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Roosh V forum members baffled that fat woman doesn’t welcome sexual harassment

Online dating: It doesn't always work like this.
Online dating: It doesn’t always work like this.

For a certain subset of horrible men, there are few things more infuriating than the fact that women they find undesirable can turn down men for sex. For this upsets their primitive sense of justice: such women should be so grateful for any male attention, these men think, that turning down even the most boorish of men shouldn’t even be an option for them.

Consider the reactions of some of the regulars on date-rapey pickup guru Roosh V’s forum to the story of Josh and Mary on the dating site Plenty of Fish. One fine December evening, you see, Josh decided to try a little “direct game” on Mary.

That’s what the fellas on Roosh’s forum call it, anyway. The rest of us would call it sexual harassment.

Josh started off by asking Mary if she “wanted to be fuck buddies.” She said “nope,” and the conversation went downhill from there, with Josh sending a series of increasingly explicit comments to Mary, despite getting nothing but negative replies from her.

After eight messages from Josh, with the last one suggesting he would pay her $50 to “come over right now and swallow my load,” Mary turned the tables, noting that she’d been able to deduce his real identity from his PoF profile, and asking him if he wanted her to send screenshots of the chat to his mother and grandmother. He begged her not to.

As you may have already figured out, from the fact that we’re talking about this story in public, Mary did indeed pass along the screenshots, and posted them online.

Poetic justice? Not to the fellas on Roosh’s forum. Because, you see, Mary is … a fat chick.

While dismissing Josh as a “chode” with “atrocious game,” Scorpion saved most of his anger for the harassed woman:

Look how much she relishes not only shooting him down, but damaging his reputation with his own family. She’s positively intoxicated with her power. Simply spitting bad direct game is enough to unleash her vindictive fury.

“Bad direct game.” I’m pretty sure even Clarence Thomas would consider what Josh did sexual harassment.

At any point, she could have pressed a single button and blocked the man from communicating with her, but she didn’t. She didn’t because she enjoys the feeling of power she gets from receiving attention from guys like this and then brutally shooting them down. It makes her feel much hotter and more desirable than she actually is in real life. She’s not there to meet men; she’s there to virtually castrate them for her own amusement.

I’m guessing here, but I’m pretty sure that nowhere in Mary’s profile did she encourage the men of PoF to send her explicit sexual propositions out of the blue. And I’m pretty sure she didn’t hold a gun to Josh’s head and force him to send a half-dozen sexually explicit harassing messages to a woman he didn’t know.

Athlone McGinnis also relies heavily on euphemism when describing Josh’s appalling behavior:

I don’t think its primarily the revenge she’s after, its the validation. She is enjoying the power she has over this guy and wielding it brutally because it shows she can maintain standards despite her weight and the doubtless numerous confidence issues that stem from it. In blowing up this guy for being too direct in his evaluation of her sexuality, she affirms the value of her own sexuality.

Oh, so he was just being “direct in his evaluation of her sexuality.”

In short: “I am wanted, but I have standards and can choose. I have so much agency despite my weight that I can go as far as to punish those who approach me in a way I do not like rather than simply blocking them. I’m teaching them a lesson, because I’m valuable enough to provide such lessons.

So apparently in Mr. McGinnis’ world women who are fat aren’t supposed to have agency? They’re not supposed to be able to choose? They’re supposed to drop their panties to any guy who offers to be their fuck buddy or tells them to “suck my dick?”

Also, I’m a victim bravely standing up against online bullying/harassment-look at me!”

Yeah, actually, she is. Get used to it, guys, because you’re going to see a lot more of this in the future.

This isn’t just a laughing matter for her. She needs to be able to do this in order to feel worthwhile. She has to be able to show that even she is able to maintain standards and doesn’t have to settle for just any old guy asking for any old sexual favor simply because she resembles a beached manatee.

And it’s not a laughing matter for you either, is it? You’re actually angry that a woman said no to a sexual harasser — because you don’t find her attractive.  And because Josh — from his picture, a conventionally attractive, non-fat fellow — did.

Mr. McGinnis, may a fat person sit on your dreams, and crush them.

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RE: pecunium

He then tried to convince us (using his version of Baysian reasoning) that motorcycles are irrational.

I’m sorry, this is the funniest out-of-context line I’ve read in a while. My phonograph was irrational too, the jerk.

Also, I come from biker relatives. I have no fear of motorcycles, and don’t get why they’re supposed to be so frightening. Yes, you’re more likely to die in an accident… but the same argument can apply for bikes and scooters too.

RE: Argenti

Agreed on the dying thing, dying doesn’t bother me, dying in a manner involving suffering for an extended period…no, please no.

See, I’m not even that scared of that. Oh, don’t get me wrong, it’d be awful… but I’ve suffered for an extended period before. I have faith in my ability to dissociate for as long as it takes. I’m more worried by the thought that I will die not having achieved as much as I’d like. What if I leave my stories unfinished? My readers will never know how they end! D:

RE: katz

Sithrak is an awesome strip. I wish all evangelists were so cheery!

What if I leave my stories unfinished? My readers will never know how they end! D:

But just think of all the years of fanfic, alternative endings and arguments that would generate!

RE: Kittehserf

THIS DOES NOT COMFORT ME. Though I did get Reverend Alpert fanfiction with a golem the other day! It pleased me immensely. Now all I need is a Mary Sue trying to sleep with one of my male characters and I WILL HAVE ARRIVED.

I don’t believe in an afterlife. If there is one, that will (probably) be a pleasant surprise. I’m gonna die. I’ve known that since I was, I don’t know, something like 11. I’ve come close a few times (twice to disease, a few times to accident) near death probably tops 10, but not more than 25.

To the best of my knowledge no one has tried to kill me retail (though I was the target of some wholesale attempts; the joys of soldiering).

Hiding from it ain’t gonna save me. I’m not going to court it, but neither shall I refrain from fun things just because they have some risk.

Motorcycling is one of those things. I like it. It’s sort of like flying, and sort of like horseback riding, and sort of like a video game. Having Yudkowsky tell me (and several other riders) that we obviously didn’t understand the phsyics; or we’d never take the risk was one thing. Having him explain he could never risk his life because he was too valuable to humanity.

He meant it.

His family is culturally jewish, but not observant. The formative event in his fear of death seems to have been his brother dying in an accident (hiking, as I recall) and the body not being found for about a week.

I keep wanting to read his name as “Ebeneezer” as in “Scrooge”. It’s the similarity in personality that does it.

I have this problem when people say that. I know why they do, but my vision of Scrooge is the post-ghost, the man who “kept Christmas in his heart every day of the year”.

katz: I’m not the best person to judge this, but evangelical/fundamentalist Christianity has a lot of cultural saturation in the US, so mightn’t a Jew who was raised pretty secular have just absorbed those ideas like “if you’re bad, you’ll burn in hell” that way?

This is true.

RE: pecunium

Having him explain he could never risk his life because he was too valuable to humanity.

Funny. Aren’t many of our greatest heroes those who risked themselves to save others?

Pecunium, I’m glad you came back to this thread, I was hoping you’d have some more to tell.

Y thinks he’s too valuable to humanity …::snerk:: ::snort:: BWAHAHAHAHAHA


Okay, so he has an actual event that’s made him afraid of death. I can only say his coping mechanism sucks, because it hurts others and doesn’t work. He’s still afraid of death for all this huge, elaborate saga.

Yeah, I mean, I’m sorry about his brother but…while my near death count is dwarfed by pecunium’s, I just cannot fathom being that afraid of dying. Of course, somewhere around half of mine where at my own hand so yeah, apply salt.

Hell, when I had TB I was less worried what it’d do to me and more that I could’ve infected people I love (and then I found out it was latent and I was neither contagious nor in any danger, but, you know, TB)

Nine months of an antibiotic, a pill to make sure it didn’t kill my liver, and blood tests, fun times. In countries like both of ours it’s mostly not a big deal (barring immune system issues)…elsewhere…it’s becoming drug resistant, really, scarily, drug resistant.

I just sat here for a couple minutes, dumbfounded. What do I address first? The sense of entitlement that makes guys like this think women’s bodies belong to them at their say-so, eliciting self-righteous anger when they’re reminded it isn’t true? The misconception that women’s worth as people is measured by their fuckability, and that they and their cronies are the sole arbiters of what that means? The serious self-esteem and other personal issues a guy who approaches someone he thinks has low standards must have? The assumptions that standards are something only women they’re into should have in the first place? There’s just so much!

I’d have loved to be a fly on the wall for the awkward conversation Josh must have had with his mother. If it doesn’t teach him a lesson, at least maybe she’ll start paying more attention to what he’s up to in her basement.

I know it’s not the point, but Mary’s pretty cute. She’s also not particularly fat, which almost always seems to be the case with the women these types like to rag on. I DARE them to approach me. I’ve got about fifty pounds on her.

Roosh V truly a “masculine man” Man Boob that is. I think he’s the worst that is out there in the “manosphere” and game blogs. And I had to bring to the place of physical appearance, but what the heck, and truly probably the ugliest man I’ve ever seen, and he really thinks we believe he gets with all these super fine 9s and 10s. Truly pathetic.

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