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Misogyny Theater Presents Davis Aurini in "Women are flitting dogs."

I thought I’d give the Misogyny Theater treatment to our dear friend Davis Aurini, the woman-hating, Anton-LaVey-looking “filmmaker” who is busily raising money for the documentary about Anita Sarkeesian and the Social Justice Warrior Menace that he’s allegedly making with his friend Jordan Owen.

I made him into a vampire and set him in a Dollar Store filled to the brim with Halloween decorations, but, alas, I fear that even this is not enough to match the level of exquisite ridiculousness of his own YouTube videos and/or his short film Lust in the Time of Heartache, which I featured on WHTM not long ago.

But what the heck. The video is only a minute and a half long. WATCH IT!

The audio for the video is an unedited chunk from the video you can find here, in which Mr. Aurini offers some reflections on women and why they’re like a bunch of untrained dogs. Aside from the dog bit, most of this is pretty standard manosphere stuff. But it is kind of amusing to see a grown ass man still this bitter about the girls who wouldn’t date him in high school.

#GamerGaters: if you really want to convince the world that you’re not a bunch of misogynistic asswipes, you might want to jettison this guy from your movement.

Ok, I lied about the unedited part. At one point Aurini set down his scotch glass and it made a clunk. I edited that out. The rest is unchanged from the original.

For more on what’s wrong with Mr. Aurini, I would recommend the video below, which goes through some of the arguments Aurini and Owen have made about Anita Sarkeesian and shows just how illogical many of them are. It’s a bit of a time commitment, but I think it’s worth it.

H/T — TheBluePill

66 replies on “Misogyny Theater Presents Davis Aurini in "Women are flitting dogs."”

Little dogs with dragonfly wings sound like the most darling creatures ever!

“The most decadent sluts since the fall of Rome” – well that’s not saying much, since in ancient Rome women were the property of their husband and his family, and thanks to Emperor Augustus a woman found guilty of adultery could never remarry, and could even be banished to an island…

“We have the most fat, disgusting women that have ever existed in history.” Yes, especially when you consider that ancient paintings of Venus, the goddess of Love, their ideal of feminine beauty…are of a woman who is certainly not skinny or humble enough for this guy. Fat-shaming is an invention that started in the 19th century. If society is finally starting to come back around to where women can be plus-sized and attractive to men again, oh wow, it’s the end of civilization as we know it. Don’t worry, Davis, they wouldn’t have wanted anything to do with you during the Renaissance either.

Hm. Dogs aren’t really my thing. Sign me up for dragonfly kittens, though. *squee so adorable*

I really love posting Renaissance art pictures when people make the claim that everyone was 4% fat before the past few decades. People seriously seem to think that body fat is a recent invention.

Here I was joking on Twitter that the GamerGate assholes were only a chalkboard away from being Glenn Beck, with their wacky conspiracy theories of tenuous connections…

And now Alex Jones is part of their army? Well played, GGers, you saw me and raised.

Somebody tried that ” below me” shit on me when I was about 25. I really wish I’d given into my inclination to ask if he really thought I was gonna below him…I was nice back then. I advise anyone to screw being nice. Be kind, but don’t be nice.
As it was the below me dude annoyed the fuck out of me.
That dumbass.
I was in my slutty slut phase, if he’d just had a good chat with me he’d probably have got laid.

FWIW I don’t find Davis Aurini physically unattractive. But he radiates phoniness and creepiness such that I’d advise anyone to stay far away until he gets his head sorted.

If he’d just act like a real, vulnerable human, he might be a lot fucking happier and more frequently laid as well.

Whenever the “fat” nonsense comes up, I remember that Millais’ Eve of St Agnes was unpopular because the public thought the model was “thin and stiff” and Tom Taylor asked Millais where he got his “scraggy model”.

Gosh, it’s like beauty ideals aren’t uniform throughout history or something.

Right so he’s saying fat women are getting hot alpha dudes to have sex with them? Cool…ha ha ha

What? There are women this dude considers not attractive posting photos on facebook and not getting shamed for it? Oh the humanity!

I enjoyed your video… though I think Aurini will probably be flattered by the master villain portrayal. You deflated it subtly in a funny way with the background being the Halloween section of a department store. But portraying him as an evil monster may actually be what he wants (the Anton LaVey getup seems to indicate he gets a charge out of being perceived a as dangerous villain).

Oh hey, NLP.

Are we going to discuss the teaching methodology of Grinder and Bander? Because I’ve read “Frogs Into Princes” and “The Source Book Of Magic” and a whole bunch of other stuff and I’m totally up for the debate. Personally I’m a fan of the content agnostic approach to managing trauma and I think there’s some merit in the notion that what matters in psychology is less “the thing” and more someone’s personal experience and mental process for assigning attention to “the thing”. I guess I just find it an apt description for the sort of interactions I see with common phobias and event-responses. Even the eye-cue thing kind of boils down to the statement that people process communication in certain set ways and you can ultimately connect better if you find the signs.


I see this is the kind of NLP where we say “below me” with stress on b and l or subtly point to ourselves when we mention goos things so we “anchor” the “happy emotions” with our “cue trigger” and thus mindfuck other people into following our demands. Great. Just great. MRA’s and PUA’s ruin everything.

David: Yes, he’s arguing that she’s hypnotizing people by using the verb “to be.”

Wait – THAT’S why Ophelia slept with Hamlet – he was a NLP genius! And look how that turned out…

@weirwoodtreehugger: yeah I know, it just goes to show that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what society dictates beauty to be doesn’t really matter. I think his main problem with women who aren’t skinny and happy about it, is that they are happy and content with who they are. What a turn-off.

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