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#TellAFeministThankYou fends off a manosphere manvasion!

Kittens composing feminist tweets.
Kittens composing feminist tweets.

The twitter hashtag wars continue! Apparently still pissed off that feminists pooped on their #INeedMasculismBecause tag the other day, the dudes of the manosphere launched a little counterattack aimed at #TellAFeministThankYou, a hashtag originally started by Melissa McEwan of Shakesville to give an opportunity to feminists to thank other feminists for, you know, being awesome and stuff.

On Chateau Heartiste, the Heartiste formerly known as Roissy charged up the troops for the campaign.

[T]he #TellAFeministThankYou Twitter feed has morphed into a shooting gallery for the entertainment of trolls and assorted sadists, providing a laugh a second. Feminists on that feed have been reduced to impotently bleating “wait for them to get it out of their systems.”

Go for the fun, stay for the cruelty. And keep an eye out for malevolent forces committing drive-bys of spectacular carnage. The kind of carnage that can leave a feminist with barely enough strength to mewl for the sympathies and circle-wagoning of fellow travelers.

There was just one problem: The PUAs and MRAs and other assorted Red Pill tweeters forgot to have a sense of humor.

Heartiste tried his best to generate some hilarity with a few tweets of his own.


Such magnificent wit!

Evidently feeling he needed to kick it up a notch, he decided to add some sprinkles of racism:


See, cuz only guys with names like “Juan” and “Anfernee” (hint, hint, hint) harass women on the street!

Here are some contributions from some other Red Pill wits, which evidently were highly amusing to the dudes in the RedPill Subreddit:


And a couple of others I found on my own:


There were even a few directed at little old me, like this one from our friend Chuck at Gucci Little Piggy:


You’re welcome!

Flawless victory, guys!

Oh, and here are some more kitties, since they seem to annoy manosphere dudes so much.


294 replies on “#TellAFeministThankYou fends off a manosphere manvasion!”

———–got a zillion comments from white straight cis blokes about how the industry couldn’t possibly be bad———-

Do yuo have any evidence for this, or are you just making stupid ASSumptions?

Yes, you must PROVE that you got multiple zillions of comments. I bet you didn’t even get half a zillion!


Let the Right One In was good but also creeped me out a lot, especially concerning the relationship between the child vampire and the adult human. And apparently the book is even more creeptastic on that front. The vague pedophilia vibe that I was getting from the movie is explicit in the book. But I’m not against exploring uncomfortable issues if it’s not exploitative, and I didn’t feel that the movie was exploitative. I will probably not read the book though.

I have enjoyed Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files with few reservations, up until the novel Changes. Now I’m less enthusiastic, but hopeful that Harry can pull everyone’s fat out of the fire. I think there are only supposed to be a few books left, and I’m worried that the Big Reveal is going to have trouble living up to the hype.

I enjoy Wimsey and Campion, but Wimsey has an aristocratic sense of entitlement that comes through, sometimes, and irritates me. His “courtship” of Harriet Vane — well, I’ve complained about that here before.

I need to read more Campion. I enjoyed the TV adaptation, which we started watching largely because Peter Davidson was cast as the lead.

As far as streaming Netflix series goes, I’ve enjoyed Doc Martin (it’s odd to see a middle-aged Martin Clunes when the last time I saw him he was a lad with a large part in one Doctor Who serial) and The Last Detective (again, Peter Davidson). I’ve tried fortysomething because Hugh Laurie AND Benedict Cumberbatch, but it didn’t grab me.

Avoid Stephen Fry’s Kingdom. Fry’s eponymous character is a humongous doormat.

Falconer: I tried Kingdom. I kept feeling like I was supposed to be amused by the way the character’s interacted. But I wasn’t. It just felt like a guy getting scammed by users and not caring. Whimsical? Ugly. Hijinks? FELONIES.

Re: Dresden Files. I liked the last book OKAY, but ugh there were parts that I didn’t like and the big-time-mega-apocalyptic tends to make me glower. Not as good as the early books. Parts of it felt lazy.

Oh, and I just got the last Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson book. Keep meaning to start it but I have such high expectations I’m worried about poisoning the reading. So I keep putting it off.

I love John Steakley’s Vampire$ and think it’s the best out of all the vampire books I’ve read. That book has the scariest vampires, imo. They are strong, fast, and super rapey, basically the logical conclusion of the “sexy” mind-control so many vampires have. The movie is horrible, though.

Other than re-reading that (and trying Twilight…ugh), I haven’t read much recent vampire stuff though. My big vampire-reading time was when I was 13 and it was all I read for about a year. Anything the library had with the keyword vampire came home with me. I remember a lot of plots, but not so many titles.

I still love the Dresden Files, but I read them start to finish with pretty much no breaks except maybe to sleep. (I used to not bother with the sleep breaks, but now that I’m tired all the time, I have to.) Anyway, they are still a fun way to spend 18 – 24 hours. And they are still worth me slogging through the non-audiobook versions and that is good enough for me. 🙂

Have any Dresden Files fans seen the tv show? It isn’t that much like the books, really, but I enjoyed it as its own thing.

I liked the show–it would have been interesting to see what kind of direction it took in a second season. I can’t see it going all faerie like the books–it would have probably gone all vampire politics overtime, since vampires were big, and that might have been fun.

Eh, I watched the first episode of the Dresden Files show and I guess I was expecting a more faithful adaptation.

Harry in the books is struggling to get along financially. Harry in the show has a nice, if somewhat eclectic, apartment.

Kudos to the show for casting a PoC as Warden Morgan, though.

@Howard: Oh GOD Kingdom’s sister had no boundaries, and his brother was no good. His apprentice was a major grifter. There were no consequences for that Oxford don who admitted to an affair. The only thing I was remotely interested in was where Kingdom’s dad got all that cash, and how Simon found out about it, and sadly that wasn’t enough to pique my interest.

I’m sorry to say I’m beginning to think that Hugh Laurie is the better (? maybe I mean more courageous) actor, although Fry is awesome in acting with his face as Jeeves.

Re: Dresden Files. I liked the last book OKAY, but ugh there were parts that I didn’t like and the big-time-mega-apocalyptic tends to make me glower. Not as good as the early books. Parts of it felt lazy.

Yeah, I didn’t like the way he chose to resolve the plot thread with Susan. But there was really only one way that thread could end.

On the other hand, I was beginning to feel like there was a definite formula to the books, so a shakeup would freshen it up.

And I gotta admit, a noirish private dick solving supernatural mysteries from a yacht on Lake Superior instead of a basement efficiency in Chicago is kind of cool.

blitzgal — don’t think trolling, I want to say danielleparadis delurked in one of our recent mass delurkings.

Re: The Dresden Files.

I liked the Syfy(?) series made from the books, decided to seek the books out. Read one or two, liked them enough to buy more. Then-

One of the books had a ‘meet the author’ page in it, where he talked about his interests, hobbies, etc.

One of the book series he mentioned as being an “enthusiast” over was….The Gor series.

Now, in the books of his that I read, there was nothing that I could detect that was “Gorean”, MRA/MRM/PUA or any of that. I am sure it is perfectly possible to enjoy those books and not be a sexist or misogynist (I’ve read the first 22 myself, so I am basing my judgment of them on that, NOT on other people’s understandably negative reactions). But…after reading that page, his books were tainted to me. I just Could.Not.Get.Past.That.

No doubt it’s my loss. 🙁

Kubrick’s The Shining is totally good because Jack is already an alcoholic and abusive asshole who falls in love with the “history” of the hotel so he tries to rewrite himself into it (he’s always been the caretaker) and, along with that, rewriting Wendy as the crazy horrible one and him as the loving father. The ending is so ambiguous because maybe he did actually achieve his goal of becoming part of the hotel’s history, of abandoning reality. He fits in just fine with all the rich racist white people.

I always feel so terrible for Shelley Duvall because of what Kubrick put her through. She gives such a great performance but so many people I’ve encountered always just focus on how “annoying” she is in it, which admittedly is a fraction of the point.

I had a Kindle and an Android xoom. The Kindle decided to give up the ghost one day, with half the page being nothing but a black bar. I transferred all my Kindle books to the Android and I have been using the Android exclusively ever since. I am grateful to amazon for allowing their books to be downloaded to other devices than just kindles.

Personally, I preferred the Android page display to Kindle’s anyway…But then, I just had the basic no-frills Kindle III; maybe the upgraded/new ones are better.

Google books has a lot of free folklore/mythology e books, as does amazon, and that’s the bulk of what’s on my Android.

I have to admit, I couldn’t deal with the Dresden Files. In the first book, Harry is such a nebbish and a Nice Guy and clueless, and he starts off even worse in the second book. Pretty much the only character who wasn’t a total fool was the mob boss guy. I just can’t get through a series where I dislike the characters so much.

I’m told that they get better, but it’s a series and I have a lot of trouble convincing myself to skip around in a series.


I feel that, as happens with most series, Butcher is getting close to having mined it for all it’s worth. It’s disappointing when authors take a series too far past the point when it should end. But I’m willing to give Butcher a bit more time and attention – his books don’t feel like a chore to read yet.

The first episode of the TV series for Dresden Files is the weakest episode of the series. It’s not great, by any stretch of the imagination. But it is worth watching, as long as you divorce it from the books in your mind, and it seemed to be improving at the end.

Oh, young Martin Clunes…that was Peter Davison’s Doctor again: “Snakedance”. I saw the first episode of “Doc Martin” and enjoyed it, so I just need to find time to watch more.

@Some Gal

John Steakley’s “Vampire$” was a really interesting concept. Too bad the movie was rubbish (why, oh why did they cast James Woods? Why?).

@Cassandra and blitzgal

“Let the Right One In” is on my to read/to watch list. From what I’ve heard, I need to be in the right mood first.

Has anyone ever seen the film “Love Bites” with Adam Ant?

Happy “Day before the day all the stores discount the chocolate” Day! In my family, it’s a excuse to buy goodies for each other (not that we really need any excuses). The local bakery made heart-shaped Boston Cream donuts…delicious! And pretty!

Oh noes, it must be a plot to spread the vile feminist agenda by making Nice Guys (TM) buy their entitled princess bitch girlfriends sweets so that they’ll gain weight and whinge about it, so the boyfriends will tell them they aren’t fat, and the girlfriends will get mad and deny their poor, mistreated boyfriends sex, so the poor mistreated boyfriends will have no recourse but to go out and…find some random woman to…treat like women really want to be treated…in their sooper-sekrit “Handmaid’s Tale” or Gorean inspired fantasies…

Sorry about that. I appear to have been channeling an MRA for a moment there. Time for a donut.


Real shame about the movie. It could have been so awesome. 🙁

Happy “Day before the day all the stores discount the chocolate” Day!

I think of Easter and Halloween basically the same way (Valentine’s too, of course). I like Easter the best for candy selection, but that is because I love Cadbury Eggs so much. 🙂

Lol, if I didn’t already love Halloween that’d seal it! Not a Cadbury fan, don’t do peeps, so the variety of Halloween does it for me!

*still has nothing book/movie related to add* Actually, idk if it even exists on DVD, but Dark Prince is a pretty good romantized account of Vlad Țepeș.

@Blitzgal re: Matheson – no worries, I’m forever missing people’s comments, lol. And yeah, I’m with you on reading 50s sf. Tried a book of “classic sci fi” stories a while back and it went to the op shop within a month. Horrible white-dudes-only rubbish and incredibly boring boys’ toys stories.

@Falconer – yes, so true about Wimsey and Harriet. I’m reading Strong Poison again now, and there are moments I want to smack him upside of the head (and I like him a lot).

LOL yes, I always remember the youthful Martin Clunes in that story (Snakedance?). He turned up in an episode of Morse I saw recently, too. Can’t be bothered with him in Doc Martin, the character’s such a jerk.

I think I watched two episodes of Kingdom and thought it was trite and had the same old, same old feel about it. And yeah, doormat.

LOL to Obligation Day! The Love Skull would approve, every day’s St V’s for us. 🙂 We had our special a coupla days back – baked salmon and apple/cinnamon pie with whipped cream for dinner.

@blitzgal – no, Danielle’s not a troll, she’s posted here before. 🙂

LOL yes, I always remember the youthful Martin Clunes in that story (Snakedance?). He turned up in an episode of Morse I saw recently, too. Can’t be bothered with him in Doc Martin, the character’s such a jerk.

It’s the shape of his lips that I recognized. I haven’t seen Snakedance in a while. It was available from Netflix ahead of Kinda, and I thought I ought to show my beloved Kinda first, or she’d be lost in Snakedance. We’ve been watching Classic Who, getting a lot out of our Netflix account.

Doc Martin’s family are bigger jerks. His dad was played by a guy who was in an earlier episode of Doctor Who (playing the Marshall in “The Armageddon Factor”).

I recognize British actors mostly by who’s been in Who. I was delighted to see Geoffrey Palmer in a cameo in New Who.

Also, “small seaside village entirely inhabited by eccentrics and amusing peasants” is approaching a cliche in British media. There’s at least one Dalziel & Pascoe novel set in a SSVEIBE&AP.

oooooh I didn’t even mention D&P. Sadly, there will never be any more of them 🙁 I think Reginald Hill wrote women well, but most D&P plots are murder mysteries and women come in for getting murdered, so TW for violence and/or violence against women. He also wrote as Charles Underhill. Stay away from his Captain Fantom books (he was surprised that a murderer, liar, coward and rapist like Fantom was so popular. Lord knows why he chose to write the first book, but his editor asked for a second, which he supplied).

For 50’s sf, check out C.L. Moore. Her stuff is really hard to find, but she wrote both SF and fantasy short stories. The imagery is incredible, the prose is fairly purple, and although the characters are a bit cliched, the women in her stories are intriguingly powerful and empowered.

Of course, she had to go by her initials when she was published (starting in 1934), because ladies didn’t write that stuff…


The denizens of Innsmouth were less amusing peasants and more sullen, inbred, and insular. Basically, like the small rural town in Pennsylvania where I lived for a few years (no, not really…just some parts of it).

So, amusing depending on your definition. Lovecraft’s eccentrics are usually the protagonist or the friend of the protagonist.

@Falconer – yeah, Martin Clunes’s mouth is rather memorable! He’s sort of the opposite of Ken Branagh who has no lips. Kinda was the show I was thinking of, I don’t think he was in Snakedance, was he?

Whenever Mum and I watch British telly we settle down to count the TAFFs – That’s A Familiar Face. Half of ’em we don’t even know the actor’s name, just remember them from the Bill, Morse, Lewis, D&P (loved the earlier series of that but yeah, the thing that puts me off most crime shows now is that they’re so often about women being murdered), Hamish MacBeth, Taggart, New Tricks, Foyle’s War, etc, etc, etc … And of course EVERYONE in England turns up in Midsomer Murders eventually. Thing I like about that show: you know from the start at least one likely murder victim, because they will be a complete and utter arsehole.

Mind you they slacked off a bit the other night. Nobody who gets rammed in the chest with a tree trunk is going to just have a few drops of blood coming out of their mouth afterward.

Geoffrey Palmer is wonderful. Loved him in As Time Goes By. Total contrast in the character he played in one episode of Lewis – reeeeeally nasty and eventually done in by his wife (Barbara Leigh-Hunt, who played Lady Catherine de Bourgh in the series of P&P). Oh, P&P trivia I just found: Anna Chancellor, who played Caroline Bingley in the series, is Jane Austen’s eighth-generation niece. 🙂


Nope, Clunes was in Snakedance, not Kinda. Those lips! And the earring!

I have an entire bookcase that is nothing but Doctor Who books. If it wasn’t for e-books, it would be two bookcases. It’s really kind of sad how much of my brain is devoted to that show…

Geoffrey Palmer is just lovely. He was wonderful ages ago in Butterflies, as well.

I just spotted Dr Blake Mysteries on a…ahem…sharing community the other day and was thinking about checking it out! I’ll have to go see if it’s still available.

@Joanna – if you’re still around, I apologize for jumping on you like that. I was having RL issues and took it out on you, which was not fair.

On the Nook vs. Kindle thing, I bought a Google Nexus 7 when they came out and I’m very pleased with it. It runs on the Android OS so there are a lot of options for apps and such, it’s got good graphics and so on. I have the Kindle app installed, and some other e-readers for other types of e-books. It’s worth a look if you’re hunting for tablets (although I think they’re up to the Nexus 10 now).

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