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Real-World Man-activism: The photographic evidence



Above, a picture that’s been floating around online for a little while, helpfully meme-ified by Manception on the AgainstMensRights subreddit.

Below, a picture of an anti-abortion protestor at the Texas State Capitol that Amanda Marcotte posted on Pandagon a while back under the title Silent Mansplaining. Which pretty much sums it up.




Have any of you run across any similar photographic evidence of real-world man-activism you’d like to share?


151 replies on “Real-World Man-activism: The photographic evidence”

Karalora – I missed that!

Mind you, this being Mr Al, who knows if it was a typo or he was just Steeleing again.

Not that I’d fancy being Bathsheba either. Rooftop bathing isn’t my thing.

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