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Manosphere blogger blames Obama, Jesse Jackson, and feminists for the Aurora theater shootings. Yes, really.

Scientific geniuses: Always white dudes

We’ve already seen some unusual perspectives on the Aurora theater tragedy courtesy of The Spearhead and the Men’s Rights subreddit. Over on whiskeysplace, the manosphere blogger (and sometime Spearhead contributor) who calls himself Whiskey throws some racism into the mix.

In Whiskey’s view, the whole thing just shows … just how badly treated white men are in America today. And, he suggests, unless we change our evil white-man-hating ways we should expect even worse massacres to come. His basic thesis:

[T]hat an (admittedly crazy) 24 year old White guy with an extremely high IQ would paint his hair red, carefully position his beat up old pickup truck against one emergency exit door, enter through the pre-arranged opened other door, and kill (again as of this writing) 12 people while wounding 58, many seriously, shows how out of hand Obama’s America has become.   …

Who is at fault? In no particular order, Obama, the entire Affirmative Action establishment, Jessie Jackson, feminists, the media, and the American people for taking the easy way out and not removing the former from public life through a hard, brutal political struggle that costs time and effort and more.


After a long tirade about “low-IQ” black murderers, Whiskey moves on to consider the life of the (apparently) socially awkward, dateless James Holmes, whom Whiskey assumes was oppressed for being a white guy.

Was James Holmes forced out of the University of Colorado for being too White and male? We may never know. But certainly, being White, male, and applying for science related jobs after graduating with honors led to … McDonalds.

Well, not literally. Holmes didn’t actually work at McDonalds. Very few people with undergraduate degrees in neuroscience do.

So you have a very toxic combination. A man with a high IQ, denied any gainful employment or relationship with the opposite sex. … America has become so debased, so hostile to ordinary White guys, that instead of say, devising his own bat-suit and rescuing someone, this guy figures he’s the Joker, and shoots a bunch of people he has never even met, dead.

And it gets worse, according to Whiskey: The continued oppression of white dudes by Obama, the feminists and, er, Russell Brand, will lead inevitably to more massacres in the future:

The constant demonization of White guys, and destruction of heroism as a model, has real consequences. Guys with high IQs who are intent on killing people are dangerous. They get that way not from “turning evil” like a Joss Whedon character in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” but because they are turned away from anything positive, socially isolated and alone while a lucky socially dominant few have everything (before he ever got famous, and with a massive drug habit, Russell Brand boasted he was having sex with 80 women a month). These guys study for years, graduate with honors, and end up at McDonalds. Wrong sex and color.

Yes, because so many of those who work in fast food restaurants are white men tossed out of grad school because of their race and gender.

And those massacres in the future? Because white dudes are apparently all so super smart, we should expect them to be way worse than the ones we’ve seen so far. Like, atom bomb worse.

I want to be as clear as possible. The most dangerous man in WWII, was not Patton, or Rommel, or Yamamoto. No, it was nerdy, lanky, unassuming and part prima donna, J. Robert Oppenheimer. A high IQ unmoored by social ties, love, family, relationships, a job that is not demeaning … is a man who is a potential weapon. 

Whiskey then brings us back around to Obama and his (alleged) anti-white dude agenda:

If Obama’s anti-White guy policies, the media’s demonization of (particularly nerdy) White guys, and the legal discrimination against most non-connected Whites were deliberately constructed to create guys far more dangerous than James Holmes, they could not have done a better job.

Whiskey has somehow convinced himself, based on nothing, that Holmes could have been another Jonas Salk:

Let us be clear. James Holmes had the capacity to maybe find a cure for Alzheimers. Yes he was crazy. But he was smart.

While every white man is capable of intellectual miracles, at least in Whiskey’s mind, those with darker skin are somehow incapable of scientific thought:

Meanwhile Trayvon Martin was never going to amount to much of anything. Ever. And neither will all those young Black man just like him. … Literally any number of people you know, could die, in the future because society did not channel James Holmes into a productive outlet: neuroscience.

Uh, dude, even aside from the racism, there’s no evidence that Holmes actually was a genius.

After a bit more bloviating, Whisky brings it back to Trayvon Martin for his stirring conclusion:

[I]t is [a] fantasy that we can have no cost to marginalizing White guys (particularly the smart ones without connections) and that we can continue to have clean water, and air, and food that is safe to eat, and the power always one [sic], by betting it all on the Trayvon Martins.

Why is it that the guys who talk the most about IQ are invariably such complete fucking idiots?

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Nah, I’ve been banned from there.

Worth noting what he was banned for. They let him troll around for a while, but when Amanda had a thoughtful post up about Charlie Sheen and violence against women, and NWO posted that sometimes you had to be violent against women… bam. That’s their line.

Violence. Saying it was okay. Yeah. That’s what he characterizes as ‘I dissented, and no dissent is allowed.’

For realz.

@Argenti Aertheri

Emilie Autumn. WOW! Talk about zero talent. Just another slut playing look at me posing in many slutty ways, give me attention.

Let’s be honest here, if a man tried pawning this stuff off to a producer he’d get laughed at. It sounds like a a bunch of tracks nine inch nails threw out because after they listened to it they realized it was such horrible crap.

You know as well as I do if a man did this same album you’d ridicule it as garbage. What’s the title of the album? “No talent but I have a pussy and act like a slut”

Apparently we need some of that violin — fine by me!

That’s Bach btw NWO.

Cassandra — probably, but Angelspit is also awesome, so wtf-ever on NWO’s idiocy.

Shade — “Octopodes or octopuses!” — either works for me, just please, not octopi.

I don’t particularly like octopodes because it’s taking a word that means “eightfoot” and pluralizing it to mean “eightfeet”. I just don’t think it’s the foot part that should be pluralized, it feels weird to me. I’m partial to either octopuses or just octopus, the same as the singular.

As an unemployed white, cis dude with a university education and no SO, I’m kind of offended by Whiskey’s comments. I don’t really want a hero cookie for not shooting people.

Violence. Saying it was okay. Yeah. That’s what he characterizes as ‘I dissented, and no dissent is allowed.’

That’s pretty much how all trolls operate. They come in being loud and purposely offensive and then act defensive when people call them out for their shit.

I love it when people conflate logical and infallible. They’re also often expert goal-post movers, for those occasions when their opponents can meet or exceed them in both logic and their own special brand of ‘logic.’

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