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The gender and racial makeovers of Thor and Captain America rustle jimmies at The Spearhead and Chateau Heartiste

Captain America and the guy who'll be taking over his job
Captain America and the guy who’ll be taking over his job

So it turns out that Red Pill Redditors aren’t the only ones in a tizzy about Marvel comics’ plan to replace Thor (the superhero, not the actual Norse god, all praise him) with a woman. All over the manosphere, jimmies are rustling at the news.

The proudly racist, woman-hating pickup artist guru known as Heartiste is not only outraged by the “gelding” of Thor but also, and even more vehemently, by Marvel’s decision to make Captain America black, which he bizarrely describes as a kind of racial cuckolding:

Liberals are gloating over the recent editorial choices to geld Thor and race cuck Captain America. The former will become Whor, the female Thor, and the latter will become Captain Gibsmedat, the numinous negro who saves the right kinds of white people from the wrong kinds of white people.

“Gibsmedat” – I had to look it up – is a term that ridiculous racists like to use to describe welfare checks and other “goods, services, or material … given predominately to minorities, in exchange for their tacit agreement to reciprocate by not burning down America’s cities.” It’s short, you see, for “gibs me dat.”

Hilarious, huh? The term seems to be especially popular on, a site so ludicrously racist it makes Stormfront look tame.

Heartiste continues, lashing out at a “fat white liberal quasi-male named Devin Faraci” for publicly supporting Marvel’s decision to (at least temporarily) give the Captain America costume to The Falcon, another public-spirited superhero who happens to be black:

The fat white liberal face is archetypal. These race traitors all have a “look”, don’t they? Genetics, perhaps, or just a lifetime spent wiping orange Cheetostaches off their porcine mugs. Look at that faggot. He could double as an old lesbian halfway through her hormonal replacement therapy. If ever a face looked as if it was born to have a fist buried in it, Faraci has it.

Homoophia, racism, misogyny, fat-shaming, then back to homophobia before ending with a fantasy of violence. Charming, huh?

Faraci, for his part, has taken that last bit about facepunching  in stride, adopting it as his Twitter bio.

Oh, but Heartiste isn’t done yet: he then goes on to accuse Faraci – on the basis of precisely no evidence – of hypocritically living in a neighborhood devoid of “the minorities he jerks off to.”

The anti-white liberal white male is the most loathsome of creatures. More despicable than the minorities he jerks off to, because he fulminates a credo at 180 degree odds with his chosen lifestyle for status whoring feels. Hypocritical, smug, and you just know the first to run from a fight, gathering his skirt up and shrieking like a little girl.

I wonder about the demographics of this pigman’s neighborhood? Anyone care to investigate? I might put up a post in future called “The Leftoid List”, with the names of infamous anti-white leftoid equalist turds juxtaposed with the race demographics of their immediate neighborhoods. Should be illuminating.

That would be illuminating. Not about the “Leftoids” in question, but about the fellow who calls himself Heartiste.

The comments to Heartiste’s article are, of course, appalling, filled with rants about “homos and … leftards” and “social justice fags.” They hit all the “alt right” talking points, from homophobia to racism.

They even manage to evoke the far right’s all-time favorite villain: The Jew. One commenter announces that he

did some half-hearted googling about “Faraci” to see whether his mother had been a jewess or maybe whether he had changed his jew birthname to a more WOP-sounding name when he joined the Film Actors Guild … .

And then there’s this exchange:

Bill  What a lardass scumbag. I don’t go to those movies but lots of impressionable people do, both in the US as well as abroad. The lefties who dominate the entertainment industry are on a crusade to insert black hero type characters into every film, even if it means switching an existing character’s race from white to black. If an immigrant from an out of the way place arrived here and watched tv and movies he would think all blacks are honest judges, compassionate doctors, and wise presidents and half the white people were criminals.      on July 18, 2014 at 2:57 pm | Reply Hilary Clinton      “lefties” is speld J-E-

(I’m pretty sure that is not the actual Hillary Clinton commenting.)

Meanwhile, another commenter claims that this “anti-White Kulturkampf [is] part of the greatest gencoide ever perpetrated.”

That’s right: Heartiste’s neo-Nazi fanboys think there’s a Nazi-style genocide being perpetuated against them.

Not that they’re particularly shy about advocating violence themselves. One long-time commenter writes:

Laguna Beach Fogey  That fat white liberal head would look awesome stuck on a pike outside the Chateau’s walls.

Meanwhile, another commenter posts the address and telephone number of a guy named Farci living in California; another gently points outit’s up to someone who calls himself Ted Cunterblast to point out that he’s gotten the guy’s name wrong. Yes, that’s right: among Heartiste’s followers, it’s Ted Cunterblast who serves as the closest thing to a voice of reason.

But it’s not just Heartiste and his horde who are angry about white male superheros becoming something other than white or male.

Over on the also-ran Men’s Rights hub The Spearhead, W.F. Price takes a few minutes out from tending to the new baby in the household to bash out some ill-formed thoughts on what he calls “Trans Thor.”

I’m not sure whether this is an attempt to grab some publicity or a true appeal to feminists/transsexuals, but it’s a risky move in the long-term. While adults might tolerate the switch as an amusing diversion, comics are fundamentally children’s literature. …

So I wonder whether this new storyline is intended for an adult audience, and if so, whether it’s a signal that Marvel either doesn’t care about the base market for comics, or has already been surpassed by other companies that appeal better to boys and has decided to give up. …

And if Marvel thinks it can make up for the loss of interest in boys by picking up girls, it’s time to think again. Normal girls (as opposed to future feminists) far prefer feminine characters doing ladylike things — not dominatrix types holding giant hammers. …

Finally, adult women who like Thor will not be all that happy about this. Thor’s main appeal to women is as a Nordic hunk. It’s hard to overstate the appeal of manly warriors with flowing blond hair — especially to white women. Changing Thor into a woman is going to seriously anger some of these female fans; perhaps even more than the men.

The commenters on The Spearhead, as usual, manage to outdo Price in their bigotry and ridiculousness.

One commenter claims that

This is just another variation on “piss Christ.” Changing a European mythical figure into a woman is meant to humiliate.

Spearhead regular Uncle Elmer suggests that switching Thor’s gender is designed to appeal to actual feminist Nazis:

Himmler was fascinated by Teutonic myths and named his daughter after some Germanic heroine. He was also obsessed with pre-Christian witch cults and blamed the church for mass murder of thousands of witches during the middle ages.

So it fits that making Thor a woman is a move to placate Femi-Nazis.

Meanwhile, Nemo suggests that the gender-switchers are more like old-school Stalinists:

This trend of replacing/murdering/transgendering/etc. white heterosexual male characters reminds me of the Soviet Union’s airbrushing of Politburo members who had fallen out of favor with Stalin.  A newly declared “unperson” such as Trotsky who had been photographed with Lenin would be turned into a wall or a tree in the old photos . The Party would “re-imagine” history in a manner that made it conform with current doctrine.  The link above notes that women are willing to use the same technique to remove old boyfriends and ex-husbands from family photos.  The parallels between communism and feminism are no longer being downplayed or suppressed by the MSM. Why bother? It’s now considered to be perfectly normal to distort reality or fiction or anything else for political motives.  Anyone who objects to the airbrushing of the past is now the bad guy.  How long will it be before they start sending thugs with icepicks after real men instead of just killing comic book characters?

I don’t know, dude. Probably never? It’s not feminists who are suggesting that a punch in the face – or a beheading – is the proper response to a comic book character getting a gender or racial makeover.


193 replies on “The gender and racial makeovers of Thor and Captain America rustle jimmies at The Spearhead and Chateau Heartiste”

Foreskin Man, as horrible, racist and anti-Semitic as it may be is just so ridiculously bad it’s kind of amazing. It’s reads like sketch comedy. The song is so 80’s! I had to send the link to a couple of friends.


They think being a woman is humiliating. It’s degrading. What is worse that being changed into a woman? or being replaced by lowly woman? We are garbage to them. Except when we provide free cooking and cleaning, sex and birthing their children. And even then…

Plus the Nemo person equates it to turning men into trees or walls in pictures. So for one, it’s humiliating, and for another it’s dehumanizing men to have one become a women. Awesome.


And the only thing that puzzles me about the female Thor is her name. Cuz, see, “Thor” is Thor’s actual name, not some title or something. It’s true, whoever wields Mjolnir bears “the power of Thor,” but I don’t think they get a name change in the process. It’ll be interesting to see how Marvel explains this minor quibble, if at all.

It can be both. Whenever other characters had truly wielded Mjolnir, they go through a transformation. They get very Thorlike armor (except Wonder Woman, her transformation was a Thor-Wonder Woman armor mixture). And when Eric Masterson wielded Mjolnir, he said “I have become another version of Thor … But I still have the mind of Eric Masterson! “ and he referred to himself as the “the new Thor.” Whoever this new wielder of Mjolnir is, she gets transformed by it, and gets all the power of Thor. Are you going to tell her she can’t call herself Thor? Blame Odin for separating Thor the person from Thor the power to teach him a lesson.

Wrote this in the previous Thor thread, and write it here as well; it’s so painfully obvious that these guys aren’t even INTO superhero comics. It’s fairly COMMON for a superhero to lose zir powers or die or disappear and then someone else takes zir place – for a while, they pretty much always bounce back in the end. But these MRA:s act as if this is some completely new, previously unheard of stunt that Marvel is pulling.
So basically these are morons who don’t even care about superhero comics but still believe that because they’re TEH MENZ they have a right to decide over how superhero comics should be done, and what is and isn’t acceptable.

Hold on… when was the last time that Captain America was not on gouvernment support again?

That’s the thing, if it was an actual fandom freakout I’d still point and laugh, but it would make sense because freaking out is what fandoms do. But these guys seem to have about as much connection to comics fandom as I do (ie none) and to just be convinced that they own superhero comics because they’re dudes.

‘Normal girls (as opposed to future feminists) far prefer feminine characters doing ladylike things — not dominatrix types holding giant hammers. …’

Presenting…. Laundry Lady!!!

In this month’s issue, Laundry Lady washes her dainty white gloves whiter than white! And then goes for tea and cupcakes with her lady friends!

@sn0rkmaiden: And as another series, “The Damsel”! The lady crimefighter who always ends up tied to the railroad tracks, needing a male hero to step in and save her! But she wears spandex so she totes counts as a superhero.

Argh, the boobs on the third one. WTF is going on with those boobs, especially in the middle?

I think I can explain this, Cassandra. It is a common misconception among comic book artists that boobs are perfectly spherical, and also that women’s clothing come with so-called “boob socks”, so that the cloth follows each boob-sphere precisely. This pic looks as if the artist was called out on drawing boob socks, so at the very least minute he tried to add a couple of lines to change that. Only it was near his deadline, so he only added a couple of lines to indicate the little bit of wrinkle that real super-tight clothing tend to make when it’s stretched out over a couple of large boobs, rather than make her clothing not have boob-socks in the first place.
That’s my hypothesis anyway.

If you’re looking for webcomic/comic book recs, wordsp1nner, you could try:

Girl Genius – steampunk, winner of Hugo and Eisner awards
Gunnerkrigg Court

Ms Marvel – the description of the protagonist in this would make Heartiste have an aneurysm. Book is fun, funny, happy, beautifully drawn and Kamala feels like a real teenage girl.
Hawkeye – up for Eisners again this year
(I also hear good things about Captain Marvel)

It’s probably been said on the other thread but comics aimed at young women are a fast growing market.

Heh “Boobsocks.” I think those are required in superhero suits that don’t already show lots of cleavage. What’s interesting is that the male Thor doesn’t even have a chestplate, but Jane Foster and Black Widow (plus the new Thor) get boob shaped chestplates. And Wonder Woman got a…chastity belt? A metal bikini bottom is not a good idea!

@sn0rkmaiden: And as another series, “The Damsel”! The lady crimefighter who always ends up tied to the railroad tracks, needing a male hero to step in and save her! But she wears spandex so she totes counts as a superhero.

aka The Perils of Penelope Pitstop!

Foreskin Man should be a SNL character.

Here’s the next best thing, courtesy of Finnish comedy group Kummeli:

The two “little” guys have names alluding to “glans” and “foreskin”, as if they together constitute “penis”. They annoy the stuffy academic guy with their behavior (and offer him “some small nuts”) until he orders them to repeatedly step back and forth past each other (as in “academic wankery”)

Reblogged this on Dreams of the Shining Horizon and commented:
No seriously you have got to be fucking kidding me I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT REAL PEOPLE THINK LIKE THIS!
(Incidentally, note all the racism, anti-semitism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. When the Manosphere say they’re out to help men, they have a very specific set of men in mind.)

Do these guys realize that Thor has been a frog at one point, and that both these story arcs are temporary? They are little more than curmudgeons who are resistant to the least bit of innovation. How boring and predictable of them.

I don’t read many comic books, so I asked my comic book loving friend what he thought about the changes. He brought up Thor frog, too, jodioli! He thought it was totally ridiculous that anyone would be upset about this.

To me, “Monster Mohel” sounds like one of those silly, jokey “ethnic-themed” WWE wrestlers. Can I just pretend he’s that instead?

Also: any recommendations for good comics/webcomics?

It’s hardly a secret of the internets, but Girl Genius is pretty good.

‘Among Heartiste’s followers, it’s Ted Cunterblast who serves as the closest thing to a voice of reason’ may be my favourite WHTM line this year.

I don’t mean to be a dick, but you misspelled homophobia as “homoophia”. I don’t blame you, the concept makes me lose the ability to think straight for a fraction of a second, so…

as far as women friendly comics, I’m coming off of the buzz of watching the newest episode of Sailor Moon Crystal. The comic was really good too. The theme for Crystal even has the lyric, “we’re not helpless girls who need men.” Usagi is all about smashing patriarchy. 😀

Liberals are gloating… [insert rest of post]

Well. They aren’t making it easy to not take delight in their indignation.

Normal girls (as opposed to future feminists) far prefer feminine characters doing ladylike things — not dominatrix types holding giant hammers. …

Hate to break it to you, Bill, but among my Norse and Saxon ancestors, a normal girl was one who grew up to be just as good with a sword as her brothers. And who fought wars alongside her husband. Where did you think the image of the Valkyries came from?

Gunnerkrigg Court and Bad Machinery are both fun reads as well.

As for the whole trans Thor thing, what the screaming hell? Thor wouldn’t even be a trans gendered person here. Thor is both the name of the Asgardian AND a title borne by the weilder of Mjolnir. If you’re going to be a bigot at least be good at being one. Blargh!

I wonder what Bill would make of my friend’s three-year-old daughter, who’s into…everything. Anything that kids stereotypically love. She loves wearing fairy and princess dresses, her favorite color is purple, she adores flower designs…but she’s also into bugs and robots and trains and pirates and DINOSAURS, oh my goodness DINOSAURS. And dragons! And she mixes and matches all these things freely in her play. She arrived at this state of affairs as a result of being surrounded by adults with varied interests and never being quashed for displaying an attraction to anything. Her mom and her aunties are staunch feminists, but to us that’s the natural state of affairs–girls (and boys) don’t have to be taught feminism unless there’s something else already teaching them anti-feminism and gender indoctrination.


Hey, I don’t mean to jump on you or anything, but please don’t say “transgendered” or any variation of that since a lot of us trans people are uncomfortable with it. Just saying “trans/transgender people” is fine. I’m not offended or anything since it’s a very common mistake, but I thought you’d like to have that pointed out anyway.

@Ally S I do appreciate it thank you. I thought that was the appropriate term, my apologies. I’ll do my best to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

And I’M supposed to be a fake geek girl? Who are these guys? Don’t they know that genderbending and racebending happen all the freaking time in comics?

@Xen, these are people who still haven’t figured out Marvel retconned the Asgardians from actual deities into some kind of advance alien race wharrgarbl.

Interesting factoid: one of the first characters ever to be tied to the train tracks, if not the first, was Snorky, the one-armed Civil War veteran from the melodrama Under the Gaslight. Fortunately for Snorky, the villain tied him to the tracks not a few yards from where he (the villain) had locked the heroine into a tool shed…with an axe. She freed herself and Snorky before the train could get close.


To be fair, in Marvel the line between actual deities and advanced alien race is blurry at best. The asgardians are pretty much considered gods by everybody regardless.

Not that they’d know either way of course.

LBT | July 18, 2014 at 9:12 pm

I just want to sic Amanda Waller on all these chumps.

…I had to go look up who that was.




…and now I want to see Gabourey Sidibe signed to play her, right fuckin’ now.

see also Cracked in 2012:

She was a person of color and size, both disadvantages as far as mainstream comics are concerned, and still permanently kicked more villainous ass than the entire Justice League. I would rather piss off Batman than Waller, because you know the Bat-wimp is going to leave you alive, but Waller simply does not give that guarantee.


Fair enough. I don’t really follow Marvel all that much these days, outside of the movies, so I don’t know all the intricacies of the rules of Thor.

I have a suspicion both of these changes to characters are temporary, anyway, and the white-cis-dude status quo will be revived in time for The Avengers 2. Whereas, in DC’s Earth-2, there’s every indication that the characters I mentioned are permanent. Granted, it’s one title set in an alternate universe, but it’ll probably get expanded into multiple titles if it keeps selling well and particular characters remain popular.

From all the buzz I’ve seen, most DC readers love Val-Zod, the new African-American(ish) Superman. And the gay Green Lantern and Latina Hawkwoman have been main characters of the title from the beginning.

Everything I know about comics comes from Big Bang Theory and a blog or two. The subject holds a mild fascination for me, I’ve discovered. So, losing one large, musclebound hero from a veritable sea of them is no biggie really.

…but she’s also into bugs and robots and trains and pirates and DINOSAURS, oh my goodness DINOSAURS.

I’m a 54 year old woman and when it comes to dinosaurs, I’m still seven years old and love to geek out about them! Oh my goodness DINOSAURS, indeed.

Robots have always been right up there, too, although I find that they tend to get cast as villains too much for my taste.

But Amanda Waller has been, um, “downsized” for DC’s New 52 reboot, and now looks like a supermodel. Their defense (and I admit, it’s not a terribly good one) is that the universe reboot re-sets to a time when all of the characters are near the beginnings of their careers.

Other webcomics: (caveat, I haven’t read them much recently) Kevin and Kell, Candorville, & Rudy Park

Isn’t what Karalora is describing true of most girls? That’s certainly what my childhood looked like. Most boys would be like that too if people didn’t try to shame them out of liking “girl” toys.

Print comics recs, kid-friendly edition! (Seriously, if you want homemade titles and such, we’ll be here all day.)

Zot! by Scott McCloud. It’s like superheroes, only with the kindness and idealism back in, made from the late 80s through early 90s. Switches midway through into slice-of-life, and remains fantastic all the way through.

Rapunzel’s Revenge by Patricia Hale. Reinvisions Rapunzel in a fantasy Wild West, with people of all colors and genders involved. Shotgun it with Tangled!

Akiko by Mark Crilley. Kid’s comic from the 90s, involves a fourth-grade girl’s fun space adventures.

Grease Monkey, by Tim Eldred. Gorilla mechanic in space, and WAY smarter than that sounds.

Aaaaaand I’m having to deal with some intactivist doofus who freely admits to never reading Foreskin Man, asking me whether black people are even truly involved or if I’m just making it up because I’m a social justice warrior.

I am having SO MUCH FUN giving him a Mammoth-style smackdown.


Foreskin Man, as horrible, racist and anti-Semitic as it may be is just so ridiculously bad it’s kind of amazing.

I KNOW I READ THE WHOLE THING. It’s so awful it warps around into HILARIBLE.

RE: Pteryxx

…and now I want to see Gabourey Sidibe signed to play her, right fuckin’ now.

AMANDA WALLER IS THE BEST. Sidibe is a bit young to play her… but give her a couple decades. Until then, make mine C.C.H. Pounder! (Waller’s voice actress in the cartoon Justice League Unlimited.)

Never mind that all mainstream superhero comics hit “RESET” every couple years. So Falcon becomes Cap this time around — a year or two from now, Marvel will hit “RESET” and the whole story arc since Falcon became Cap gets invalidated and a new gimmick arc begins.

Oh, and refs unpersons memhole? Check out Wartburg Watch or Spiritual Sounding Board sometime for how abusive megachurch pastor/dictators use that shtick. For Real. One Gigachurch (when Megachurch is too small for Pastor’s ego) actually has staff scouring the Net like North Korea for anything negative that they can scrub.

It started as a young woman describing the ways she was different from “other girls” and ended in a ship because Tumblr is a magical place.

If they’re same-sex, it’s not a Ship, it’s a Slash.

Like Kirk-slash-Spock, Cagney-slash-Lacey, Starsky-slash-Hutch, Chip-slash-Dale, Baloo-slash-Kit, Babs-slash-Fifi-slash-Shirley, and Twilight-slash-Applejack-slash-Fluttershy-slash-Rainbow Dash-slash-Rarity-slash-Pinkie-Pie.

Rapunzel’s Revenge by Patricia Hale. Reinvisions Rapunzel in a fantasy Wild West, with people of all colors and genders involved.

This reminds me of my sister’s reimagining of Robin Hood in the Wild West, with a multi-ethnic Merry Men/Women. Robin himself is biracial, the son of a Southern plantation owner and one of his slaves (yes, it would be acknowledged that this means his father raped his mother – the relationship was amiable but still inherently coercive), Little John is Native, “Will Scarlet” is actually Chinese immigrant Ming Wei, nicknamed by someone who thought “Where there’s a Will, there’s a Wei” was an uproariously funny joke, and so on.

If they’re same-sex, it’s not a Ship, it’s a Slash.

I don’t agree that ship/slash is either/or. A slash ship is still a ship. Equality for all ships!

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