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Redditors shocked — shocked! — to find racism in the White Rights subreddit

A group of totally not racist white people who just happen to love riding ferris wheels dressed in white robes.

So the other day, whilst poking around on Reddit, I took a look at one of its more charming subreddits: r/whiterights – a subreddit full of racists who spend a good deal of their time (as dedicated racists do these days) to pretending that they’re not really racists, just good-hearted folks really really concerned about the plight of white people facing “minority oppression.”

Amidst an assortment of posts complaining about evil brown immigrants, “Jewish Power,” and the internal politics of neo-Nazi organizations, I noticed a posting from our old friend JeremiahGuy — the latest Reddit handle of the dude once known as Things Are Bad, an MRA so obnoxious he’s been banned from r/mensights and A Voice for Men.

Jeremiah links to a post on MGTOWforums –- another familiar name! — lamenting the fact that a black “fattie” has just been chosen as Homecoming Queen at the University of Mississippi – that is, the famously racist, formerly segregated school known as Ole Miss.

The discussion over at MGTOWforums lives up (lives down?) to that site’s usual abysmal standards, with the regulars bashing not only the new Homecoming Queen, but also the first runner-up, a (white) woman whom the regulars have decided is “haggard.” As one commenter puts it:

Either the school is housed in radioactive isotopes causing deformation and them being the “Two best” beaties..Or they have that whole “Oh don’t worry you ARE beautiful!!” crowd surrounding them.

Honestly though since she is the “FIRST” African American winner shes probably a token winner like obama.

Either you vote for her or you are a racist kind of thing.. Or as I said before the thing I call “Oh don’t worry you are pretty!” White lie which is also part pity.

Jesus though. Either choice!! I had seen prettier faces on roadkill.

There’s a lot more where that came from in the MGTOWforums thread.

But I actually found myself more intrigued by the discussion over on r/whiterights, where some of the commenters expressed dismay that the folks on r/whiterights were being so obviously racist. No, really. To wit:

Elsewhere in the thread, another commenter expresses a similar concern:

These comments are some of the Reddit-est comments I’ve read in a long time.

I think there are two possibilities here. Either Paxmagister and Schuuugg are

1) Standard issue racist “white nationalists” worried that too-obvious racism will hurt their movement, or

2) Two people so entitled and narcissistic that they honestly believe that white people like themselves really do face oppression at the hands of minorities, yet who also honestly believe that they themselves aren’t racist, and have somehow failed to notice up until this point that they’re posting in a subreddit  run by and full of neo-Nazis.

I think it’s door number two.

The parallel with “Men’s Rights” is fairly obvious here. The Men’s Rights subreddit is overflowing with guys who honestly don’t see themselves as misogynists — but who also regularly write and upvote stuff like the following, from a thread on “Why feminists shouldn’t complain about PUA: They created them [sic] by destroying the previous dating model.”

This is just one example of the casual misogyny that flourishes there, and not even a particularly egregious one. Obviously, as regular readers here know all too well, there are plenty more examples where that came from.

It’s kind of amazing how easy it is for bigots to convince themselves that they’re not bigots.

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Ruby Dynamite (@rubydynamite)

Feminism has stripped women of any other traits that men might have found attractive. So, you basically mean lack of respect for self, gullibility, lack of self-confidence? Yeah, that makes sense. xp

9 years ago

Ruby Dynamite: What? I mean that. I’m lost, there seems to be no connection to what you said and any of the conversation.

You could have just said, “I hate women” and it would have been as useful.

9 years ago

@pecunium, Since Ruby’s first sentence is a near quote from the OP, I suspect this was just a blockquote fail.

9 years ago

Yeah, reads like standard snark to me.

9 years ago

Ok, that makes more sense.

9 years ago

Ruby Dynamite is a feminist. I’m subscribed to her YT channel.

9 years ago

Dave. Why would you show a photo from 1926 as if it just happened yesterday? Every single person in that photo is dead. The only reason to show that particular photo would be to incite racial hatred and tension.

It’s exactly the same as repeating the wage gap myth. So what’s the point of repeating an obvious lie? Power of course. The wage gap myth gave us the Lilly Ledbetter act, which requires an agency as an oversight comittee. Lotsa of money there. Lots more lawyers will be needed as well. That’s more money. No doubt some type of funding, possibly in the form of insurance will be needed for every company to ensure they comply with whatever is written in the act. Various security/investigative forces to determine possible culprits. Maybe programs and flow charts will be distrubuted to every company.

Suffice it to say, many billions of dollars will be filtered to the top while the bill for all these useless, pointless measures will be sent to the bottom. By inciting the hate wage gap myth, which it is hate that’s being incited, wealth is sent to the top and billed to the bottom. It’s always in the best interest of the people at the top to incite as much hatred as possible. Investing ten million dollars in fraudulent studies and repeating the hate lie ad naseum will enrich the people at the top beyond belief.

By posting, shall we say a misleading photo with this article, you’ve become a tool, promoting hatred for the people at the top. Look at it this way, Dave. If the mainstream media posted millions of photos and stories of people happily working/living together. That there is no wage gap, or systemic misogyny, no patriarchy, no all encompassing racism. Just a few isolated incidences here and there, not even worth mentioning. What if a man and a woman having an arguement wasn’t some monsterous DV drama blown out of proportions by the media? What if the truth was told by the media and politicians? Why the people might start to think that other than tossing thousands of drones at “suspected terrorists” in Yemen, we really don’t need the government at all.

A picture tells a thousand words, Dave. In this case, a picture was used as a deception to promote hatred. Are you part of the solution, or part of the problem? Maybe next time, a few pictures of racial harmony?

9 years ago

No one in the universe thinks that is a modern picture of modern klansmen on a modern Ferris wheel. Try again, please.

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