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Open Thread for Personal Stuff: October 2014 Dog Walk Dog Edition

Walking the dog
Walking the dog

An open thread for personal stuff, continuing from here.

As usual for these threads: no trolls, no MRAs, no I’m-not-really-an-MRA-buts, don’t be mean.

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… is it weird that I (as a kid in my 20s) find two middle-aged ladies covertly sharing links to fanfic under the guise of “from my friend to your friend” kind of adorable?


::shuffles feet::


So, yes please, kittehserf, I would like your email. I’m going to assume that you have access to mine, by virtue of being a mod?

Yee-haaaa! Yes, I do, I’ll send you a message!

WWTH, ALL the good luck! ::hugs::

PoM, French toast for dinner, yum!

French anything for dinner, yum … *cough*

Good luck! Not that you need it I’m sure, seeing that you’re awesome.

That sounds delish. I wish I could join you for dinner 🙂

I really wish I could get a pic of my cat with her tail puffed out for you, Kim. I call it her mischievous tail, because she only puffs it when she’s up to no good. She had it out a few minutes ago but I failed to get a pic.

They’re a bit confused about where the potential illegitimacy comes in and who it affects in that article. Henry V’s line died out with Henry VI; they have no descendants at all. There’s a serious question about whether Edward IV was legitimate, as the records show the Duke of York was on campaign at the time he’d have been conceived. That means Elizabeth of York, Edward’s daughter from whom the current royal family is descended, had no claim to the throne. But it’s a moot point anyway; Henry VII was descended from the Beauforts, John of Gaunt’s illegitimate children with Katherine Swynford. When they were legitimised by Richard II, it was with the very specific restriction that they and their descendants had no claim whatever to the throne. On Henry VII’s paternal side, well, he was descended from Katherine de Valois (Henry V’s widow) and Owen Tudor, and I don’t know if there’s any record of them marrying. Henry knew all this, of course, and he claimed the throne by right of conquest, not by blood. Hell, the only reason the Lancastrian supporters turned to Mr-Watered-Down-Royal-Descent was that they’d nobody better left.

We had an earthquake centred around my suburb and felt across Melbourne this morning – just a teeny one by CA or NZ standards, 3.3, but enough for people to notice here.

I slept through it, as through one last Wednesday. (Well, if they will insist on coming at 6am, what do they expect?)

A troll posted some really horrifying and upsetting pictures in the Jezebel comments today. I can’t get it out of my head. I don’t even want to say what it was because I don’t want any of you to have to picture. Suffice to say it was awful and violent. I’m probably going to have trouble sleeping tonight and I have a phone interview tomorrow at 10 am.

Why do people do things like that? Okay, this person upset me and many others. But what does that accomplish? How does ruining the day of strangers improve his life any? I wish I could understand why people enjoy cruelty but I never can.

Okay, this little exchange I just had on a Jezebel sub blog is too delightfully hilarious not to share. It was on a post about toxic masculinity and how it hurts men and how that relates to feminism.

Agreed. Expecting women to sacrifice time and energy we very much need for ourselves to fix men’s problems for them is toxic masculinity. I’m happy to be supportive and be an ally to men who recognize patriarchy as harmful to them and are working to change it, but they’re going to have *gasp!* actually do the work themselves. I refuse to accept the notion that women should take a backseat to men in every aspect of life including feminism.

That was my comment. This was the reply.

fuck you. enjoy doing nothing to advance women’s rights

fixing toxic masculinity is the answer to most feminist issues but you dont want a fix

you just want attention

fuck off and die

Because nothing says the belief that fixing toxic masculinity is an important issue like telling a woman to fuck off and die for expecting men to their share of the work!

Sorry. I’m sure no one cares but I thought it was hilarious.

I think that’s hilarious and decidedly eye-rolling as well! Gods, they’re so so special and sooper intelligent and superior because DUDE, but they still expect the oh-so-inferior weak wimminz to do every fucking thing for them.


gimme a 400-year-old-king any day

his attitudes then sucked less than this lot’s

Hey kittehserf, did you see tonight’s Catalyst? You can watch it on youtube-iview-whatever if you missed it.

They’re talking about cities and population growth. Started out talking about Sydney and it’s various problems … how could we do it better? Go to Melbourne! Quite jaw-dropping the way it was presented. They moved on a bit later to a few things I have some reservations about. But looking at a combo based on mixing up the new Malmo in Sweden and continuing-extending the current Melbourne plans and ideas looks to be a much more encouraging future than some people are thinking.

I should have a look at that, mildlymagnificent – it’s hard to imagine anyone praising Melbourne’s *cough* planning *cough*. We’ve had a succession of witless planning ministers who’ve done nothing but rubber-stamp unsuitable developments and undermine the few VCAT decisions made in favour of residents and the environment.

OMG WWTH! That d00d is so over the top!

“If you just fix everything for men, then women will be happy” Holy lack of insight, Batman! Or, maybe it was a performance art thing, meant to illustrate the whole point of your post.

@ Kim – Young Master Grump looked over my shoulder and saw the cartoon. He looked absolutely horrified, unitl I explained it to him. He then told me about how kids at school like to play ‘boys v. girls’ but he doesn’t like it, and how he doesn’t speak up against it, because of social backlash. So, even though you didn’t mean to, thanks very much for sparking an important dialogue in my house!

Oh yeah. I’ll admit that they were emphasising revitalising the city centre and getting umpty thousands to actually live in the dead heart of the CBD. We’ve been doing a bit of the same here. But when you look at the whole of the city plus suburbs, your heart does sink a bit.

There are already quite a lot of people living in the CBD these days, and it has exactly the problems you’d expect – primarily the absurd costs, lack of services like schools, and NOISE. Plus there’s Docklands, the most failed of failures, a horrible, bleak, concrete desert.

I’m on the very edge of the suburbs, in what’s really West Gippsland, yet we’re still part of Melbourne. They just don’t seem to be able to get a balance between the old quarter-acre block idea (now filled entirely by the houses) or endless, awful townhouses crammed together, and attempts to build huge blocks of flats in older suburbs. We’ve outgrown our infrastructure and all the bragging about “world’s most livable city” is just a bad joke. It’s a lot better than an awful lot of places, but it’s ridiculously expensive and takes a hell of a long time to traverse.

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