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Heartiste channels Stormfront with a racist song parody about a “beta male” cuckolded by a “mandingo.”

Gordon Lightfoot had nothing to do with any of this.
Gordon Lightfoot had nothing to do with any of this.

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So our old friend Heartiste, the reactionay PUA douchecanoe, is one of those racists who’s not only open about his racism, but actually proud of it; he thinks it’s backed up with SCIENCE. He’s become more obvious in his pandering to the so called “alt-right” racist crowd recently, but he’s sort of outdone himself in a recent post, playing to some rather primal racist fears of black male sexual potency.

In “The Wreck Of The Beta Male Cuckold,” Heartiste offers up a rather strained “parody” of Gordon Lightfoot’s “The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald.” Instead of chronicling a real-life shipwreck, he offers up the tale of a fat, emasculated beta brony who sadly watches his wife have sex with a black man — sorry, a “darkie” — before retreating to the basement to commit suicide.

At least I think that’s what happens. It’s all so ineptly written it’s nearly incomprehensible in parts.

Here’s the beginning of the poem, which will perhaps give you some flavor of the rest:

The legend lives on from the Left Coast on down
of the beta they called “Cuckold Freddie.”
The cuck, it is said, sits alone near the bed
when the thighs of his wife spread to darkies.

Yep. He really went with “darkies.” Elsewhere in the lyrics, Heartiste refers to the cuckolder as “mandingo,” and his penis as a “black mamba.”

Actually, let me quote that last bit, as it shows just how hard Heartiste has to strain to hit all the standard Manosphere talking points — and work in all his favorite manosphere catchphrases — in telling his tale of beta woe. Oh, by the way, the cuckolder refers to himself as “Bear.”

Cuckold suffering tolls, Hypergamy sings
in the rooms of Freddie’s Mountain Dew mansion.
Bear’s black mamba creams in his wife’s wet vajeen;
Her asshole and mouth are for Bear’s fun.
And farther below, Freddie’s marital ho
takes in what Bear’s privilege can send her,
And Freddie will know as all swinging alphas know
it’s two women-one man not the inverse.

The whole thing is like that.

Heartiste, I’m sure, thinks of his little song parody as a devastating put down of  (white) beta males, which he’s made even more humiliating by having the cuckolder in the story be a … black man!

But you don’t have to be a psychologist or a cultural historian to see the fear here.

White male panic over black male sexuality is hardly a new thing. Indeed, the Ku Klux Klan and its supporters regularly used trumped-up fears of “black brutes” raping white women as convenient excuses for campaigns of terror against blacks; they also indicated a deep uneasiness within white men about their own cultural and sexual potency.

Similar fears of a sexualized “Black Peril” arose amongst colonialist whites in the 19th and early 20th century, most notably in South Africa and what was then called Southern Rhodesia; these, too, provided a convenient excuse for government policies designed to control blacks and benefit white men. (Never mind that white men were far more likely to sexually abuse black women than black men were to abuse white women.)

In other words, there’s very little difference these days between a certain segment of the Manosphere and the Klan.

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8 years ago

Misandry Horns need to be a thing! Maybe we can call them All Men Must Die horns.

8 years ago

Market it, Ally! Market that Misandry Horn!

Bestiality Taco doesn’t seem to fathom that not all men give a shit about what weird dudebros think of them. He also seems to think that “muscular dominant male” is automatically A Great Desirable Thing. Nope, not for everyone, it isn’t. I find the image repellent.

8 years ago

“Muscular dominant male” made me think of this.

Which, well, again, I don’t share Bestiality Taco’s kink..

8 years ago

What’s funny is that MRAs are the ones who view men as being just like those gorillas, but they accuse us of misandry.

Argenti Aertheri
8 years ago

Ahhhh Cassandra! You fell victim to the dreaded double period ellipsis!

Ally — make it yell “GO AWAY” or something similar and market it. Even better, make it screech out “CREEP(ER) ALERT”! XD

8 years ago

Those gorillas are more appealing than the human equivalents Cow Manure Taco made me think of.

Steven Dutch
Steven Dutch
5 years ago

Wow, the Wreck of the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Taking a song with poor rhymes and irregular rhythm and making them worse. That’s an achievement.

Every time I see some couple where one is handicapped and the other is the caregiver, I think “Do MRA’s even have a f****** clue?” If you pair up with one, don’t get sick or hurt because he’ll be gone.

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