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Bride of the Monster: The Red Pill Subreddit creates Red Pill Women

He's kino escalating, but that is clearly NOT an indicator of interest.
He’s kino escalating, but she’s not giving him any Indicators of Interest.

So you all remember The Red Pill subreddit, that wretched hive of scum and misogyny I wrote about the other day, and the other other day, and the other other other day before that. Well, now something even more horrible has sprouted up on Reddit, like genital warts after a night “raw dogging it” with a PUA douchebag.

It’s a new subreddit from the Red Pill masterminds called Red Pill Women.

But wait, you say, isn’t The Red Pill subreddit all about manipulating and exploiting women sexually and generally just being misogynistic douchebags generally? What on earth might a Red Pill subreddit have to offer women?

In a 1400-word “welcome” statement, RedPillSchool, the subreddit’s top mod, tries to explain why the ladies might want to join up.

He starts by laying down some biotruths, by which I mean that he repeats the standard-issue manosphere fairy tale about men and women and the cock carousel:

A man’s biological imperative is to procreate. Some men (the few– less than 20%) are very attractive to women and may take on as many partners as he can. There’s no telling if he’ll stick around to help with the young, but rest assured he’ll make the rounds. Other men aren’t as attractive are happy being providers. This is a majority of men. They want to settle down, have a family. Their biological impulses, believe it or not, is to make a woman happy. It’s both a feature, and as we’ve discovered on /r/theredpill, one of man’s biggest weaknesses.

A woman’s biological imperative is to procreate. (We’re not so different!) Her strategy is slightly different. She wants provisions, but she also wants the highest quality DNA to procreate with. Unfortunately for guys, this sometimes ends up with women having sex with one of the attractive but noncommittal men, and then finding another man to do the provisioning. Her strategy is two-fold: have sex with the highest value males as possible, and get commitment from the highest value males possible. If possible: get both in one man. If not, get both from separate men.

As for those accusastions of misogyny, RedPillSchool responds with a big “nuh-uh!”

It isn’t. The red pill is about accepting reality for what it is. As you’ve seen above, men and women’s mating strategies are at odds with each other, and a lot of men on /r/theredpill are a bit angry. But they’re not angry because this is reality. They’re angry because they spent a majority of their lives being told that this isn’t reality, and putting them at a severe disadvantage.

Oh, so they don’t hate women. They’re just jusifiably angry at them.

Once we embrace what reality is, we find our relationships to be more successful, more fulfilling, and a better deal for ourselves and for the women we’ve dated. We’ve concentrated on what women like, and by doing so have been able to make ourselves into mates that women would want.

Yeah, women love dudes who spend all their time online talking about how awful women are.

So what do Red Pill men want women to do for them?

Sorry, I meant, what can the Red Pill Women subreddit help women to do that will be just fantastic for them, the women?

Well, the past half a century was the march of feminism telling women that they don’t need to do anything for men, that they are perfect and don’t need to change, that change or compromise is oppression, and that you can have it all. A career, kids, family, education- it’s all yours.

The problem is that our culture ended up self indulgent with no long-term goals, and thusly- no long term happiness (at least where family is concerned).

With divorce rates skyrocketing, single motherhood increasing, never-marrieds piling up, and hook-up culture and one night stands at an all time high, people are reaching 35 going.. where’s my family?

Huh. Taking the Red Pill must really do something to your eyesight, because the divorce rate has been heading downwards for the last thirty years.

Click on the pic for source.

But let’s just ignore the false premise here and continue on:

Women, you have the ability to find happiness when you embrace the reality of your biological urges and impulses. You have the ability and the requirement to become the optimal mate for your optimal mate. Do not believe the hype that you are good enough how you are, and realize that in life, the only things worth having take work.

Oh dear. So what sort of “self-improvement” advice will the subreddit contain? Apparently, a lot of misogynistic insults. Oh, sorry, harsh truths.

This forum will embarce truth first and foremost, sensitivity be damned. While I encourage people to remain positive towards each other, plain insults are discouraged, I understand that sometimes the truth will seem like an insult.

Ok, so who exactly is qualified to give advice on RedPill women?

RedPillWomen is not the place for men to show up and spout nonsense.

Ok, but you’re a man, and you’re spouting nonsense.

We have an unofficial rule on  /r/theredpill that basically amounts to: don’t listen to women about sexual strategy. It’s not that we don’t like women, it’s that women really have a hard time seeing past what they like to understand men have a different palate.

Um, what? Why would this mean that you shouldn’t listen to women?

The same goes for men, perhaps even worse so. Men, being the less discriminating gender, are more-or-less programmed to find women sexy.. no matter what. And when a woman says, “I like to eat pie with my fingers” you’ll have sex-thirsty guys line up out the door willing to say anything for female validation. “I love women who eat with their fingers.”

Wait, did I wander into the wrong subreddit? Why are we talking about pie?

Men will say anything for female validation. Men are utterly and completely blind when it comes to what attracts them. They are clueless. They are conditioned by society to tell you that things we’re supposed to find attractive are attractive. And why not? In our minds, if I find you attractive, and you exhibit certain qualities, it’s hard to isolate which qualities were the ones we found attractive.


But you’re not looking for low-hanging-fruit.

Now we’re on to fruit? Was RedPillSchool just really hungry when he wrote this?

You could just walk into a bar with no clothes if you want to make men drool. But instead, you want to make yourself into the woman who will snag the highest value mate. You want to redefine high value to mean longest-term happiness. And you don’t want just any old schmo to drool over you. So don’t take schmo’s advice. It’s terrible.

RedPillSchool, I served with Joe Schmo. I knew Joe Schmo. Joe Schmo was a friend of mine. RedPillSchool, you’re no Joe Schmo.

Welcome! I hope this will be a productive place to discuss sexual strategy for women.

I can’t wait to see what sort of “sexual strategy” these guys advocate. Maybe we can assemble a list of some of the best suggestions.

Meanwhile, that white supremacist dude who thinks that women who hate the Red Pill dudes are all secretly into them — that guy I wrote about the other day — is already excited to see a subreddit of Red Pill “cheerleaders.”

It looks like TheRedPill Mannerbund, which at first only attracted TheBluePill hecklers, has now attracted some cheerleaders.

Perhaps a sorority forming next to the fraternity.

Notice TheRedPill kept the women out (at least female centric opinion, since this is virtual space) and now we see the reaction: submit and service.

My opponents of course could only interpret “service” as sexual, which is was partly but not completely. The women are no longer heckling the mannerbund, but have adopted the mannerbund’s agenda – they have become cheerleaders.

What he doesn’t know is that one of those cheerleaders is me — I just subscribed. Let’s see if they notice and ban me.

The Blue Pill squad is on the case as well, with a bunch of posts devoted to this exciting new development.

302 replies on “Bride of the Monster: The Red Pill Subreddit creates Red Pill Women”

Doesn’t work in every situation or for everyone, but generally I find the reactions to prolonged staring incredibly amusing. No words, no gestures, just stand completely still and maintain eye contact, blinking as little as possible. I’ve never done this when a guy is being outright hostile, but if they’re just being rude this tends to freak them out so they leave me alone.

Ignoring and walking by isn’t “bad.” I was in a situation where this one guy kept shouting at me all the way down the block–at night, when I was alone. I felt a lot safer in that instance not saying anything than potentially giving him a “reason” to follow me. In situations where I feel safer, shouting back or at least flipping them off is way more satisfying.

I’ll wear heels when all the Red Pillock men wear ’em. And they’d better be those godawful platforms or stilettos. If they want pain, they go first. Plus, they can pay for the knee operations I’d end up requiring.

Funny, Mr K must be a blue pill bloke, ‘cos he’s very big on loving me as I am, for who I am. I feel the same way about him, whether that’s as he is now or how he was then. Yet he must be an alpha, ‘cos king. He likes seeing me dressed up but also likes seeing me if I’m slobbing around in track pants or jammies. How to reconcile all these things? Oh, I know – red and blue, so THE PURPLE PILL!

Ooh! Ooh! I have a totally relevant quote for this post, on account of me rereading bell hooks’s All About Love: New Visions.

“When we understand love as the will to nurture our own and another’s spiritual growth, it becomes clear that we cannot claim to love if we are hurtful and abusive. Love and abuse cannot coexist…” (pg. 6)

“While much cultural attention is given to domestic violence and practically everyone agrees it is wrong for men to hit women as a way of subordinating us, most men use psychological terrorism as a way to subordinate women. This is a socially acceptable form of coercion. And lying is one of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal. When men lie to women, presenting a false self, the terrible price they pay to maintain ‘power over’ us is the loss of their capacity to give and receive love. Trust is the foundation of intimacy. When lies erode trust, genuine connection cannot take place. While men who dominate others can and do experience ongoing care, they place a barrier between themselves and the experience of love.” (pg. 41)

This book is tough reading, but I love that it actually defines love very firmly. It forces you to actually look critically at how you interact with yourself, your loved ones, and the world. If anyone thinks that love is all sparkles and butterflies, I recommend this book. It hits HARD!

Also, these assholes seem to mistake ‘care’ or ‘attention’ for love or a loving relationship.

I would feel sorry for them, if they weren’t such assholes.

That quotation is the BEST, LBT! It’s exactly the problem with the douchecanoes in the MRM.

Feeling sorry for them isn’t even on the radar for me – more like what Pterry says about Discworld karma: it happens really fast. Their only appeal is to my schadenfreude.

But remember, your man’s opinion is of utmost importance, and since you are probably undoing decades of bad advice, emphasize the feminine. To offer a crash course in Red Pill attire is to simply say throw out all your pants, flats, t-shirts, and boring underwear. (Of course you can keep a pair of jeans around for gardening and the like).

The funny thing is, even once I stop living in guy mode, I’m probably going to stick with all three of those things. (Not that it would matter to a Red Pill denizen as I’m just fake to them anyway.)

Speaking of t-shirts, I just got this from Target recently, and I just adore it:


If only I could wear it at work…

RE: Kittehserf

I’d give more quotes, but really, I’d just end up quoting the whole thing. I love this book and need to buy it. (I also find it among the most helpful books I’ve ever used to get my head on straight regarding my folks. It’s reassuring to realize that no, it’s totally reasonable not to feel loved when you’ve been specifically told they’d rather you not exist.)

Whoa. If you need to read more red pill rationalization, I suggest you check out the latest RPW article.


Why should she be the one who has to pay by putting her valuable eggs at risk by taking his sperm in order to get the love and attention that the other girls got so easily?

That’s so how people work in reality. *Spoiler alert* It’s about why men exchange sex for love, therefore women shouldn’t be sluts and men shouldn’t be loving all over the place. Harmony in the natural world. Stay for the “it’s like her brain was wired to reject him for giving up the love so easily” quotes.

It’s reassuring to realize that no, it’s totally reasonable not to feel loved when you’ve been specifically told they’d rather you not exist.

Totally reasonable is an understatement!

Also, I love how OP is full of BIOTRUTH, and yet TOTALLY IGNORES… you know. Queer people.

Because guess what, guys? I couldn’t be less interested in sun dresses. I’m sure this shocks you.

Aaliyah, *squee* for your t-shirt 🙂

Kitteh, your Mr. K and my fella (and I reckon most people) are the same – he could care less what I wear, as long as I wear stuff that makes me feel good and happy.

It saddens me to see some women on the RPW asking for advice and seeming to earnestly want it. My niece just turned 14, and she and I are gonna be having some looooooong conversations.

Tracy, that just reminded me of a sign outside a TS clothes store (size 14 plus) – “Forget the rules. If it makes you feel good, wear it!”

I can see the pearl-clutching among the Red Pillocks now …

@Marie- yeah, I was shooting for sarcasm. And missed. Sorry.

I’d kind of like to know what the heck the RPW folks think women should wear to work out, which of course they’ll have to do to keep from losing their girlish figures. Kitten heels in a treadmill? I don’t think so. And have you ever tried to do leg presses in a sundress?

I do not agree with the concept of Game because it is a part of the antichrist agenda just like feminism. However, despite this I feel it is important to defend the honor of disident women from the public shaming they constantly receive here. Time and time again we see pro-feminist men like Dave F gather female followers and try to force the majority of women into Orwellian thought police boxes and oppressive identity politics groups. When disident women like Phyllis Schlafleigh, Girlwriteswhat, and democrats for Life director Kristen Day, and Islamic women wearing the veil, yes indeed all of them, we see them being accused of being brainwashed, and I am sick and tired of it. The MRA needs to do more of this work of defending disident women. The patriarchy and the Christian one-man one-woman family structure would still be in good shape today if the patriarchy had respected their female allies more, as is being done now with women taking leadership of many socially conservative groups. Now God bless you all and have a blessed week.

The whole red pill woman thing reminds me of this “dating guru” who called himself David DeAngelo (he’s the one I think Marie quoted a few pages ago in this thread). He came out with a bunch of programs called Double Your Dating that was supposed to teach men how to pick up women and get them into bed. Then he released a set of programs under a different brand, but aimed at women, called Catch Him and Keep Him. Among other things it was supposed to teach women how to avoid players.

So in other words, he was making money selling products to men claiming to teach them how to get women into bed, while also selling products to women claiming to teach them how to avoid men who only want to get them into bed.

“I also know that mine are just that, mine; and for all that I’ve seen them, you haven’t, and so there is not means to compare them and they are worthless: there are no bragging rights on experience.”

And this is why I like you. Do have to toss my own mine in on the beautiful (and sublime) — standing atop a mountain with this amazing view, that on top of the world feeling, and noting just how tiny the trail looks from up there, and thus how tiny everything really is. And how huge. One of the few times I’m glad I forgot a camera, could’ve never done it justice.

Tracy — I love corsets, but I don’t think you could garden well without being able to bend at the waist. So bikinis?

Oraclenine — leg presses in a skirt of any variety = flashing everyone. So I think that may in fact be a feature not a bug. (Well until someone not-them gets to see her sexy underwear, then she’s a slut.

LBT — one of your comics Gigi’s answer to the whole integration would mean ceasing to exist thing was “I’d rather YOU didn’t exist”, right? Cuz that’s what I’m thinking right now. Or at least “I’d rather your asshole opinions didn’t exist”.

Kitteh, that is good advice!

Oraclenine, I suspect gardening in jeans and confortable block-heeled shoes would suffice for a proper feminine workout. Plus all the on-demand sex we’re duty-bound to provide to our heads of household (which does not require workout wear, only not-boring panty things.)

Reading the ‘should I tell him my partner count’ thread (or whatever it’s called) and there’s one guy who actually made sense, said why does it matter, etc, then got so disgusted with the blowback from commenters saying ‘slutty sluts, most men don’t like it so it matters for women only, your opinion is solipsistic, blaaargh’ he left the sub. Perhaps there is hope.

RE: Argenti

Yeah. I’m really glad to have gotten away from them, but it was Father’s Day, and Father’s Day bites for me. (Now, thankfully, I can start focusing on the IMPORTANT June holiday–me and hubby’s anniversary!)

As far as beautiful and sublime experiences go… hiking down a Hawaiian waterfall, going into a cave underneath, and finding that the sunlight refracted in such a way to give us a rainbow aura. (Rainbow hula hoop, really, but that’s not nearly as sublime-sounding.) A Japanese hot spring hotel. Going grafitti questing with Mac. Climbing up a cave in Texas with a friend by the light of our cell phones, to discover a secret chamber filled with the wax of melted candles.

I’ve got more! The world is a wondrous place.

I really need to go to bed. But then I saw

I do not agree with the concept of Game because it is a part of the antichrist agenda just like feminism.

and was DELIGHTED. This place is like an endless box of bon-bons.

RE: God’s Fool

Seriously, MRAL, the ‘antichrist agenda’? You aren’t even trying anymore. I was raised on the glory days of NWO and DKM, and even I can’t buy it.

Time and time again we see pro-feminist men like Dave F gather female followers and try to force the majority of women into Orwellian thought police boxes and oppressive identity politics groups.

It’s okay though, the police box can go anywhere in space and time.

Seriously God’s Fool, do you enjoy eating word salad? Because you sure have vomited out a whole lot of it just now.

@God’s Fool: Could you repeat all that, because all I a saw was a huge word salad and something about Orwellian Christmas Police. Try it again, but this time using sentences that convey coherent thoughts about actual things. Kthxbye.

“The patriarchy and the Christian one-man one-woman family structure would still be in good shape today if the patriarchy had respected their white cis heterosexual female allies more, as is being done now with white cis heterosexual women taking leadership of many socially conservative groups.”

FTFY. Though fit non-disabled, not poor, not sex workers and “only those who want kids” in there. Your “one-man one-woman” straight up intentionally excludes everyone interested in a pairing that isn’t cis-man/cis-woman. And conservatives ignore the disabled except to claim “good works” points for charity (and trust me here, “I’m so noble I work with those people” isn’t earning you their respect), regularly make the poor and middle class worse off, treat sex work as an immoral abomination (you know, exactly the same argument you’re trying to use against feminists in regards to hijabs?)

And here I was having a good day, complete with a very coherent argument how software piracy is good for society (in very short, more copies means more likely to survive — everything that survived Alexandria was a copy, many of them covertly [illegally] made)

You know things are bad when two people in a row independently conclude the phrase “word salad” is the most accurate way to describe something you wrote.

Marie, Zanana t.P.Q.:

Am now having really good ideas about how to fund my extravagant lifestyle. (Buying all those peanuts all the time can really add up.) Kickstarter!

But would that make me a gold-digger? Will have to ask the ferrinati/ferrinazis.

Oraclenine, I suspect gardening in jeans and confortable block-heeled shoes would suffice for a proper feminine workout.

Sir and I garden in matching jeans, green wellies and tatty purple tee shirts. What this lot will never figure out is that fun = sexy often enough. 🙂

Manboobz: come for the misogyny-mockery, stay for the unintentional absurdist humor and subsequent smackdowns of such.

Am now having really good ideas about how to fund my extravagant lifestyle. (Buying all those peanuts all the time can really add up.) Kickstarter!

But would that make me a gold-digger? Will have to ask the ferrinati/ferrinazis

The Furrinati will be pleased- you can afford treats without leaving the house (and them) for the thing humans refer to as “work”.

Am I the only one who is so used to MRAL that I didn’t start cracking up until the horrible mis-spelling of Phyllis Schlafly? I mean, I’ve you’re going to tell us that she’s the solution to all of our problems, you could maybe direct us there by spelling her name correctly.

Note: Schlafly is the solution to no problems.

[I’ve]* “if”

Sigh, the mis-spelling sprites grab us all, but I think my point remains. That wasn’t even a try.

It is a combo of Schlafly and Shillelagh, because listening to her talk makes me feel like someone attacked me with a club.

“Manboobz: come for the misogyny-mockery, stay for the unintentional absurdist humor and subsequent smackdowns of such.”

Katz, cloudiah, remind me which of you is behind Artistry for Feminism. And Kittens? Because that so needs to be added to the “come for the mockery, stay for the…” list.

And sorry you two, too many spinoff joke blogs to keep track of who’s behind which!

katz is behind Pierre (which is actually original content); I am behind Artistry, which is completely parasitical.

And I’ve bookmarked guffaw-ferrets’ Man Boobz endorsement. 😀

Surprisingly, Antichrist Agenda is not already the name of a metal band. Unsurprisingly, if you google “Antichrist Agenda band”, Marilyn Manson is one of the first results.

@Lady Mondegreen – Oh, you recognized the similarities to Norman’s yammerings too?

Manboobzers! OMG! This is totally off topic for this thread, but I must share:
I was watching a war movie tonight, and in a scene with some soldiers talking I hear someone say, “thousand yard stare.” Holy shit, I say to myself, “thousand cock stare!”

Thousand yard stare:

So I guess an individual with the thousand-cock-stare has seen such heavy cock-combat that they have, like, developed PTSD–from all the cocks! Like they were riding around too long on that cock-merry-go-round thing, but instead of a merry-go-round it’s some kind of war. Presto: it’s the Thousand-cock-stare!

If their writing style is based on Norman then everything suddenly makes sense. The big words they don’t know how to use properly, the pretentiousness, the constant suspicion that the writer is wanking as they compose their latest rant, the complete refusal to edit…


Lady Mondegreen: Not relevant, but you are the second person I know to use that name. Are you in a band?

Nope, not me.


Lady Mondegreen – what I want to know is how you recovered from being slain along with the Earl of Moray.

kittehserf, it wasn’t easy. I was wrapped up like a douche, another rumor in the night. But I got over it.

@Lilli Fugit: I know. They keep saying that men and women just happen to be this way or that because science, and then still claim that women are bad and ought to change. Look, either we’re programmed to be a certain why by our stone age genes, men and women alike, and there’s no point in arguing that we ought to be different, meaning men ought to just accept that women ride the cock carousel and look for a beta as a mere provider and yada yada. Or else it’s possible to change, but in that case it’s really not clear why merely women ought to do so; why not make men change into being perfectly okay with marrying a slut for instance? According to their own theory, being okay with marrying a slut ought to increase your chances of happiness, right, since most women are such cock-carousel-riding slutty sluts? If “beta” men were even to develop a cuckolding fetish, they’d be happy with their wife cheating on them with “alphas” too, so why is there no red pill advice to that effect?

@God’s Fool, you also gotta stop confusing us with every feminist ever. I know there are feminists who basically argue that if you put on a veil you gotta be brain-washed somehow since no woman could seriously want to dress like that, but I dare you to show a quote from any of the regulars here or David himself to that effect.

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