadcast the message that women (other than scantily clad ones) are welcome in STEM, she received a torrent of abuse from angry Twitter dudes, including requests for her to kill herself.

The cherry atop this crap sundae? The nastiest Twitterer of the bunch, who not only went after Eveleth but her defenders as well, is a regular contributor to A Voice for Men.

The whole thing started off with a couple of tweets from Eveleth about the shirt. Here’s one of them:

After this, the deluge:shirt5 shirt4 shirt3 shirt2 shirt1And those are just some of the harassing tweets Eveleth retweeted. (I’ve highlighted the explicit death wishes for your convenience.)

You’ll notice that one of the death wishes (“Please kill yourself”) comes from a fellow named Christopher Cantwell.

If you take a look at his Twitter profile, you’ll see that this self-described “Anarchist, Atheist, Asshole” and Bitcoin fan had similar advice for a number of others who found the shirt troubling.

To wit:

cant1 cant2 cant3 cant4 cant6 cant7

Cantwell has also been sharing some of his charming thoughts about women in STEM.

cant8 cant9

So how does A Voice for Men respond to this sort of behavior by one of their regular contributors? They repost his blog entry on the, er, controversy, deriding concerns about the shirt as “feminist hysteria” and arguing that the real reason more women aren’t in STEM fields is that, well, they’re just not as smart as he is.

No, really:

The reason you don’t see women in highly technical fields nearly as often as you see men is not because of sexism. It certainly isn’t because of Matt Taylor’s shirt. You can’t even blame this on education anymore, since more women attend college than men. The issue at hand is one of simple aptitude and the choices people make as a result of that aptitude.

You gals remember choices, right? I seem to recall you caring about those things once upon a time.

If you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. A society needs leaders and followers. In men, we see very high IQs figuring things out and working out these complex ideas. They document them in easy-to-understand ways for those of lesser intelligence in society and make technology available to all of us. We also see these low IQs, which are more suited to, say, mining the resources that this technology requires and operating the machines the geniuses designed. Women, traditionally carrying the role of raising children and supporting the men who designed and operated the machinery, needed to be somewhere in the middle. They couldn’t well manage the many complex tasks their role in society required of them without being smarter than the worker drones, but there wasn’t any need for them to be super geniuses who could land spacecraft on comets hundreds of millions of miles away either. …

For those of us at the upper end of the IQ spectrum, we are sentenced to a lifetime of watching stupidity like this run rampant. We will watch in horror for all of eternity as idiots dominate the headlines with their hysteria, responsibility avoidance, and demands for state privilege disguised as “equality.” We’ll see brilliant men like Matt Taylor smeared as being the worst type of bigot, simply because he’s smarter than the people who accuse him.

Yeah, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would complain about sexism in STEM.

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Jessay (@jessay)
7 years ago

I know this is old but I was googling this guy because he is a local piece of garbage who has a history of misogyny and I wanted to use something he said as an example. This popped up and so I wanted to see what you had found about him. This is the tip of the ice berg with this guy. He’s part of an “ancap” group (ok, I say part of, but he is regularly being kicked out for being a person even too horrible for them to tolerate) that wants to cause NH to secede from the US. He has driven away the majority of women who come into the fold by acting like a creepy, obsessive freak. He has written numerous tirades about antifeminism. Has personally attacked me a bunch of times (complete with libelously accusing me of being a heroin addict because I disagreed with him).

He basically sees alcohol as the only way people can have sex (because nobody in their sober mind would sleep with him, let’s be real) and so he defends the raping drunk women constantly.

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