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MRAs agree: Female humans deadlier, cuter than males

Females: They may LOOK innocent, but SCIENCE knows better!
Females: They may LOOK innocent, but SCIENCE knows better!

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Some important information about females straight from the Men’s Rights subreddit:

Merari01 2 points 3 days ago (6|4)  As with any species, the female is more vicious, ruthless and agressive than the male.      permalink     source     parent     save     give gold     hide child comments  [–]oneiorosgrip 7 points 3 days ago (9|2)  Yes, and female humans have the added advantage of both a physical appearance and a social structure that facilitate female aggression by eclipsing it with the appearance or presumption of harmlessness.

I can vouch for this first-hand. I live with two females, and trust me, they can get away with anything just by giving me a look with those big round eyes of theirs — from scratching up the furniture to pooping outside the box to …

Oh, wait. We’re not talking about kitties?

Oh, female humans.

Anyway, one of the saddest things about this little exchange is that oneiorosgrip is herself a female human. Indeed, she’s actually Hannah Wallen, aka Della Burton, one of A Voice for Men’s so-called Honey Badgers. Yet she’s apparently so alienated from her own gender (and possibly her species) that she refers to her fellow women as “female humans” rather than, you know, women.

Note: Thanks to the AgainstMensRights subreddit for finding this lovely and enlightening exchange.

187 replies on “MRAs agree: Female humans deadlier, cuter than males”

It doesn’t look like we’re going to get anywhere with this so I’ll leave it at that.
Thank you for trying anyway.

Oh, and by the way, misogynist: the US is not the world and not all commenters are USians by default, so fuck you for that, as well.

Yes it is(the world) . 320 million people is almost 7 billion . And its the haven of white man injustice oppression . Go look it up .

Men verses women ..hmmmmm…

Is a black man more likely to serve time in prison for illegal drug possession even though more white men use illegal drugs ???


lana – ::snrk:: how silly of me to forget I live in the 51st state.

Right you need to not forget where it is you come from . The “world” in which white man oppression /injustice /facing daily violence against bitches U>S.A global .

WE are the WORLD ..WE are the PEOPLE!!!! CHILD SUPPORT is RAMPANT ! INVOLUNTARY WORLDWIDE celibacy and RAPE LAWS INFILTRATE daily world SUFFERING! MORE GIRLS are in COLLEGE and they wait until they are TWENTY NINE to get MARRIED!!!!!!!! For Christs sake stop your TUNNEL vision and look around the WORLD ! Are you sheltered or just selfish ??????????


Swingsalot has a tantrum and leaves because he refused to listen to anyone trying to explain something so basic to him. Logic, research, and science are all misandry.

I’m waiting for the inevitable Reddit post from swingsalot about how he totally pwned us.

Still no answers. Only more attempts to evade the question.
Just what are you so afraid of?

Which is weird, because I just read two pages of answers to swingsalot’s question.

Yes or no: Is being willfully obtuse really annoying?

I think he knew he’d lost, and was saving face the only way he could, which was to pretend that he hadn’t heard a thing except lady-screaming.

I’ve been at work so skim read this thread quickly and pounced on this

step into a nerd or geek community with no attachment to the community, the subject that binds the community (gaming, programming, science, journalism

Since when did fucking journalism get included as a geek community? Or is that an American thing, as NZ schools don’t typically have their own newspapers? I don’t know that many NZers would view journos as “geeks” especially when they are typically so bad at writing pieces on technology, science….

I think in this case dude is using “geek” as a synonym for “mostly male”.

Professional football – the geekiest thing on the planet.

@cassandra, ah so it’s the usual boring complaint of wahhhhh women invading men’s spaces.

If it didn’t have such horrid real life consequences, I would find the whole thing sides-splittingly hilarious. The value (utility) of an activity isn’t measured by its exclusivity, it’s measured by the pleasure that people derive from undertaking that utility. If the person is deriving value from exclusivity, then they’re *not actually interested in the activity itself* because anything else they did which had similar exclusivity would provide them the same utility. Which makes *them* the fake geek.

Economics! The sometimes not-so-dismal science! 🙂

@Lana – you’re thinking of Colin Ferguson, who shot up a Long Island communter train in 1993, injuring 19 and killing 6 people.
One way people are attempting to combat socio-economic bias in sentencing is through bail reform.

When someone is arrested they can either post bail, go to jail to await trial or take a plea deal. Even for minor crimes bail can still be thousands of dollars, which is more than poor people with no savings or collateral can afford.

Mothers who are primary caregivers and poor are forced to take a plea deal in order to not lose their jobs and, even worse, their children. Prosecutors like plea deals because they are cost effective and a court win. Prosecutors are also quicker to offer plea deals to non-violent offenders, which most women are.

Sentences given via plea deals are often significantly less than those that result from guilty verdict. This may play a part in gender discrepancies in sentencing.

@Brooked: this is a anecdote, but here goes: trying to be staunch* a gang member up on a murder charge entered the court and gave the gang’s salute when he went in. He was found guilty of murder. The facts as I am aware of them were that he got into a fight with another guy outside a pub, he hit the other guy (not sure if it was a “king hit”, that term wasn’t around 20 years ago). The other guy fell, and hit his head on the side of the curb. The other guy died from that head injury. I asked why the gang member’s lawyer didn’t go for manslaughter**, because there appeared to be no intent to kill, but that’s the staunch thing again – you’re more staunch if you go up on/get convicted on a more serious charge. /sigh

* it’s a gang-culture thing here in NZ (Mongrel Mob, Black Power, Sein Fein, Satan’s Slaves, Nomads…) not sure if the word has the same cultural connotations in other countries.

** NZ only has murder and manslaughter, due to our more recent separation from the UK. Proving a murder charge requires proving mens rea (“guilty mind”, intent, etc). Killing someone you intend to kill, or you reasonably could have expected to die from what you did to them, that’s murder. Accidentally killing someone, e.g. you wanted to teach them a lesson by giving them a beating and in normal circumstances they shouldn’t have died, is manslaughter. We don’t have all those (first, second, ???) degree things, which I don’t really follow.

It’s amazing how obtuse people like swingsalot are. He clearly came here looking for a particular conversation and when it wasn’t forthcoming, took his toys and went home. Well done everyone for keeping reason and sophisticated thought alive.

Isn’t 1st degree premeditated, and 2nd “heat of the moment”? I don’t know what we have here in Australia. It’s a worry how much law knowledge is based on US tv shows.

I know a guy who is a magistrate, and one day a guy was in front of him on a charge and he “plead the 5th”. The magistrate was like “OK, but I don’t know what native title has to do with it, and you still have to testify”. In Australian law you have no right not to incriminate yourself.

Wikipedia offers a nice quick definition of degrees of murder, which do differ by state in the US. The TV show Law & Order is obviously not a documentary, but they do follow the actual definitions of NY law, including the fact that what’s usually called Capital Murder (aka death penalty cases) is called First Degree Murder in NY.

@Kiwi Girl In the US, if a white non-gang member killed a man in the manner you described he would probably be charged with Involuntary Manslaughter and would get a pretty light sentence that may include little or no jail time and probation. In the US, probation means that you are a felon, which can effect potential employment among other things, and you get the book thrown at you if you commit a serious crime while on probation.

Non-whites with gang affiliations are often treated more harshly obviously, but could get involuntary manslaughter if the death occured during a bar fight in front of witnesses.

In the US, sentencing differs wildly state by state. In some states, the sentence for all cases of Second Degree Murder (non-premeditated murder) is life in prison without the possibility of parole. Outrageously harsh sentences like that, unparalleled in the Western World, is why the US prison system is so depressingly massive. Throw in “the war on drugs” and you have a justice system in desperate need of major reform.

Awww… i knew I shoulda logged in this weekend. You guys chewed the new toy up so bad he deflated and went home before I got a nibble.

Ah, well. Assuming he’s coming back at least once: The reason no one cared, Sir Douchealot, is that you failed to establish a meaningful connection between your question and the subject of this particular blog entry (to-wit, the intimation by an MRA redditor that women are intrinsically more aggressive and dangerous than men are). The answer to your question, whether it was yes, no, it depends or anything else, would have no bearing on that topic, and thus you were utterly irrelevant, and not worthy of the respect we might show to a serious poster.

Isn’t 1st degree premeditated, and 2nd “heat of the moment”? I don’t know what we have here in Australia. It’s a worry how much law knowledge is based on US tv shows.

I know a guy who is a magistrate, and one day a guy was in front of him on a charge and he “plead the 5th”. The magistrate was like “OK, but I don’t know what native title has to do with it, and you still have to testify”. In Australian law you have no right not to incriminate yourself.

It’s murder or manslaughter here. Have you read the things going on about harsher sentencing for one-punch killings?

There was an article in the Age the other day saying that men need to be educated differently, taught to express their emotions instead of resorting to fists, and so on. It missed the point, I think, that it’s not just bottled anger leading to violence: it’s the whole toxic masculinity mess, with men feeling entitled to whatever-it-is, enraged when they’re “disrespected” by someone bumping into them at the pub, a woman not wanting to jump on their dicks, etc, etc … it’s not just drunks who turn violent in an instant and kill people, though the punch-murders seem to be carried out by drunks. No, it’s not just inability to express emotions that’s the problem: it’s the emotions and the attitudes underlying them. They think they’re supposed to be the centre of the universe and go into a toddler-rage when they’re not, or when passerby just exist (other men, in this case; I think all the victims of these murders have been men. And yeah, I’m calling them murders, not accidents or manslaughter or anything else, but that’s just me.)

I read years ago (no citation available) that getting someone good and drunk can tell you what emotional climate prevailed during that person’s toddler years. That could explain a lot of bar fights.

Also, swingandamiss reminded me of one of my favorite jokes:
What is difference between a duck?
One of its legs are both the same.

Reading that wikipedia page, it looks like voluntary manslaughter is based on a defence of “provocation”, and if there was no provocation then the charge would be second-degree murder.

In NZ, we recently removed the defence of provocation, see

This was the case that tipped the balance against that defence:

The entire logic of using that defence was flawed: no reasonable person would ever kill another under any degree of “provocation”, because being “provoked” does not result in a reasonable person becoming physically violent.

Apparently someone’s been reading their Kipling. And now that poem is going to be stuck in my head for the next five days.

Blueberry sweetness: Funny, the movie “Clue” is stuck in mine.

Wadsworth: “Ours is not to question why. Ours is but to do, or die.”
Col. Mustard: “Die?”
Wadsworth: “Merely quoting, sir. Alfred, Lord Tennyson.”
Col. Mustard: “I prefer Kipling myself. The female of the species is always deadlier than the male.”
(Mrs. White tenses)
Col. Mustard: “Do you like Kipling, Miss Scarlet?”
Ms. Scarlet. “Sure. I’ll eat anything.”

1920s greeting card:

He: Do you like Kipling?

She: I don’t know, you naughty boy, I’ve never kippled!

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