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Sunday Challenge: Shadow of a Doubt meets Aksak Maboul

Let’s celebrate this lazy Sunday with a famously creepy scene from Hitchcock’s Shadow of a Doubt. I haven’t seen the whole thing yet, but after watching this scene I think I’ll have to. So NO SPOILERS PLEASE. All I know, and all I want to know, is that Mr. Misogynist here may possibly be a serial killer.

Meanwhile, I can’t stop listening to this song, which most normal human beings are likely to find exceedingly annoying.

I think if I put this on a loop and listened to it for two days straight I would either achieve enlightenment or lose it completely.

So here’s my challenge to you: Watch the Hitchcock clip again, while simultaneously playing the second clip. (I’ve set it up so you can do that automatically at YouTube Doubler here.)  Joseph Cotten just got about five times creepier, didn’t he?

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Aw look, an MRA who cites Tom Leykis shows up in the comments of the first video!

Hey you know what totally makes me sympathetic to men’s issues? hearing from them day after day about how much they hate me on the internet for simply having a vag. Yeah…that’s really the way to lure women away from feminism- accuse them of stealing your money and questioning if they are human.

MRAs: convincing women that misogyny still exists since whenever the fuck they started stinking up the internet.

It is profoundly creepier particularly if, while listening to both at once, you look at the skull-in-the-eye picture.

I’m gonna go out in the sunshine and play with baby bunnies to ward off the heebie-jeebies now.

I remember seeing that film on teevee when I was maybe ten. I could never watch a film with Joseph Cotton in it ever again after that.

So I’ve been listening to that song for 9 nours straight now. No effect so fI AM THE LIZARD KING I WILL RULE THE WORLD WITH MY LEGION OF KITTIES

My Android won’t open the clips, but I remember the picture. Also, I have worked with pathological cases, both in a psychiatric setting and, years later, on the *other* side of cases I was litigating. If they talk like that, they’re not just blowing off steam. They may have killed; they are likely to kill in the future. Take them seriously.

Of course you will, David, since you are a legion of kitties. I know that the real DF died in the great kitty litter factory explosion of 1996. This can be our little secret.

@princessbonbon I see your week listening to Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” to 6 years in work setting where our supervisor played Sade’s Smooth Operator at least twice a day.

That is not that bad because at least you had other music in between it. This was during summer break from school, I could not drive and it was a 700 sq ft house with paper thin walls. And it was not by choice.

What most “normal” human beings find exceedingly annoying includes plenty of great music, whereas a lot of songs that they really ought to find exceedingly annoying end up being hits. On a different note, Bill Maher played that Alfred Hitchcock clip tonight. Coincidence? I think so.

That is not that bad because at least you had other music in between it. This was during summer break from school, I could not drive and it was a 700 sq ft house with paper thin walls. And it was not by choice.

Sounds like a real L7 assclown.

Ah, but ask me what the other music was. 😉 Sade was probably the best of it, but on constant rotation everything gets maddening. There was a lot of “blues” played by white people, some Enya, some truly terrible country music, and oh god my brain is rebelling at trying to remember the rest of it.

But I don’t envy you your Whitney Houston week, not at all. At least I could get away from it when I got home.

I spent a weekend with nothing but, “Whip it” being played (as a 45). But even that paled in comparison to a lot of work over Christmas 2 years ago… five versions of “Baby it’s cold outside” and, about every three hours, “Santa does the mambo”.

Oh my god that was awful.

Oh, well that might be different as I like a lot of soft rock, Enya, Enya wannabes and other dreadful music.

There was a period of time where my neighbor had Katy Perry’s Firework on loop for hours at a time. I could hear him singing along (badly) too. That was pretty painful. Funny, but painful after a while.

Bing Crosby Christmas songs on repeat through a five-hour road trip to a funeral.

Another monster has shot and killed several people in a public place trying to kill his estranged wife. It hasn’t been confirmed if she is one of the fatalities. Three dead (plus the murderer), four injured. He also set the place on fire. His ex wife had a restraining order.

It is believed that Haughton worked alone, a belief that authorities stressed to worried citizens. “Our community can feel safe, southeastern Wisconsin can feel safe in this matter, that we are not seeking any additional suspects,” said Tushaus.

Really? Our community can feel safe when angry, bitter, entitled men find this level of violence justified again and again and again? I for one do not feel safe. Those women went to work yesterday morning and got shot by some asshole who thought he still owned his wife.

Yeah. I dislike that song intensely. The most flattering presentations of it are creepy in a different way (that she’s making excuses to let her do something [i.e. have him spend the night] that she couldn’t otherwise do).

My dojo performed it one year, and the dude got tossed into a wall about the chorus of the third verse.

I’ve been lurking on your blog for awhile, and just choosing this arbitrary occasion to give my thanks for it. There’s no real reason for choosing this particular blog other than I’m watching “The Girl” right now. (vaguely Hitchcock related)

I spend a ridiculous amount of time reading the MRM blogosphere and it’s always a relief to read here when I’m done…thank you for providing a sane and witty voice amid all the hate. It’s inspiring, and likely takes a lot of courage. Ditto to your commenters in general – I sometimes start to feel as though my fear of the MRM is too sensitive and then read erudite and sane comments here, and feel comforted, even inspired.

I’m honestly too freaked out by most MRAs to even debate them. I probably won’t comment again, but wanted to let you know that we lurkers are out there, and we appreciate the hell out of what you guys do. When I am able to donate I will do so. Thanks to all of you.

So, women are horrid for being financially supported by their husbands and they’re horrid for having a career that makes them financially independent.

There have been a few long car rides and visits with friends which included Metallica’s black album on loop.

To this day, listening to most songs by Metallica affects me like pot: makes me drowsy and irritable.

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