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Up from misogyny?


A couple of interesting reads:

Check out Escaping the Friendzone: The story of a former right-wing MRA on Jezebel Groupthink, a confessional mini-memoir by a dude who traces his “transition from misogynist, homophobic, right-wing MRA to raging intersectional feminist atheist leftist.”

Meanwhile, that guy who just got that rapey pickup manual funded by Kickstarter, Ken Hoinsky? Well, he’s apparently been quite upset by the criticism and is now pledging to make the manual entirely non-rapey. No, really. He met with the guy who started the petition about his book, and released an apology of sorts saying, among other things:

The concept that someone could interpret what I was writing to be a rape guide shocked me at first. But I took a long look in the mirror and absorbed all the great feedback coming in from across the Internet…

Here is what I realized: In the most offensive and controversial parts, I chose my words poorly. Very, very poorly. I meant one thing and people were reading another. THIS IS A MAJOR PROBLEM. I needed to seriously evaluate every last word of my writing to make sure I wasn’t encouraging sexual assault in any way, shape, or form.

Ben Kassoy of DoSomething.Org … graciously offered to meet with me to provide alternate opinions and insights to help remove all of the potentially harmful advice. I am proud to say that his was the first of many meetings I will be having with anti-rape and anti-abuse organizations and experts to make sure that the advice I am offering is free of any tinge of sexual assault or rape vibes. I will be rewriting Above The Game under their guidance and insight.

Right here, on, I will be starting an international dialogue on how we remove the negative stigma and shame that drives men to seek out seduction advice in the first place. My name may have been martyred in the press, but I will be using this opportunity for good.

The answer isn’t censoring all dialogue surrounding the issue ala Kickstarter’s statement on banning all men’s dating guide projects. Women’s rights and “male seduction guides” can and should coexist

P.S. To my loyal followers from reddit, you should already be aware my writings are not intended to encourage rape. So rest assured the final book will be in the same style you are used to. I’m just taking us to the next level.

Frankly, it doesn’t sound like he’s really learned much of anything from the experience yet, but if he actually follows through with his promised meetings with anti-rape activists he might. We’ll just have to see how that goes.

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Actually, it does make sense to say that MRAs have too much self-respect – if by “self-respect” you mean narcissism, arrogance, and a severe lack of empathy.

I did a series of tweets about the opinions/dissents.

The opinion is basically, “this shit violates Equal Protection; and also flies in the face of full faith and credit.

The dissents are, Roberts: “Lots of people are for bigotry, why should we stop them”.

Scalia says,”Congress made the law, it’s not our job to overturn them (never mind what I did yesterday on the VRA”., and besides it’s totes legit to legislate morality (if I agree with it).

Alito said, “People have traditionally been bigots, and lots of conservatives wrote op-eds and law review pieces which wondered if same sex marriage might be bad. Since there is not tradition of same-sex marriage we have to assume it is bad, and let the bigots keep it illegal.”

Because reasons.

The opinion was 30 pages. The dissents 47.

Guilt-trapping – the process by which you kidnap a mama bear, have it yell about the baby bears not cleaning their rooms until said baby bears come running to apologize and fall into the pit that’s covered in leaves, so now you have a pit full of bears.

No, it’s careful and deliberate guilt-trapping, built up through years of existence in a tacitly anti-male society and then activated by feminist groups. I might argue that it is a form of psychological terrorism.

The anti-male society which is run by men, pays men more for the same work, punishes women who have families (and rewards men who do), and tells women they are worthless (and that they are ugly, unless they fit into a narrow mold of beauty; which is shaped by men).

That anti-male society?

Or do you come from some far away world?

I dunno, I’m a feminist man and I don’t feel guilt-tripped. I also don’t feel that society is anti-male, or that I’m being psychologically terrorized for my manliness.

That’s because it’s not yet the right time for them trigger the “guilt bomb,” They’ve been priming you for years. Until one day, you’re on the subway, or waiting in line at the bank and the BOOM the guilt bomb is activated.

@Katz someone else spoke of freeing the whore spirits, I conjectured about their possible penguin form and augchorella (sp? Sorry) drew them.

anadiomene – I now have the wonderful image of someone taking a PUA checklist with her to bars and starting to tick off items as the current douchenozzle trots them out.

I bet that would piss PUAs off mightily.

OK, now I want to get some girlfriends together and play PUA bingo.

@howard bannister and pecunium

Awesome. This ruling makes such a big difference in the lives of people. I have had a number of friends with long term partners unable to get permanent residency.

(I know that is a bit of privelege, but it’s the experience of DOMA I am familiar with)

One of the things that struck me about “Above the Game” is that it seemed an especially crude and intrusive Mystery Method. Neil Strauss’s “The Game” is excellent on non-intrusive social touch, so for someone to include cold-calling stranger-groping without relationship context and call it “Above the Game” is a bit puzzling. I didn’t fund it because it seemed cruel, crude, and derivative. I am interested in seeing if a rewrite gets it into the territory of normal dating advice and seeing if any PUA content remains. I suspect that a rewrite will not be enough and Hoinsky will use it as an excuse to claim that feminists are impossible to please.

Just got back from the clubs. The women were spitting, but only into the drinks served them in LOWball glasses.

Cassandra! Are you serving out your exile here? “Now no way can I stray; save back to the JtO thread, all the world’s my way.”

I was going to, but I don’t think I’m drunk enough to make sense of the Eurobabble.

OT but I just went to visit my neighborhood friendly kitty and talk about squee. I wish I could get a photo of him but he’s only around at night and he’s a dark grey tabby so pretty much impossible to photograph in dim light.

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