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Happy Women-Who-Really-Run-the-Country Day

The secret cabal that rules the United States
The secret cabal that rules the United States

While the rest of America wastes its time celebrating “President’s Day,” we here at Man Boobz celebrate those who truly run this great nation of ours: Evil, selfish women.

Wait, you were thinking, I thought it was men who mostly ran the world? No. It just looks that way. Oh, sure, all the presidents have been men. The overwhelming majority of elected officials are men. The rich people who seem to have the most influence over politicians tend to be men — it’s the Koch brothers, not the Koch sisters.

But to judge who has power in this world by looking at those who have power in this world is a giant mistake, according to our eminently logical friends in the Men’s Rights movement. That’s the APEX FALLACY.

Nope. Really, it’s ladies that run everything. And run it into the ground! Let’s hear what some of the fine gentlemen from The Spearhead have to say about this.  CitymanMichael invokes the sacred power of BIOTRUTH to explain why male politicians are little more than the slaves of women:

CitymanMichael February 16, 2014 at 14:32      Women live longer than men and thus the women’s demographic vote is around 54%.      Added to this is the fact that women biologically support each other whereas men tend to be more independent, any politician courts women’s vote.      Add into the mix power – I am still unsure how it is, not being a politician, but we all know, from Mugabe to Putin to Nixon to Chavez to Castro to Obama – they will not let go of power.      So yes, we are destined to be ruled by people who will do anything for women.     Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 16 Thumb down 0

And this will inevitably lead to East German style repression. Ladies love East German style repression!

Anonymous Reader February 16, 2014 at 15:38      This suggests in turn that TFH’s assessment of libral democracy is correct. Because women will tend to vote for short-term security, and single women’s form of security is “more government”. Unlimited government power won’t be enough, though, to make every woman as secure as she wants to be, and the sheer cost is staggering. Towards the end of the GDR in East Germany, close to 1/3 of the entire population was serving as an informer to the STASI, and one can only imagine how much was spent on the secret police and the military.

So why not beat the ladies to the punch and just get rid of some of the peskier aspects of democracy? Oh, Mickey, you so undemocratic:

Mickey T February 16, 2014 at 19:01      Isn’t the usurpatory and destructive control of today’s feminism in this country today an illustration of why a Representative Democracy (as it is) will not succeed long term?     I don’t mean scrap it all. There are ways to alter the system……………..     Like or Dislike: Thumb up 2 Thumb down 1

Hey, at least the Founding Fathers knew what was up when it came to women. That’s why they restricted voting to men!

Orthodox February 17, 2014 at 06:18      Women weren’t allowed to vote because men back in the day knew they were tyrannical by nature. It was 150 years later in the Age of Reason, 150 more years of “progress,” when society reached for the ideal of reason, people separated from their race, sex, ethnicity and purely rational beings. This is why the dark enlightenment is so powerful, it is the truth that even our Founders knew.BONUS OFF TOPIC RANT: In the same “women are ruining democracy or maybe democracy sucks anyway” thread I’ve been quoting from, our old friend geographybeefinalisthimself, the fellow who provided us with yesterday’s lovely rape fantasy, gives me yet another shoutout. This one makes even less sense than the last one, and suggests that to some in the Men’s Rights movement I am little more than a boogeyman conjured up whenever they feel they need a good scaring or someone — something — to rage against.

geographybeefinalisthimself February 17, 2014 at 04:19      OT but feminists are going to look really stupid trying to defend this woman:      There are plenty more stories about Miranda Barbour, who is believed to have lost count at 22 as to how many people she has killed. Remember, NOW opposes the death penalty (but only in the case of females, of course), so let’s watch them try to argue NAWALT here.      Let’s also watch Manboobz try to “mock misogyny” when the woman in question killed 22 people. I wonder if not even this will convince him that women can do wrong.     Like or Dislike: Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

On the off-chance that geographybeefinalisthimself is reading this: feminists aren’t defending this woman. Feminists don’t defend random female murderers because they are women. This particular woman is evil. I’m not the only one who thinks her story about killing 22 people as part of a Satanic cult starting when she was 13 sounds like bullshit — I’m pretty skeptical of all stories involving supposed Satanic cults and murder — but I wouldn’t be surprised if she has in fact killed a number of other people. Regardless of how many people she’s killed, she is a terrible, terrible person. I’m not sure what on earth that has to do with the purpose of this blog.

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Women weren’t allowed to vote back in the day because men knew they were tyrannical by nature.

“Men” (read: wealthy white men, for the most part, depending on nation and time period) prevented women from voting through the power of kittens and cuddles. Definitely nothing tyrannical about that.

On the off-chance that geographybeefinalisthimself is reading this: feminists aren’t defending this woman. Feminists don’t defend random female murderers because they are women.

This makes sense to those of us who understand that women are individual human beings, but to someone like geographybeefinalisthimself, who believes all women are part of the same resource known as “women,” defending any of us from misogyny is the same as defending mass murderers who are women.

*Kinda like we are all bowls of broth drawn from the same giant pot. That is designed for men to have sex with.

Re the off topic: I always love when MRAs claim that feminists believe women can “do no wrong.” Helloo…of course women can do wrong…cuz…women…are…PEOPLE.

Like, can they just not understand the difference between claiming a woman does wrong BECAUSE she’s a woman (i.e. misogyny) and claiming an individual woman does wrong because sometimes people are horrible?

As for the rest…I wonder how many of these MRA folks vote. Like, if women having the power to vote gives them such great influence over elected officials…these men must be voting in every local election ever.

That first post… Man. Leaving aside the stupid “biotruths” BS, comparing Obama to Casto? Hell, comparing Nixon to Castro? No. Also, apparently Nixon never resigned, as that would be letting go of power. And of course, there is another thing: how can these men who he mentioned have power if women have all the power? Hmm… It is almost like that was all a steaming pile of shit.

Oh, and of course, we have to have founder-worshipers in there. Because of course.

Naturally the solution to the possibility of one demographic not getting full representation is to not let another demographic get any representation.

While the rest of America wastes its time celebrating “President’s Day,” we here at Man Boobz celebrate those who truly run this great nation of ours: Evil, selfish women cats.


so let’s watch them try to argue NAWALT here

No, dummy, the onus is on you to prove that all women ARE multiple murderers.

I wonder if not even this will convince him that women can do wrong

And here I was wondering how many times feminists have to say “that’s not even what we’re saying” before this guy will understand it.

I tend to avoid The Spearhead because the misogyny is so blatant, but I do love me some over-the-top, logically incoherent political conspiracy theorizing. “Women support each other, therefore male politicians appeal to women”? “All women are single and singe women love Big Gubmint”? This is some WND or Infowars-grade ridiculousness.

I didn’t realize that when I was at work just doin’ what I do, that I was secretly running the country. I’m gonna need a raise.

Hot damn these dudes are dumb and paranoid.

And here I was wondering how many times feminists have to say “that’s not even what we’re saying” before this guy will understand it.

I refuse to play this particular game. Our trolls try it, and it just doesn’t matter what you say, they don’t want to understand.

It’s the old thing about not being able to reason someone out of a belief they’re emotionally wedded to. These guys like to think they’re uber-rational types, but it all comes down to fear and hate of women.

All women “support each other biologically”. We’re like a giant, 3-billion-pieces version of the human centipede.

So, women have all the power and are using it to destroy democracy, so to stop them, let’s…destroy democracy?

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.


Women support each other biologically? That’s ridiculo– wait fuck, I forgot it was my turn run the Worldwide Female Hivemind Life Support! Hold on sisters!
*runs to the basement and starts sprinting on a giant hamster wheel*

The LIFE SUPPORT system? Well, wow I’m glad you’re doing it now XD

(fade says: at least now I found the cause of my ankle flare up.)

@house mouse queen

Yay! 😀 Glad to hear you were able to sleep comfortably :3

They really are all in their own little world aren’t they?

Hmmm… If only that were true literally, as well as figuratively.

I’m truly horrified to see the spectre of “ritual satanic abuse” raise its ridiculous head again. I’m old enough to remember Geraldo Rivera’s awful special where he surmised that up to a million Americans were practising Satanists. I’m not saying that something terrible couldn’t have happened to Miranda Barbour, and that she couldn’t have done terrible things herself, but I just don’t believe in a huge network of Satanists practising ritual abuse.

House Mouse Queen – I read your blog from time to time, and I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better.

“so let’s watch them try to argue NAWALT here”

That is just way too silly.

I have not killed 22 people, or even one.

Also, she killed someone with the help of her husband, no?

And yet I am sure not every man I know has killed 22 people, or even one.

Let’s watch, I’m trying to argue NAMALT.

Oh jeez, the Satanic Ritual Abuse stuff. Now THERE’S something I never expected to see on Manboobz. (It’s kinda required reading for any multiple these days.)

Also, I love how these fuckers pretty much say, “Yeah, women work together, while we men are too busy playing lone wolf… and that means women are TERRIBLE.” It’s like, dude, just cooperate with each other. Nobody’s stopping you!

Would like to congratulate House Mouse Queen on being able to get some of that beautiful thing called sleep!

To the women who are apparently running the world: could you please update the British Columbia plumbing code. I would like to be able to use stainless steel piping for my sewage lift stations.

Your womanly womanness is getting in the way of my HUNTING THE MAMMOTH TO FEED YOU.


2-D Man

women biologically support each other whereas men tend to be more independent

Oh hey, it’s my favorite piece of misogynist faux-anthropology! Why? Because I never know when I’m going to run into this one, or its evil twin “woman are competitive selfish bitches while men have a sense of brotherhood/solidarity” They both make a half-assed attempt at plausible deniability (women and men are different, but I’m not saying one’s better) while still casting men in a much better light. Just pick the version that fits your current argument and run with it!

Hooboy, CitymanMichael, you are one dumb dude. Buckle up, y’all, I’m gonna rant on this one…

Fidel Castro retired, so — oops, there goes that “never lets go of power” thing. Was he good for Cuban women while in office? Hell yes. Universal healthcare and education, 100% literacy, equal rights under law, high participation in politics and the military, even shopping days at big state stores set aside for female workers, dramatic decreases in poverty and malnutrition…that’s what women got thanks to him. It’s also worth noting that Cuban women were active in the guerrilla revolution that kicked out Batista, some of them quite high up the ranks…Celia Sánchez was one. The late Vilma Espín, wife of Fidel’s brother Raúl, was another. And Aleida March, who married Che Guevara, was an absolute badass who even smuggled bombs under her poodle skirts before she met Che. And this was all at least four years before Betty Friedan was even heard of in Gringolandia. Women were an integral part of the Cuban revolution, before and after Castro’s rise to power. They still are. I doubt if these idiots know any of that, though.

Hugo Chávez was president until he died, but the reason HE never left power while alive is because the people of Venezuela kept freely electing him to it. They WANTED him there, a salient fact that these right-wing turds never seem to realize. He brought the best gains of the Cuban revolution to Venezuela and did it all democratically — full literacy, doctors in the barrios, dramatic reductions in poverty and malnutrition, etc. Jimmy Carter himself verified that the Venezuelan election process is clean and fair. And yeah, Chávez also happens to be the president who has done the most for Venezuelan women (except about reproductive rights, but that’s hardly unusual in Latin America — they are ALL church-ridden there.) He even proclaimed himself a proud feminist! I wish we had a prime minister half as good, but we’re stuck with Stephen Fucking Harper, who recognizes no one’s needs but those of cronies and corporations, and who doesn’t seem to care much even for his own wife. He stole the last election to get a majority in Parliament. Now THERE is a tyrant! Why won’t they talk about HIM?

As for Nixon and Obama, they are both bound by term limits (which, BTW, Canada and Venezuela both don’t have, but only Venezuela gets flak for lacking, because imperialism.) I can’t say either of them is a great feminist leader. Nixon left office prematurely in disgrace over Watergate, so…oops, again.

And Putin is a macho ex-KGBer whose track record with women consists mainly of ham-handed sexual appeals lacking substance. His institutional homophobia can hardly be called feminist, either. He is a tosser of red meat, with a stench of oligarchy and corruption about him. This feminist doesn’t trust him any further than she could karate-kick his ass on a muddy day.

That leaves just Robert Mugabe, who may or may not be as bad as they say; I have no idea. I do know that he’s demonized because he ended white imperial rule in Zimbabwe and, unlike Mandela, wasn’t so conciliatory to the old ruling elites. Is he an evil tyrant? I don’t know, I don’t live there. I don’t trust our so-called media to get the real story, either. But at least I’m honest enough to say I don’t know enough of the truth to be able to judge him accurately. And I don’t know what his track record with women is at all. Neither do these guys, but by gaw, their minds are made up, so don’t anyone confuse them with the facts!

Mascufascists really shouldn’t talk politics. They are ignorant about everything past the ends of their very unimpressive dicks. Same old story, same old song.


Yeah, I hear Satanic cult murder and my skeptical alarm bells start going off. It sounds like a story someone would make up to try to make themselves look mentally ill to try to get out of facing the death penalty. It’s possible she is actually ill and believes these things happened but the story has too many ritual abuse tropes for me not to be suspicious.


Yeah, cuz the criminal justice system is totally so much nicer to people with mental illnesses. /snark + bad mood.

Okay, so the best pay-back I can think of is that the MRAs design and build their sex robots, and then also program them.


Wait, wait, wait, if I admit one woman somewhere at some time did a bad thing the whole feminism house of cards comes down? WHY DIDN’T YOU GUYS TELL ME?!?

Marie: Oh, I know that. The thing is that there is a popular belief that insanity pleas will get you off a murder charge. The type of thing a 19 year old with no prior experience with the legal system believes based on TV dramas.


Kk. Sorry for jumping the gun, I was just already suspicious cuz of the ‘mentally ill people are dangerous’ conversation on the other thread.

Wait a minute. Women all support each other biologically? I thought that women were bad because we’re all catty mean girls that like to gossip about each other and steal each other’s men.
Maybe my ladybrainz are too slow to keep up with the changing varieties of evil we are supposed to be committing. I don’t know how we manage to continue running the world when we are so intellectually inferior.

Have people been following the Olympics? They had women’s ski jumping for the first time this year. Some countries apparently took away a lot of the funding from the men’s team to focus on getting the women medals. I’m pretty sure this only happened in countries like the US and Canada which don’t tend to medal in the men’s event anyway, but I’ve been wondering if the MRAs would catch wind of this and get all pissy.

“so let’s watch them try to argue NAWALT here”

Obviously not all women are like that. I mean if every single woman in the world went out and killed 22 people, I’m pretty sure there would be no one left. Even if you really think all women are terrors that want to mass murder people, it’s pretty obvious they don’t actually do so. (And why don’t male mass murders reflect badly on all men? Might it be because *gasp* most people aren’t so stupid as to assume all men are exactly the same?!)

Okay, so the best pay-back I can think of is that the MRAs design and build their sex robots, and then also program them.


You are an evil person.

I am full of admiration.

Satanic ritual abuse and false memory syndrome, NZ’s terrible case:

The allegations should not have been believed: children being murdered (but no-one reporting their deaths or any children going missing), children being hung up in cages from the ceiling of the creche (no cages or places where cages could be hung from existed, no parents or creche workers ever noticed this) and so on.

Sadly, the case has been used to attack feminism (should I be surprised?) when the idiots doing the child interviews and their world views that satanic abuse really occurred should never have been allowed near the children in the first place.

In the American case the children told the court that the accused had threatened to feed them to sharks that lived in the local pond/creek. Somehow this failed to tip anyone off that something wasn’t quite right at the time.

I pointed my vagina in the general direction of North Korea and thought really hard thoughts at it for democracy and prosperity to come to that region, but Kim Jong Un has yet to thank me.

Then I decided maybe I should aim closer to home and turned my breasts towards Wall Street, and as it turns out, they still can’t get their stuff together.

So I thought maybe I was aiming too high, or it’s only useful for selfish reasons, and batted my eyelashes at the local mayor. I didn’t even get my free tyranny-flavoured ice-cream.

I feel ripped off. I’m supposed to have the power of teh sexy! and it doesn’t work. Is there a user manual somewhere for my body parts?

Wait a minute. Women all support each other biologically? I thought that women were bad because we’re all catty mean girls that like to gossip about each other and steal each other’s men.

obviously women supporting each other is bad, because then we rely on men less :/

women tearing down each other is good, but should still be portrayed as bad because then they can feel superior to us.

mras are so… blarg. I can’t even be funny. 😐

So, it looks like the murder that they have Miranda Barbour for was committed with her husband — which is something that you often see when women commit violence. At any rate, when it comes to killing 22 people….I don’t believe her. I’m also against the death penalty for anyone, regardless of gender.

It’s the persecuted hegemon all over again. Men have all the power, and that justifies men having all the power, except when it’s convenient they don’t, upon which they become downtrodden masses under the cruel yoke of women.


Kind of like how to fundamentalist Christians, Christians are simultaneously the bulk of the American population and should get their way because DEMOCRACY! and a dwindling, besieged minority who should get their way because TYRANNY OF THE MAJORITY!

so let’s watch them try to argue NAWALT here.

Just… what?
…Shit, guys, it looks like we don’t have a leg to stand on here. One woman being a murderer is sound proof that ALL women are murderers (seriously, WHAT?). My tiny feminist brain is just short-circuiting trying to come up with an argument to refute this impenetrable logic.

“But to judge who has power in this world by looking at those who have power in this world is a giant mistake…” LOL

@zippydoo | Hilarious.

@Karalora | “fundamentalist” Christians aren’t a bulk of the American population. Plenty of people claim some vague Christian affiliation that is more or less meaningless to them when it comes down to it. Who actually practices is something else.

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