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"I love women enough to treat them like dirt," former Beta Male proclaims

Bizzaro men know how to treat a lady right.
Bizarro men know how to treat a lady right.

In case anyone doubts that manosphere blogs encourage men who are already assholish to become even more assholish, here’s the latest reminder: a “Comment of the Week” from Heartiste’s terrible blog explaining why men should treat the women they love (or at least love having sex with) as badly as they possibly can.

In the comment, a former “beta male” calling himself Just Saying explains how he changed his ways after discovering the allegedly indisputable fact that women just love being treated like shit by the men in their lives — up to and including getting punched in the face:

I actually tried to see how “bad” I could be before women would jump-ship and found that such a point doesn’t exist. The worse I got in my behavior, the more they would try to appease me, and make me happy. I never hit them, and that is what made me realize that nothing you do is “too bad” for a woman, when I saw one with blackened eyes apologizing to the guy who did it.

Yeah, I don’t think that actually happened.

It became pretty obvious to see that to live well, you need to be as selfish as you can be when it comes to women.

Oh, but once in a while you need to be nice, just to fuck with their heads.

Now every now and then you have to do something nice – and it will floor them for the next year and you can treat them like dirt. Cheat on them, pretty much do whatever you want.

Even though you should never treat women nicely.

But you NEVER want to treat a woman “NICE”. I’ve had women comment – “You treat all of your friends so much better than you treat me.” And I respond – “That’s because they are my friends and you’re my lover and wouldn’t want it any other way.”

I’ll take “conversations that only happened in some dude’s head” for $200, Alex.

Let us pause for a moment so that Just Saying can indulge in some unverified alpha boasting:

Of course, I also never keep them around for long – although some of them have managed to make themselves so useful that I won’t willingly kick them to the curb – how can you veto a woman that actively brings other (younger) women to your bed?

It’s so tough being an imaginary alpha stud! Just remember: Always Be Mean.

When one woman tells you – “You can have every other woman you want – as long as you’ll still see me.” She has pretty much handed you the keys to the kingdom – and it is HARD to be mean to her, but if you aren’t she will leave. Every time I wake up next to her and want to tell her she is my ideal woman, I catch myself and remind myself to do something mean instead. That is against my nature – but it is what she needs.

Hey, he’s just giving the ladies what they really crave. He’s the BRAWNDO of shitty boyfriends.

So when she tells me, “You can have every other woman.” I’ll respond with something like, “And some times that means I want to enjoy them, without YOU!” Just so that she knows she is there at my whim – and that keeps her always trying to keep me happy.

I’ll take “conversations that only happened in some dude’s head” for $500, Alex.

And that seems to be what women need – to keep her man happy – but she needs to see she never succeeds – as when she succeeds, she’ll grow tired and bored – and this is the death of her excitement.

Well, I have no doubt that Just Saying has no trouble appearing unhappy.

But I love women enough to treat them like dirt. It can be hard to get your head around – but it’s like quantum mechanics, it doesn’t have to “make sense” to me, I just have to be able to use it to my advantage, and that is all I need.

That’s right: being a dick to women is just like quantum mechanics. And Just Saying is the Schrödinger of shitheads.

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8 years ago

Thank you for your amazing insight, Jesse New. What other nuggets of wisdom do you have to offer the ill-behaving women of the world? Maybe the distilled version of most, if not all misogynist advice: “Everything is always a woman’s fault”?

8 years ago

Awww…look at how wrong you are. Does it make you angry when women won’t accept blame for being abused by men? Hmmm?
That’s nice, dear. *pats head* Run along now. We don’t suffer ignorant victim blamers here. They are boring and stupid. Perhaps you’d enjoy hopping over to 4chan and playing with the filth over there? Would you like that, sport? I bet you would.

Flying Mouse
Flying Mouse
8 years ago

Men do this because some women let them. It’s that simple. Stupid girls let guys think it’s okay to do this to all women. One dumb bimbo has to mess it up for us smart girls.

So, does this work both ways? My husband doesn’t treat me like an equal because he wants to? He isn’t an individual with agency and morals, who’s helped to create the relationship he wants in partnership with another human being? He’s just the product of my expert feminine wiles?

Well, that’s highly flattering! To me, anyway. Especially since I’ve been doing all this master manipulation without even knowing it. I am a genius!

Of course, to all men and every woman who’s not in a good relationship, this kind of sucks big sour lemons. I mean, they’re either helpless dupes or incompetent fools.

But them’s the breaks, right? The most important thing is that Jesse New and I can feel all superior to everyone else and blame others for their own misfortunes.

Now I shall sit and radiate self-satisfaction for a bit.

8 years ago

Good lord, Jesse, you sure got up early to spout a load of stupid victim-blaming shit. Bully for you, I guess.

8 years ago
Reply to  Jesse New

Possible trigger warning for abuse/child abuse.

Men do this because some women let them. It’s that simple. Stupid girls let guys think it’s okay to do this to all women. One dumb bimbo has to mess it up for us smart girls.

May I ask you a teensy question? To what extent do you carry this bit of wisdom? If a man rapes or kills a woman, whether or not he even knows who she is, is she a “dumb bimbo” who “lets him?” Does the same apply in reverse? If a woman abuses a man, is he a dumb asshole because he lets her, or is this twisted psychology native only to women, like hysteria from the ancient Greeks to the Victorian and later?

Oh, and how about children? If daddy, or some other adult male, abuses a kid, does that make the kid a “dumb bimbo” for allowing it? Where do YOU draw the line? When is a victim actually a victim and not a co-conspirator in her own victimization?


Sarah Lund
Sarah Lund
7 years ago

I’m not stupid enough to stick around, if a man acts mean towards me. This article is something else. Why would I want a man who can’t stick to one woman?

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