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More #Fidelbogenisms from @Fidelbogen, brave Counter-Feminist Tortoise-Fighting Ant Warrior of Truth

This is actually the picture of himself he uses for his YouTube vidoes.
This is actually the picture of himself he uses for his YouTube vidoes.

I know I just wrote about it, but our Counter-Feminist pal Fidelbogen’s Twitter feed is turning into the funniest thing on Twitter next to 80sDonDraper.

Seriously. Here are some recent tweets. And remember, Fidelbogens are incapable of humor. Fidelbogen is a very serious fellow, as you can see from the picture above, and from his stylish new Twitter avatar. All of these Tweets are in deadly earnest. You might say that Fidelbogen is as serious as an army of Counter-Feminist ants crawling into the shell of a tortoise in an attempt to, I guess, tickle it to death or something.

Dude, you know that “worker” and “soldier” ants are female, and that they’re all working for The Queen?

Fidelbogen: Defeating feminism with awkward metaphors since whenever he started.

Why does reading Fidelbogen always make me hungry?

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I think Slavey, and Meller, at least, are gone; neither ever mastered the art of socking and both were banned ages ago, so if they did the survey, that means they’ve been hanging around reading the blog in impotent rage for a year.

Which, now that I say that, sounds entirely possible.

“Female Supremacism is a desire for Female Supremacy. When Female Supremacism finally has its way, Female Supremacy is the result.”

Holy shite, is this legitimately the thought process of someone allowed to dress and feed themselves? Did he actually look at those words and think. “Other people need to know I wrote this.”

He also totally looks like Charles Manson.

1) that should say five troll surveys
2) y’all gonna love my method (see, I couldn’t just declare anyone that was an outlier on anything a troll, because that picked up all disabled (un)employed students)
3) location, urban/rural, lurker status, age, education and class are done. Disability is probably next as I did the math but didn’t graph it, then gender and ethnicity. Then the huge religion section. Then freeze peach!!

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