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Misogynists go through all 5 stages of grief upon learning that Lindy West has been hired by GQ

A bloo bloo bloo
A bloo bloo bloo

So earlier this month the feminist writer and serial-misogynist-annoyer Lindy West announced that she was leaving her job at Jezebel “to work on personal projects. (I am also available for freelance. Hire me!)”

I took this to mean that she was leaving her job at Jezebel to work on personal projects and do freelance work, because this is something that writers, especially talented writers with a lot of options, sometimes do.

Over in the Manosphere, though, the fellas had a rather different interpretation, which went something like this HA HA THE FAT SLUT GOT FIRED HER CAREER IS OVER WE WON YIPPEEEEEEEEE!!!

Or, as the always charming Roosh Valizadeh put it, in a comment on his site’s forums:

[S]he has been defeated. It would be like me quitting my blog and saying I’m going to focus on Twitter. No matter how they try to sugarcoat it, she quit a site which has given her the biggest possible bullhorn she can have. Unless she’s going to the NY Times or anchoring the nightly news, her voice will now get much more quiet.

This is great news for men, and America.

The delightful domestic violence advocate Matt Forney devoted an episode of his podcast to a “Lindy West Jezebel Firing Celebration Party.” On Thirty Days to X, a minor-league manosphere blog, “Robert” titled his celebratory post “Why Lindy West will go broke and fall into obscurity.”

SPOILER ALERT: It turned out that Lindy West did not so much go broke and fall into obscurity as GET HIRED BY GQ YES THAT GQ less than two weeks after leaving Jezebel.

In your face, baby men!

On Roosh’s forum, the fellas went through all five stages of grief as they attempted to come to terms with the tragic news.


Private Man wrote:

The announcement that Lindy West snagged a job at GQ is likely satire.

That’s the only explanation.

Aphelion agreed:

I’m convinced that Lindy writing for GQ is satire. I would have to see it to believe it.


RioNomad sniffed:

 GQ is probably read mostly by homos and women anyways.


AnonymousBosch tried to convince himself it wouldn’t be so bad:

Lindy West doesn’t have strong convictions one way or another, but will simply pump out whatever her employers require, so I doubt her GQ writing will be ALL CAPS / excessive punctuation, or have a major feminism focus, even for a blue pill mag like GQ.

Most likely she was hired because, as I long ago mentioned on here, the Jezebel page views for her ‘celebrity culture’ pieces quadrupled the numbers for any of her ‘political’ pieces.


Bacchus sighed:

even GQ, despite having an audience of single men, cannot avoid advancing the feminist agenda by hiring the mouth of the fat slut movement. There are no males spaces left in mainstream American culture.


Days of Broken Arrows offered the fellas some hard truths:

GQ doesn’t care if you hate Lindy. They care if you click on their Web site. That’s what brings in advertising dollars. They know she’ll probably enrage men, and her stories will go viral via Facebook and Twitter.

Also, come on, she’s a great fucking writer. Not that any of you twits will ever admit it.

Anyway, let’s just gloat a little bit more at this FLAWLESS VICTORY over manosphere delusions by quoting some of what the baby men wrote back when they thought the great and powerful Lindy West had been defeated.

“Robert” on Thirty Days to X confidently predicted disaster for West:

She’s starting a free Tumblr blog and begging for others to hire her.

No, really. The best that this strong independent woman could do was stick her hand out and write on a platform that people use to share erotic fan fiction about My Little Pony dolls. That’s pretty pathetic if you ask me.

I’m 21 and somehow manage to afford my own website, and do it without ever asking readers for a dime. …

Lindy West, like her lard loving pal David Futrelle, built a career around providing idiots with mindless trash that ridicules the labors of others. An article about doing something like building up a blog, or increasing your brain power has longevity. An article about “12 things dudebros need to stop mansplaining” is relevant for about 30 seconds. …

If you look at the situation that Lindy’s in it is easy to see why she will fail with all future endeavors.


Lindy West is a great example of what not to do as a professional writer. I look forward to checking in on her “exciting new career” in about two months so that I can say “I told you so!”


On Roosh’s forum, meanwhile, the fellas spewed out fat jokes, declared her boyfriend gay, and wished her the worst.

Germanico indulged a sadistic fantasy:

Freelancing? I would be willing to chip in a few dollars if someone … can find a way to troll her into taking some job that embarrases herself.

You spelled “embarrass” wrong. Embarrassing!

Quintus Curtius pontificated about her alleged hackery:

The shelf-life of a mediocre party-line hack like West is never going to be longer than 5 years.

They last while they last. Having nothing interesting or original to say, and nothing to offer except a repetition of the same hackneyed slogans, they are cheerfully rotated out by their masters, who are always looking for fresher, newer flunkies to mold.

She’s old, used-up, and has nothing to show for all her screeching. They’ll let her go to pasture, and there she can write melancholy homilies about the virtues of raising her surrogate brood.

I hope it was worth it, Lindy.

Yeah, it kind of probably was, don’t you think?

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7 years ago

And cats and crafting and…

7 years ago

OK, veggie samosas I bought as easy to cook and eat /way/ spicier than remembered

7 years ago

Oh! Oh! If people want a cookbook intended for folks on food stamps (and similar tight budgets) I have this! Maybe this’ll be helpful for folks like me. (I’m recovering from an ED and food stamps were a huge part of how I keep myself in line.)

Policy of Madness
Policy of Madness
7 years ago


I looked through Good and Cheap and it has a flaw: the cost calculations for the meals only include the cost of food. There is no account for the cost of the time you are plugging into these meals. The recipes are great for people who have the time to invest in cooking from scratch, but I found that to be kind of a glaring issue. Someone’s time is not without value.

7 years ago

Yeah, sorry about that, Policy of Madness.

Policy of Madness
Policy of Madness
7 years ago

Don’t be sorry. LOL It’s awesome if a person does have the time. I heard that was someone’s master’s project. It was a great idea and it’s a great resource. I just wish that the time aspect were taken into consideration anywhere inside it.

I’m just remembering when I was poor and working more than one job, and getting 7 hours of sleep instead of 6 would have been worth more to me than a from-scratch pita. If someone had shoved this at me and said Now you can eat healthy all the time! 😀 😀 I would have been really irritated and offended, like they were implying that I was choosing to eat McDonald’s because I was either stupid or ignorant and no other reason could possibly exist.

It’s not right for me to project that onto anyone else. Everyone’s situation is different, and I know factually that a good number of people have welcomed this cookbook as something they needed and can really use.

7 years ago

Huh… I have no idea what Lindy West looks like and really didn’t need to know about her weight at all. Like, it honestly doesn’t even matter, people who say they only care because they are concerned for the health of that person are completely 100% full of shit. End of story.

kittehserf - MOD
7 years ago

cupisnique, seconded.

Also KITTY IN GRAVATAR squeeeee!

7 years ago

Aw, kitty in avatar all “mom, you’re squishing my head!”

But yeah, the concern trolls are full of shit and I’m not buying what they’re trying so hard to sell.

emilygoddess - MOD
emilygoddess - MOD
7 years ago

I might believe the concern trolls actually cared about the health of fat people if I saw the same number and kind of comments directed at people smoking or drinking or doing cheerleading or eating red meat etc etc. Either obesity is the riskiest lifestyle ever, or people are refusing to see how our culture has bound up food and health and morality in a really sick way. I’mma go with the latter.

Not that it matters, because one of the points of fat acceptance is that fat people have as much right to privacy in their personal lives and medical care as the rest of us. THEIR HEALTH IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Your concern, even if it is sincere, is invasive and unwelcome.

kittehserf - MOD
7 years ago

emilygoddess – not least since smoking harms people around the smoker, something being “overweight” certainly doesn’t!

7 years ago

That was great! Very very funny to see those guys go from sneering to denial.

Please stop going on about her weight/ weight in general – it just isn’t relevant and only came up because the MRA’s fat shamed her and Erika Thingy decided to weigh in (see what I did there?!).

7 years ago

LOL and praising your work by inputting text

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