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Bride of the Monster: The Red Pill Subreddit creates Red Pill Women

He's kino escalating, but that is clearly NOT an indicator of interest.
He’s kino escalating, but she’s not giving him any Indicators of Interest.

So you all remember The Red Pill subreddit, that wretched hive of scum and misogyny I wrote about the other day, and the other other day, and the other other other day before that. Well, now something even more horrible has sprouted up on Reddit, like genital warts after a night “raw dogging it” with a PUA douchebag.

It’s a new subreddit from the Red Pill masterminds called Red Pill Women.

But wait, you say, isn’t The Red Pill subreddit all about manipulating and exploiting women sexually and generally just being misogynistic douchebags generally? What on earth might a Red Pill subreddit have to offer women?

In a 1400-word “welcome” statement, RedPillSchool, the subreddit’s top mod, tries to explain why the ladies might want to join up.

He starts by laying down some biotruths, by which I mean that he repeats the standard-issue manosphere fairy tale about men and women and the cock carousel:

A man’s biological imperative is to procreate. Some men (the few– less than 20%) are very attractive to women and may take on as many partners as he can. There’s no telling if he’ll stick around to help with the young, but rest assured he’ll make the rounds. Other men aren’t as attractive are happy being providers. This is a majority of men. They want to settle down, have a family. Their biological impulses, believe it or not, is to make a woman happy. It’s both a feature, and as we’ve discovered on /r/theredpill, one of man’s biggest weaknesses.

A woman’s biological imperative is to procreate. (We’re not so different!) Her strategy is slightly different. She wants provisions, but she also wants the highest quality DNA to procreate with. Unfortunately for guys, this sometimes ends up with women having sex with one of the attractive but noncommittal men, and then finding another man to do the provisioning. Her strategy is two-fold: have sex with the highest value males as possible, and get commitment from the highest value males possible. If possible: get both in one man. If not, get both from separate men.

As for those accusastions of misogyny, RedPillSchool responds with a big “nuh-uh!”

It isn’t. The red pill is about accepting reality for what it is. As you’ve seen above, men and women’s mating strategies are at odds with each other, and a lot of men on /r/theredpill are a bit angry. But they’re not angry because this is reality. They’re angry because they spent a majority of their lives being told that this isn’t reality, and putting them at a severe disadvantage.

Oh, so they don’t hate women. They’re just jusifiably angry at them.

Once we embrace what reality is, we find our relationships to be more successful, more fulfilling, and a better deal for ourselves and for the women we’ve dated. We’ve concentrated on what women like, and by doing so have been able to make ourselves into mates that women would want.

Yeah, women love dudes who spend all their time online talking about how awful women are.

So what do Red Pill men want women to do for them?

Sorry, I meant, what can the Red Pill Women subreddit help women to do that will be just fantastic for them, the women?

Well, the past half a century was the march of feminism telling women that they don’t need to do anything for men, that they are perfect and don’t need to change, that change or compromise is oppression, and that you can have it all. A career, kids, family, education- it’s all yours.

The problem is that our culture ended up self indulgent with no long-term goals, and thusly- no long term happiness (at least where family is concerned).

With divorce rates skyrocketing, single motherhood increasing, never-marrieds piling up, and hook-up culture and one night stands at an all time high, people are reaching 35 going.. where’s my family?

Huh. Taking the Red Pill must really do something to your eyesight, because the divorce rate has been heading downwards for the last thirty years.

Click on the pic for source.

But let’s just ignore the false premise here and continue on:

Women, you have the ability to find happiness when you embrace the reality of your biological urges and impulses. You have the ability and the requirement to become the optimal mate for your optimal mate. Do not believe the hype that you are good enough how you are, and realize that in life, the only things worth having take work.

Oh dear. So what sort of “self-improvement” advice will the subreddit contain? Apparently, a lot of misogynistic insults. Oh, sorry, harsh truths.

This forum will embarce truth first and foremost, sensitivity be damned. While I encourage people to remain positive towards each other, plain insults are discouraged, I understand that sometimes the truth will seem like an insult.

Ok, so who exactly is qualified to give advice on RedPill women?

RedPillWomen is not the place for men to show up and spout nonsense.

Ok, but you’re a man, and you’re spouting nonsense.

We have an unofficial rule on  /r/theredpill that basically amounts to: don’t listen to women about sexual strategy. It’s not that we don’t like women, it’s that women really have a hard time seeing past what they like to understand men have a different palate.

Um, what? Why would this mean that you shouldn’t listen to women?

The same goes for men, perhaps even worse so. Men, being the less discriminating gender, are more-or-less programmed to find women sexy.. no matter what. And when a woman says, “I like to eat pie with my fingers” you’ll have sex-thirsty guys line up out the door willing to say anything for female validation. “I love women who eat with their fingers.”

Wait, did I wander into the wrong subreddit? Why are we talking about pie?

Men will say anything for female validation. Men are utterly and completely blind when it comes to what attracts them. They are clueless. They are conditioned by society to tell you that things we’re supposed to find attractive are attractive. And why not? In our minds, if I find you attractive, and you exhibit certain qualities, it’s hard to isolate which qualities were the ones we found attractive.


But you’re not looking for low-hanging-fruit.

Now we’re on to fruit? Was RedPillSchool just really hungry when he wrote this?

You could just walk into a bar with no clothes if you want to make men drool. But instead, you want to make yourself into the woman who will snag the highest value mate. You want to redefine high value to mean longest-term happiness. And you don’t want just any old schmo to drool over you. So don’t take schmo’s advice. It’s terrible.

RedPillSchool, I served with Joe Schmo. I knew Joe Schmo. Joe Schmo was a friend of mine. RedPillSchool, you’re no Joe Schmo.

Welcome! I hope this will be a productive place to discuss sexual strategy for women.

I can’t wait to see what sort of “sexual strategy” these guys advocate. Maybe we can assemble a list of some of the best suggestions.

Meanwhile, that white supremacist dude who thinks that women who hate the Red Pill dudes are all secretly into them — that guy I wrote about the other day — is already excited to see a subreddit of Red Pill “cheerleaders.”

It looks like TheRedPill Mannerbund, which at first only attracted TheBluePill hecklers, has now attracted some cheerleaders.

Perhaps a sorority forming next to the fraternity.

Notice TheRedPill kept the women out (at least female centric opinion, since this is virtual space) and now we see the reaction: submit and service.

My opponents of course could only interpret “service” as sexual, which is was partly but not completely. The women are no longer heckling the mannerbund, but have adopted the mannerbund’s agenda – they have become cheerleaders.

What he doesn’t know is that one of those cheerleaders is me — I just subscribed. Let’s see if they notice and ban me.

The Blue Pill squad is on the case as well, with a bunch of posts devoted to this exciting new development.

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9 years ago

@Argenti Aertheri – At risk of sounding like a know-it-all old broad: please don’t be embarrassed about needing to take some time off from the MRAs constant barrage of malice & hatred, particularly as those guys have the mentality of lynch mobs–the Southern Poverty Law Center didn’t put them on a watch list for nothing. I don’t at all doubt those creeps would be behaving exactly like pre-Civil Rights Klansmen if they could get away with it rather than just encouraging others to do so.

6 years ago

To be fair, Dave, while the total # of divorces has been trending downward over the last 30, the number of people living together without ever marrying had gone up much more dramatically, and when these people separate, the separation doesn’t get tracked, so we don’t really know for sure how much separation there is from cohabitation.

Honestly, one great argument in favor of LGBT marriages being recognized by the state is the ability for the state to have some record of how many divorces there are in LGBT households so as to take appropriate action via social services, counseling, etc. for children and abandoned partners.

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