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Become a total Alpha Male sex god by spitting in women’s mouths

Always practics safe saliva sex
Always practice safe saliva sex

Hey ladies! Better not read today’s post, as it’s only for ALPHA DUDES and would-be ALPHA DUDES. For while I was out looking for Man Boobz material I happened to run across some excellent and not-at-all ridiculous advice from a dude called FISTO on how ALPHA DUDES can use sex to totally control the ladies.

This advice is so totally ALPHA I feel I can only dispense it in small doses, so here are a few tips. Only after you have totally mastered these tips to totally master the ladies should you even consider reading the rest of the post I got them from.  (Also, to be serious for a moment, it’s also fucked up and possibly triggery, so you may not even want to read my post.)

First of all, you need to know that

Women fall in love with you when you Make them feel special + Make them feel feminine …

When they love you, you have the power. …

You will become the man she desperately needs and is terrified of losing.

Ok, so how do you do this? Easy as pie!

Women release the hormone OXYTOCIN during sex, the more intimate and powerful the pleasure for her, the more you will own her ass.

And that means ORGASMS, baby!

The most common orgasm a woman has is the Clitoral Orgasm.  Most people know you can stimulate her to climax with your hands or tongue or when fucking you can angle your body so it gets rubbed by your rock hard abs.

Wait, what?

you can angle your body so it gets rubbed by your rock hard abs.

You can angle your body to rub her clit with your abs.

Ok, I am just going to have to take his word for this. Granted, I don’t actually have rock-hard-abs, but I’m pretty sure that unless you are literally this dude


no part of your abs — not even your lower abs, down there between the six pack and the you-know-what — are going to be rocking her clit.

Anyhoo, if you want to make her feel especially feminine and special, you need to

do what a Lion does when it hears a wounded animal and go in for the kill.

And what that means is spitting. Lots of spitting. Possibly NONCONSENSUAL spitting.

Ladies love spitting!

Making her open her mouth and spitting in it, spitting on her face, baby smacking her face, her tits, really throwing down on her ass leaving big red handprints, making her tell you that’s your pussy, and on and on. That’s what bonds her to you, that’s the Greater Alpha Male Long Game.

Ok, you say, I’m totally down with this ALPHA stuff but do the ladies really like all of this spitting?

Well, that’s exactly what some dude asked in the comments to FISTO’s totally ALPHA post, and FISTO laid down some TRUTH on him:

You gotta amp up the intensity of the encounter, you have to escalate by kissing her and making her swallow big drips of saliva, then when you start fucking her tell her to open her mouth, she may say no. Tell her “DO IT”. She will whimper and then do it, and let it drip right in there. Then when you get going hard and the smacking ensues let her rip. It’s not for everyone, but you’ll likely be THE ONLY ONE that does it to her. And that’s leaving a mark.

Pressuring women into doing humiliating things after they say no … what could be more ALPHA than that?

… and I don’t really have any more jokes for today.

I can only hope that all of Fisto’s alleged sexual experience is made up, not just some of it.

I found Fisto and his Red Pill advice through the excellent Blue Pill subreddit. It was also posted in r/sex, where it was, thankfully, downvoted and ridiculed.

NOTE: Added a trigger warning of sorts.

889 replies on “Become a total Alpha Male sex god by spitting in women’s mouths”

Pseudoemma, at this point you might be wise to stop digging.

You see, when you enter a conversation with TMI and supporting the idea of doing degrading or violent sex stuff without prior consent, you start out in a hole as big as the Qattara Depression (133 m deep).

If you keep doubling down, and digging away with more unsolicited TMI and Lea! I hate you! goofiness, you might get as deep as Berezniki (200 m).

Stop digging. Please.

P.S. Lea, I don’t hate you. You’re good.
P.P.S. Real-emma, I like you. You’re way cooler than pseudoemma, even when I disagree with you.

I told you I sadly found this post on google. So I know I missed the point and all, didn’t realize what the site was about, obviously quite a big mistake really. Stop with the banning thread is ridiculous I don’t care about this website, I’m just here killing time waiting for my boyfriend to come and spit on my mouth 🙂 you guys know I love it! Peace I wish you all the best of rape

Uh wow Emma’s comment was totally out of line. Shall I summon the Dark Lord.

You’re such a grown-up, Emma. Stay classy and don’t forget to wish rape on strangers you TMIed at! You really are a decent human being!

RE: Marie

Uh wow Emma’s comment was totally out of line.

So have all of her stuff.

Also, note that I’m a fellow kinkster, and she never responded directly to me. Yeah, I TOTALLY believe she’s a totally innocent ESL girl who just randomly found this post and misunderstood. Totally.

Well, I don’t think there’s any question now about “Emma’s” motives.

Fuck off, “Emma.” You are truly horrible person.

But don’t forget guys, it’s OUR fault she said that to us! If we’d just lovingly held her hand and explained to her very gently and politely how it totally wasn’t her fault but maybe just maybe she could understand that what she said was slightly problematic, and it doesn’t mean anything bad at her at all…

Yeah right. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


Uh wow Emma’s comment was totally out of line.

So have all of her stuff.

I guess to me it just seemed like she jumped of the slope from horrible to more-horrible. Maybe cuz I had a ‘gaaa no’ reaction. Though I didn’t read her earliest comments to closely, so maybe I just missed the super-bad there.

Well, that was … different? Nope, trolls have done this before. Interesting? Nope, for the same reason.

Hey, I like you too, Lea! ::makes Puss in Boots eyes::

As much as I am for spitting, all things in the sexual realm need to be consensual. That’s disgusting to make someone do something they don’t want to do.

that works i totally understand what your talking about i have done it but thats only for the big dogs!

Richard doesn’t even seem to know whose blog he’s on (hint: not the guy who suggested the spit thing).

I think my bf read this article. I must say it really sucks a man spitting on you. After he did it, I started having HUGE doubts about him. I must say, I don’t want to be with him anymore, and I’m looking to leave him, since it is not satisfying for me. In return, I had to spit on him… But, he liked it even more… I must say that I prefer a man who knows how to make me orgasm, that knows how to move his hips, and use speed, among other qualities…before spitting!!!!

My boyfriend does this .It really caught me off guard at first .But I really like it .It is very dominating .And different. And yeah, it’s pretty much disgusting and nasty. But that’s part of the appeal .I don’t know if he heard this same advice somewhere or if he does it on his own but he does the other stuff too and it’s all a major turn on for me .Don’t write it off for other women just because you don’t like it. He’s also by far the most loving, considerate, kind, and attentive people I’ve ever met. And “alpha” as well .People can be a mixture of things .Trying to give people labels to sort out things that scare you is a bad thing to do .

@Fin: I think there’s a vast difference between you and your boyfriend doing it when he knows you like it, and some random dude doing this to a woman in bed without knowing if she likes it or not (some people don’t like it, like me. Gross.) because some random dude on the internet told him to to “establish dominance over your woman”.

Wow. I’m 24 yr old female. This whole post just described my life. What a sneaky bastard. He must have read this first and then came home. He deff is the alpha and the sex is great!!!!

I had a dumb cunt try and do this to me whilst trying to seduce me i n to doing foreplay and I literally threw him out of my house by his scruff

What’s up with those necros anyway ?

@Pissed off woman

dumb cunt

Could you not ?

I had a one night with this rather handsome guy that I met at my friend’s friend’s birthday party. He was so quiet and sweet the entire night and had his eyes on me the whole time. After I brought him home~the whole sexual encounter was pleasurable except for one thing. I’ve found it extremely odd and weird when he angled my face just so he can spit in my mouth haha? Sigh. That gesture totally woke me from my sexual eurphoria and left me weird, confused and grossed out for the remaining part of sex. I’m baffled. I think that is what concreted it as a one time thing even though I do think he is attractive and I know he really wishes to see me again as he tries to make me promise him that I would and gave me his upcoming free day schedule from work…sigh. Sorry no. That’s just too weird and gross for me…I’m just not a fluid intake sort of gal I guess.

2018 here,i will probably get no reply as this post is sth you refer to “remeber this one time” .well i know nobody forced me ,but i spent three hours reading more than half of this thread! and i am wondering why so many bright and intelligent people waste their time convincing /defeating/putting down/lecturing/replying to some worthless people who have no intention of changing their mind whatsoever and its more like they are here for the sole purpose of getting why would you guys give them the pleasure of that?


We spend time countering the MRAs, incels, and trolls here not because we think it will change their minds, as we know that’s not very likely, but because of two reasons:

1) ignoring the trolls allows them to have the final say. In some comments sections it’s overwhelmed by undisputed trolls, and someone wandering into there might think the troll opinion is the majority opinion, and the best way to counter that is to speak up.

2) there are far, far more lurkers than participating commenters. We like to educate them!

I hope you enjoy your stay here. You’re welcome to add to the threads, but right now the Christmas 2017 thread is the only active one.

Come on over and comment on the latest (Christmas 2017) thread!

The owner of this website, David Futrelle, has been writing here about woman-hating fascists for many years. Right now, he is unwell (Get well, David!).

We Mammotheers still enjoy talking to each other. Plus we want to keep this website active for our sake and for David’s.

Yeah, trolls do get attention from us — but we think it’s worth it because we’re also addressing the largely silent audience. And when the trolls stop being amusing, David cuts them off.

@ NG

I’m basically rewording what kupo said, but it comes down to this: Internet comments are a spectator sport. The goal of debating/arguing with someone online is not to convince THEM that they are wrong (as this essentially never happens), but to convince the spectators and lurkers who are watching the argument that YOU are right. Or at least to get them to give your points consideration. I think something like 10% of all web visitors actually leave comments on things that they read, so for every numbskull you refute online, there are approximately 9 people watching the exchange and forming opinions. They’re your intended audience, not the trolls. Ignoring the assholes just gives them a platform with which to speak unhampered to this audience.

Also, sometimes it’s just fun to bat around the trolls.

oh my god,I honestly didn’t think anyone would answer.I am now legit convinced.great reasoning,thank you guys.i hope the founder gets well soon as well.we mammotheers still enjoy talking to each other.i clearly saw that!you guys are funny i had a good laugh and also learned alot through reading your comments. i wonder how that didn’t occour to me sooner!of course the target is the massive group of silent readers!including myself!as you may have noticed,i’m very new to all these feminism stuff, i need to gain insight into what is really going on.but i’m afraid the problems feminists are facing in my country are indeed very different from the ones you,they simply fight for basic “human” rights women are deprived of.but i see this as an opportunity to educate myself on all the differenet aspects of matter the geographical or historical differences.after all we are all human right?so maybe you could guide me through and tell me were to start? I know there are thousands of books out there,but could you maybe suggest one or two appropriate for “beginners” and preferably easy to comprehend and digest because of “ESL” 😐
and sorry for insisting on commenting here.but i thought it would be off-topic and awkward if i just randomly replied in the newest,active trend.apologies.


i’m very new to all these feminism stuff, i need to gain insight into what is really going on.but i’m afraid the problems feminists are facing in my country are indeed very different from the ones you,they simply fight for basic “human” rights women are deprived of.but i see this as an opportunity to educate myself on all the differenet aspects of matter the geographical or historical differences.after all we are all human right?

In the same boat – just learning (in my case because the upsurge in the MRA/misogyny stuff and it’s inevitable spill over into supremicist behaviour convinced me that the cause of equality needed more actively involved allies rather than mere approving ones on the sidelines and on a personal level).

This place is a wonderful place to learn.

Sometimes you’ll see a commenter snap at a troll that “we don’t teach feminism 101.” That’s not exactly true – they’re kind people and will teach, but only to those who wish to learn.

Please do join in with the current thread – it’s fun. Took me about three years reading before I got up the courage to post, then was away working with very rare internet access for nearly a year!

It’s actually pretty easy to stimulate a girl’s clit with your abdomen. It requires your bodies actually touching, and a grinding motion rather than in and out thrusting. How you don’t know this, I can only surmise you are either a virgin or have never truly satisfied a girl.

I had my lover softly drip his spit in my mouth during a passionate kissing session. Major kudo’s for him. But he is a stud so he can do as he wishes..

Wow I think my lover read this .. he did this and now I thinks he hates me ya know that’s a trash move so he must think I’m trash hope he feels alpha while I fuck everything but him

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