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Spearheader: Women are “feral creatures who want to be thugf#$cked and used.”

Women: Feral, civilization-destroying monsters

Over on The Spearhead, the discussion of, er, “altruism” (and why the men who sacrificed their lives to save their girlfriends in the Aurora theater shootings were “suckers”) continues. All of the comments I mentioned in my previous post now have dozens of upvotes; one has more than a hundred. (All except for the comment praising the dead men as “heroic” which remains underwater, votewise.)

The discussion has inspired one commenter called ck to offer this rather harsh assessment of modern women:

Words cannot convey my sense of dispair, isolation, and acceptance that women are at best amoral beings and at worst imoral. I no longer look at a women and hope they may be the one who vaules a decent, kind, moral man. Instead I see a feral creature who wants to be thugf#$cked and used. They are addicted to a drug called emotion. They want the highs of being thugf#cked and the coming lows of being used and dumped. Then rinse and repeat.

[citation needed]

The stable decent man is too “boring” or “nice”. The lush sociatal enviroment we have created for them is taken for granted. It exists as does the air they breath, simply out of nothing in thier minds. They simply cannot grasp the truth of it takes good men to build, invent and maintain their “posh” world. … My eyes are sadly opened to what women are now.

ck also makes comments that suggest to me that he is suffering from depression, possibly quite severe. He gets upvotes for his misogyny, but no one there offers any comfort or help, except for one commenter who urges him, unhelpfully, to “[t]ry to get as far from feminist women as possible,” possibly by moving to another country.

Evidently the last thing MRAs ever want to do is to provide actual tangible help to fellow men who are suffering.

Meanwhile, Darryl X offers some thoughts on you, my dear readers and commenters:

I hope the posts on Futrelle’s site and others illustrates for you the cold-blooded and parasitic nature of those kinds of people and that they do not represent civilization and that as more and more honest hard-working and innocent men are killed off by them, they will be living in a cave because they have neither the intelligence nor the initiative to do anything but defraud others and they are running out of victims. Eventually they will start cannibalizing themselves. Actually they already have started.

Evidently, according to Spearhead logic, “civilization” is much more effectively maintained by demonizing half of it.

77 replies on “Spearheader: Women are “feral creatures who want to be thugf#$cked and used.””

Falconer — I must’ve missed that part while freaking out at a spider or something.

skeptifem — so dude just decided he wanted to have some human face for lunch? eww…

I wanna take a vacation in Wongo. It looks like the evil jungle feminists have already taken over that island the MRA’s were talking about all living on. Damn feminists.

I can see why women embrace feminism. Just look at the comments. What other movement embraces no morality, hatred and stupidity while calling itself moral, loving and intelligent? All ya gotta do is look at the comments and you’ll see why you’re being ridiculed. You deserve it.

NWO wins ALL THE IRONY, yet again.

Or wait…should that be all the paranoia and projection?

Ahhh, the irony.

Delicious, delicious irony.

I know right?

I need to know more about the type of morality that advocates for sex slaves and grown men waving their erections in the faces of eight year old girls.

Be careful with that irony! It might be delicious, but if you eat too much you’ll get sick.

What other movement embraces no… hatred


This is a blog comment section, so no-one’s expecting perfect copyediting, but try not to do shit like that.

Slave says, “All ya gotta do is look at the comments and you’ll see why you’re being ridiculed. You deserve it.” Uh, he’s representing a movement that calls for women to lose the right to vote and own property, and to become the property of men. He’s defending boards where a few male crazies (cheered on by a few deluded female groupies) denounce and threaten women they don’t even know. Boards where people actually published apologia for men like Josh Powell. He’s defending a movement whose advocates issue sweeping pontifications purporting to explain the meaning of history, without any sort of proofreading or reasearch, and consequently making many staggeringly obvious factual errors. The MRA boards are the lords of oversimplification to the point of being so wrong they aren’t even wrong. Fact checking? They either haven’t heard of it or else don’t bother.

I have a horrid ex, and it’s not the one I was talking about in the other thread. I don’t talk about her because… horrid. Why do I want to poke at that like a sore tooth?


Wanted to let everyone know the face-eating guy in florida was NOT using “bath salts”. The media didn’t wait for the drug tests to come back. They based their reports on speculation by various people.

He had a tiny bit of pot in his system, that was it.

That’s not necessarily true. From what I’ve heard, “Bath Salts” actually refers to a range of compounds, not a single drug: the makers only need to keep changing the chemical formula slightly in order to create a usable, legal drug. This means that a drug test conducted on someone who actually has taken bath salts may not give positive results simply because a test for the particular compound taken does not yet exist.

After seeing comments like this a Spearheader, I can understand why there are so many women that hate men. It’s just sad. These idiots belong in a zoo.

I don’t know that there are so many women who hate men. I think there are a lot of women who get exasperated at gender roles and the patriarchy, but who, for whatever reason, don’t view those things within a feminist framework and so fall into the trap of “why are men so *whatever*?” My mom, for instance, makes a lot of universal statements about how men are jerks or babies (this is when she’s sick of cleaning after the men in the family). Talking more deeply with her, though, she recognizes the way that men are brought up and that not all men are actually like that; my brother, for instance, keeps a much cleaner house than I do. She just never learned about feminism beyond the pop culture misappropriation of it until I started bringing it up. She doesn’t hate men, she just lacks the tools to talk about her frustration and disappointment in a meaningful way.

Not, by the way, that I think making universalist statements about any gender is okay, which is why I talk to her about it. Just that I don’t think “many women hate men” is a true or helpful statement.

@moonz & ostara:

A simple lesson on why relationships go wrong (sometimes):

You see, it all starts out with someone who is over-stressed and has no good outlet to deal with this (or isn’t aware of one) and they release it by blowing up at some “safe” target over some minor thing. Likely this will be their significant other. Once or twice is an unfortunate reality that happens to everyone now and again, but if it becomes a pattern… in order to reduce cognitive dissonance, their subconscious decides that they must be doing this because their partner is a bad person who deserves it. I’m not an abuser, so there’s no other reason why I would act that way towards them, right?

Soon the other person, now overloaded with the stress from dealing with the fact that their partner has clearly gone insane, starts blowing up at them over every little thing too. And likely they subconsciously come to the same conclusion – I’m only acting like that because they’re a bad person and they deserve it. By that point it no longer matters who started it – both of them start truly believing that the other person is evil incarnate, and often start spreading stories about that “sick bastard” or “crazy bitch” in order to justify the soon-to-be-coming breakup.

Sometimes… the relationship goes wrong because neither of them have enough awareness to notice that there’s a serious problem… but the problem is not actually with the relationship. And that’s sad.

I don’t get this general anger directed at a whole gender. And I didn’t get it before when I was happy and comfortable, but I don’t get it now either when I’m fresh out of a relationship and feel that I was horribly abandoned to face my problems alone. Now, I get that I got only myself to blame, the feeling is a gut feeling more than a rational deliberation, but even in my lowest depths it wouldn’t occur to me to blame ‘all women’ for anything even if I have (unjustified) anger or resentment against a particular person (I do, these days, tend to turn it against me though, so that’s ok). Where does that leap of logic come from? Have these men never met a nice, loving, friendly woman ever in their whole life? What is wrong with these MRA people?

Man, I’m really doing this “woman” thing wrong. Here I am, with my perfectly sweet, educated, glasses-wearing nerd of a boyfriend, and now they remind me that I’m supposed to be out having sex with dangerous criminals. Who is going to father the bastard children I force my nice dude to support? I am way behind schedule.

(of course I’m also gray-asexual AND also dating a lovely woman, but we all know that just means I’m a prude who’s manipulating [defrauding?] my male partner… Somehow.)

It’s unfortunate that “thug” has racist connotations, “thugfucker” has a nice ring to it, insult-wise.

Hmm, hadn’t thought of ‘thug’ as having racist connotatins before, but I definitely see where that’s coming from.

Hmm, hadn’t thought of ‘thug’ as having racist connotatins before, but I definitely see where that’s coming from. – MorkaisChosen

It’s another one of the right wing’s bigoted codewords.

[“Thug” is] another one of the right wing’s bigoted codewords.

I’m probably totally wrong about this, but I thought the right wing got it from that subculture among rappers who try to look as tough as possible.

They call each other “thug,” so the bigoted right-wing thinks they get to use it, too, just like they think they get to appropriate Chris Rock.

Not to make an excuse for the bigoted right wing, or try to dictate to people what they can call themselves.

Falconer: Yeah, that would make sense as the origin. They get their codewords from all over the place (and as a bonus, expect everyone else not to notice).

They just broadened it out to “black men” in general (or at the very least, the ones they don’t approve of).

I’m not a woman, but the first boy I dated, way back in the sixth grade (we went out for about two weeks, but were friends for years) was a pot dealer. He was white. I once watched him beat up a boy for failing to pay for drugs. But I’ve never, ever heard of him hitting or abusing one of his girlfriends (though he has a bit of a reputation as a cheater) or one of his friends. MRAs have this stereotype of what a “bad”, criminal, or abusive man looks and acts like and it doesn’t reflect the actual reality of how people or society work.

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