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PUA douche Roosh V: Men’s Rights Activists “use their illusionary movement as an excuse to sit on their ass and be a loser at life.”

Roosh V, making the world a better place

Men’s Rights Activists, I hate to have to break the news to you, but Roosh V, the rapey pickup guru I’ve been writing about a lot lately, is very disappointed in you and your so-called activism. In a sort-of followup to a post of his from several years back with the self-explanatory title “Men’s Rights Has Become A Euphemism For Sexual Loser,” Roosh lays into the “manginas” of the Men’s Rights movement, which he says isn’t really worthy of the name.

The biggest problem with MRAs is that they are not activists. They are pamphleteers. … They believe that one-thousand of them typing away and producing ten-thousand blog posts will change society. … [But] their movement hasn’t produced any results, only little online playgrounds where sad boys can sit in the sandbox and helplessly watch girls play with the cocky boys who understand the rules of the game.

He’s just getting going:

What political or social change have the men’s rights pamphleteers brought? Say MRP in one syllable. That’s the sound they make every time they sit down and hit publish on another one of their turd rants, giddy at the prospect of changing the world when a cup of strong coffee accomplishes more change to their actual turds. …  They get the occasional snarky mention from Jezebel and think they’re accomplishing something when they’re actually being used as nothing more than fodder for female bemusement or page views … Even the feminists, their supposed mortal enemy, refuse to debate them on equal footing.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they go back to mostly ignoring you, with occasional time-outs for laughter.

Our dear friend Paul Elam gets a little namecheck:

The entire men’s rights non-movement can be boiled down to one middle-aged man named Paul Elam who is carrying the weight of a thousand pamphleteers on his suffering shoulders. That’s not activism, that’s following one dude’s blog. The difference they think they’re making by cheering the public outing of false rape accusers or “male shamers” is the same difference my sister makes when she reads an article in Cosmo.

Aw. I don’t think Elam is really going to appreciate having his blog compared to Cosmo. Just keep telling yourself: Any publicity is good publicity.

But wait a minute, you might find yourself saying, isn’t Roosh just a blogger himself? What possible difference has he made for the men of the world?

Ah, but Roosh has anticipated this objection, and so sets out explicitly what makes him different, and better, than the “sad boys” of the MR(non)M: Roosh fucks ladies who aren’t fat.

As he puts it:

I take personal action and encourage other men to do the same.

At the same time I was complaining that American girls are fat, I was blasting inside Polish girls with perfect bodies. I tell men how to sleep with such women.

At the same time I was whining about divorce rape, I was dating a Ukrainian girl who treated me like a king. I tell other men where to find women like her.

In Ukraine, perhaps?

And while Roosh improves the lives of men with the power of his penis, he is also doing his part to rescue the economy from its doldrums:

At the same time I complain that the American economy is in trouble, I was completing another book I knew my readers would like so that I could increase my income.

That’s right, selling ebooks to make yourself some cash is apparently the highest form of activism.

But he’s not done:

At the same time I was ranting against the Skrillex haircut, I was banging a Lithuanian girl whose hair belonged in a Vidal Sassoon shampoo commercial. I tell men how feminine women are like.

We commend Roosh for his courage and his humility, and his humanity-bettering strategy of pressuring drunk women into bed.  Soon the Skrillex haircut will be nothing more than a scary memory.

But Roosh isn’t done with the Men’s Rightsers just yet. While he sets out to better himself and his penis, Roosh complains, the Men’s Rightsers want everything handed to them on a government-issue silver platter,

hoping the government will one day serve their interests and give them things that me and my readers are achieving on their own. I don’t need the government to pass laws against alimony. I simply won’t marry in the USA. I don’t need the government to pass laws promoting fair child custody laws. I won’t impregnate an America girl. I don’t need the government to increase punishment for false rape accusers. I’ll cover my own back. I don’t need the government to ban trans fat to lower the weight of the population. I’ll go to Poland.

What a hero! He continues:

In the same breath they call me a pussy beggar, they beg the government for protection from pussy.

That line is strangely Kennedyesque in its eloquence: “Beg not for what pussy your government can protect your from … .”

Before winding up his inspiring little manifesto, Roosh manages to namecheck a certain middle-aged Men’s Rightser once again:

Instead of listening to Paul Elam tell me that men are getting fucked, I will step out of the house and find a girl who wants to get fucked by me. … [MRAs] use their illusionary movement as an excuse to sit on their ass and be a loser at life.

I guess we’ll just have to wait to see if Elam takes the bait.

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272 replies on “PUA douche Roosh V: Men’s Rights Activists “use their illusionary movement as an excuse to sit on their ass and be a loser at life.””

On fat, here’s what I don’t get – even if you personally don’t find fat people sexually attractive, what does that have to do with their social worth? Why is the existence of people who you don’t want to fuck “socially corrosive”?

I don’t find anyone except my beloved sexually attractive, therefore all other humans are being socially corrosive, by enemabreath’s argument.

Sharculese, one of my kits did the eating clingwrap thing too – same result, plastic-wrapped poo!

Oh, that clanking noise I heard earlier was the sheer balls of some guy wanting David to drop everything for him. OK.

some guy, you could do your own thing, unless you had a teacher who once criticized your writing ability.

I love the smell of entitlement in the morning.

(Also in the evening and at night, in this case.)

re: an inconvinient truth

“To clarify this assertion for the modern indoctrinated female reader: an obese woman is as “sexually undesirable to men as a jobless, charmless, humorless, enfeebled, dull man is sexually undesirable to women.”

Nooooo, it’s like a man who a woman finds unattractive physically. Women (and men) find various different things attractive as individuals. Also, finding someone unattractive physically (for whatever reason) isn’t necessarily the same as sexually undesirable. There are a fair few guys that I find unattractive physically but generally sexy.

I swear this contributes to the Mr.Als and ‘Nice guys’ with the mentality that they can never get a girlfriend because they don’t look like Brad Pitt. Some men DON’T think that being extremely conventionally attractive is their top priority in a partner. Besides, once you dated that supermodel for awhile, you’d see that their looks didn’t seem very relevant now you realise you hate each other/have nothing in common/wanna be friends.

Statements of religious faith are, as a rule, unfalsifiable.

Oh, the fauxskeptic must you plague me here too? Must you suck at atheism outside the atheist community at large?

“God exists” isn’t falsifiable because the claims of god’s existence generally can’t be negated; either God encompasses all existence, and can not be disproven because existence exists (various pantheistic beliefs), gods exist in in physical objects or animals and can not directly be interacted with (various animistic or naturalistic faiths) or god exists on a seperate plane of reality which conveniently we can not check (various polytheistic and monotheistic beliefs).

These are falsifiable; to disprove ‘dieting doesn’t work’, you would look at peer reviewed data of diets and dieting, and show that dieting has a demonstrable effect on weight loss. To disprove “fat people eat the same as everyone else”, you would look at studies that actually look at what people eat, etc.

But you know, I don’t suck at the principles behind skepticism or atheism, so I can tell you that difference. Some wannabe like you can’t do more than parrot a common line.

a jobless, charmless, humorless, enfeebled, dull man

Wouldn’t it have been quicker to just type “MRA”?

Gawd, this fucking gang-war act between PUAs and MRAs is just too damned good. The only thing missing is popcorn. I hope both sides get off their asses long enough to take each other out, but I guess it doesn’t do to be greedy. This bullshit is too funny not to watch.

Chocolate is fatal for people too. The question is more how much.

And the thing to realise is that the LD50 (that is the dose at which half the victims die) is both pure chocolate and based on body weight. For people it’s five kilograms of pure chocolate, based on a 160lb adult.* because the toxic ingredient is only a small part of the cocoa(actual LD50 is 1000mg/kg of thebromine, the alkaloid in question).

For dogs it’s a bit trickier. The LD50 is listed at 300 mg/kg, but lethality has been seen at as low as 115mg/kg Part of the reason is that dogs metabolise theobromine at a much slower rate than most animals.

So it’s dangerous, but for most dogs the amount of theobromine in a candy bar is well below that (an eight ounce bar of milk chocolate has 352 miligrams of thebromine (eight ounces of of baker chocolate is 13.650 milligrams) so a 25 lb dog = 11.1 kilos = 352/11.1 32 mg/kg, which is still not quite 1/4th of the lower 115mg/kg.

Cats have a lower LD50 than dogs, 200mg/kg, and usually a much lower weight, to they ought to be more carefully kept from eating it.

*though I’ve seen one “asnwer” site which has a BOLD disclaimer that there is a “pure” form of chocolate, not tainted with fillers, and refined sugars, etc. which is as healthy as the solstice days are long above 60 North.

The PUA has since its inception been only tenuously connected to the MRM; in fact, many MRM sites openly and explicitly heap contempt upon RooshV and his ilk. Boobzland has an ally, I suppose, in our mutual animus. Let’s not make the implicit connection that is being made; I’m calling you out.

Steele, you’re all misogynists who view women as inferior. That is the commonality that counts on this website.

This fucking post and it’s notifications are so fucking annoying right now. Don’t you ppl have anything better to do than to waste time talking about other ppl in blog comments? Get a life.

A thread that, save for three comments before Socialkenny’s, has been inactive for over two years.

But Socialkenny is a superduper big deal ‘seduction’ coach, and he can’t have notifications (that he must have signed up for and could easily unsubscribe from) clogging up his day! He’s just so damn superduper busy and important, and he clearly doesn’t have time to just delete an email notification and go on with his life! No, he had to come over and let us know how superduper busy and important he is so that we’ll stop wasting his time talking about people and things in places where he doesn’t even have to know about it if he didn’t want to and sign up to hear about it!

These “men” are jokes. Even if they were all out 24/7 with picket signs and bull horns nothing would change because men have all the rights… except one that most MRA’S aren’t trying to get.

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