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Happy Women-Who-Really-Run-the-Country Day

The secret cabal that rules the United States
The secret cabal that rules the United States

While the rest of America wastes its time celebrating “President’s Day,” we here at Man Boobz celebrate those who truly run this great nation of ours: Evil, selfish women.

Wait, you were thinking, I thought it was men who mostly ran the world? No. It just looks that way. Oh, sure, all the presidents have been men. The overwhelming majority of elected officials are men. The rich people who seem to have the most influence over politicians tend to be men — it’s the Koch brothers, not the Koch sisters.

But to judge who has power in this world by looking at those who have power in this world is a giant mistake, according to our eminently logical friends in the Men’s Rights movement. That’s the APEX FALLACY.

Nope. Really, it’s ladies that run everything. And run it into the ground! Let’s hear what some of the fine gentlemen from The Spearhead have to say about this.  CitymanMichael invokes the sacred power of BIOTRUTH to explain why male politicians are little more than the slaves of women:

CitymanMichael February 16, 2014 at 14:32      Women live longer than men and thus the women’s demographic vote is around 54%.      Added to this is the fact that women biologically support each other whereas men tend to be more independent, any politician courts women’s vote.      Add into the mix power – I am still unsure how it is, not being a politician, but we all know, from Mugabe to Putin to Nixon to Chavez to Castro to Obama – they will not let go of power.      So yes, we are destined to be ruled by people who will do anything for women.     Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 16 Thumb down 0

And this will inevitably lead to East German style repression. Ladies love East German style repression!

Anonymous Reader February 16, 2014 at 15:38      This suggests in turn that TFH’s assessment of libral democracy is correct. Because women will tend to vote for short-term security, and single women’s form of security is “more government”. Unlimited government power won’t be enough, though, to make every woman as secure as she wants to be, and the sheer cost is staggering. Towards the end of the GDR in East Germany, close to 1/3 of the entire population was serving as an informer to the STASI, and one can only imagine how much was spent on the secret police and the military.

So why not beat the ladies to the punch and just get rid of some of the peskier aspects of democracy? Oh, Mickey, you so undemocratic:

Mickey T February 16, 2014 at 19:01      Isn’t the usurpatory and destructive control of today’s feminism in this country today an illustration of why a Representative Democracy (as it is) will not succeed long term?     I don’t mean scrap it all. There are ways to alter the system……………..     Like or Dislike: Thumb up 2 Thumb down 1

Hey, at least the Founding Fathers knew what was up when it came to women. That’s why they restricted voting to men!

Orthodox February 17, 2014 at 06:18      Women weren’t allowed to vote because men back in the day knew they were tyrannical by nature. It was 150 years later in the Age of Reason, 150 more years of “progress,” when society reached for the ideal of reason, people separated from their race, sex, ethnicity and purely rational beings. This is why the dark enlightenment is so powerful, it is the truth that even our Founders knew.BONUS OFF TOPIC RANT: In the same “women are ruining democracy or maybe democracy sucks anyway” thread I’ve been quoting from, our old friend geographybeefinalisthimself, the fellow who provided us with yesterday’s lovely rape fantasy, gives me yet another shoutout. This one makes even less sense than the last one, and suggests that to some in the Men’s Rights movement I am little more than a boogeyman conjured up whenever they feel they need a good scaring or someone — something — to rage against.

geographybeefinalisthimself February 17, 2014 at 04:19      OT but feminists are going to look really stupid trying to defend this woman:      There are plenty more stories about Miranda Barbour, who is believed to have lost count at 22 as to how many people she has killed. Remember, NOW opposes the death penalty (but only in the case of females, of course), so let’s watch them try to argue NAWALT here.      Let’s also watch Manboobz try to “mock misogyny” when the woman in question killed 22 people. I wonder if not even this will convince him that women can do wrong.     Like or Dislike: Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

On the off-chance that geographybeefinalisthimself is reading this: feminists aren’t defending this woman. Feminists don’t defend random female murderers because they are women. This particular woman is evil. I’m not the only one who thinks her story about killing 22 people as part of a Satanic cult starting when she was 13 sounds like bullshit — I’m pretty skeptical of all stories involving supposed Satanic cults and murder — but I wouldn’t be surprised if she has in fact killed a number of other people. Regardless of how many people she’s killed, she is a terrible, terrible person. I’m not sure what on earth that has to do with the purpose of this blog.

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8 years ago

Yes, I love the lint roller moment!

I could enjoy that job if it wasn’t for the saddle sores. 😛

8 years ago

I was going to jokingly condemn the board for not offering solid answers to this gibberish followed by question marks from GG.

Which is more important to you then? Dying of boredom or dying when a meteorite would wipe out the planet?

Then Auggz blasts these sad lumpy attempts at philosophical musing into hilarity.

Know what would suck? You’re about to die of boredom, but then there’s meteorites and the apocalypse, so suddenly you’re cured, but then you’re going to die anyways.

Or you look outside the hospital window, and think “god this is the most boring apocalypse I’ve ever se—-” then you keel over and die.

Not sure if I should praise you for being very witty or worry about how fluent you are in troll speak. I can’t even get myself to read through Greater Good’s stumbling non-sequitur blobs, much less parse them and reply.

8 years ago

You know what would suck? You’re about to die of boredom, but then there’s meteorites and the apocalypse, so suddenly you’re cured, but then you’re going to die anyways.


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