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All you need is love. Also, misogyny, and a side order of homophobia.

Love is in the air! On The Spearhead, WF Price has penned a piece with the intriguing title: “What’s Wrong with Wanting to be Loved?” To that I would answer: nothing.

Let’s see what lovely sorts of things Price has to say about the subject:

[S]till we have people whining about “misogyny.” Young feminists whose most important concern is the ability to have sex entirely free of consequences, and who shamelessly raise their voices for the right to kill their children in the womb. Lesbian gender feminists who wreck families for profit and sex. Male feminists who boast about fathering children and shuffling their responsibilities onto some duped cuckold, and who malign their fellow men for a crack at college girls.

Huh. Not sure how exactly this bit of nastiness is supposed to advance the cause of love.

(Also, I think that last bit – the line about those “who malign their fellow men for a crack at college girls” – is supposed to be a reference to … me, and the talk I gave on Monday at Northwestern, to which he has added his own little fantasies, like he did in his original, highly fictionalized, post on the subject. The man is obsessed.)

In the comments, Spearhead readers offered their own thoughts on the topic of love.

Revver started things off with this lovely thought:

Having seen and heard a great majority of women, being “unloved” becomes lighter and lighter a burden with each passing year.

 How easily they make themselves look like fools.

Opus spat forth an opus; here’s an edited version:

Women judge men by pre-selection.

If you have been dumped, then a member of Team Vagina has deemed you unworthy, so as in Snakes and Ladders you start from the bottom again. There is simply no point seeking female solace, because the woman will see that you do not seek her, and thus, offended, accuse you of unsolicited attention, or alternatively act offended that you are not interested in her. (I speak from experience). …

Women as we know are programmed to get over even the worst relationship in no more than three months, whereas for a man (even when in hindsight it was Xmas come early) we are often talking decades, for to be ditched is to take away all that it means to be a man (provider, nurturer). …  Now, why am I betting that Futrelle did not mention these things last night – and why am I also betting he has not got one single phone number from any female at Northwestern Univeristy?

(You guys are really are obsessed. Aren’t you supposed to mention my weight as well?)

Greyghost managed to work the phrase “gina tingle” into his ramblings:

Men actually have the capacity to love. Only a man can write an article like that. Women just don’t have the capacity to love. Women gina tingle. …   

The big lie was and is that a woman can love. Romance is what men do women receive it. …

The MRM with women on board on not will never ever change the nature of women. No matter how much awareness of the pain men and even children are in, women will vote and demand what is in therir childish perception of their interest. ( It will always be uninhibitted status and hypergamy)

In a later comment, he added these creepy afterthoughts:

Women do not and can not love the way you do and can. The best a man can get is some good emotional gina tingle. Never ever forget it. It can be a very emotionally pleasing and soothing time for a man but a man can never forget he is a man and right or wrong is a keeper of civilization.

The emotional trauma brought down on men when the realization of the lie hits [is] off the charts. It is where murders and suicides come from.

Georice81 offered up a rather elaborate excuse for slut-shaming:

My observation is that when women have been sexually promiscous their ability to submit and be very loyal to a single man is very diminished. …  They can’t respect that one man that may actually love them since they are contemptous of a man that could love someone like them. Men in the 1950′s understood this and would not marry someone who was not a virgin since they did not trust those that were not.

We men can love and want to love. We also have a huge capacity to forgive. Modern western woman don’t seem to comprehend this because of their own hangups.

Binxton, for his part, seemed to be posting from an internet café on Gor:

Women are by nature emotional, self-centered creatures. Absent controls on their behavior, they lack both morals and objective principles. They are too easily manipulated by their environment to allow them to be free.

Ultimately, female emotional nature requires men to control women.

Women will love when they endure hardship and respect higher authority, i.e., patriarchy.

Western women must acknowledge a male-centered world where they can enjoy the labors of man only if, and when, they show due deference to male authority. Those who fail to do so must be disciplined and punished as examples.

Joe set forth some similarly, er, traditional notions:

Women are capable of love but there’s a reason St. Paul tells wives to “fear” their husbands. Because women are just much more like children in their moral reasoning and in their emotional “resilience” (or capacity for cruelty). So for a woman to love a husband is much like a child’s love for his parents. It is a love that is requires her to be in a dependent position. This is why marriage in a feminist society of independent and irreligious (I don’t mean women without superstition, but women without fear of moral judgment) women, cannot work.

I think I’ve had enough of The Spearhead’s notions of love. Let’s try ten hours of Haddaway instead:

218 replies on “All you need is love. Also, misogyny, and a side order of homophobia.”

@Cassandra- I dunno, I think the internet would be a better place if MRAL was banned from it.

I think MRAL would certainly be in a better place if he was banned from the internet. It’s clearly not doing anything for either his self-esteem or his sanity.

And for someone who keeps boasting about what an amazingly high IQ he has, he doesn’t half come up with some inane drivel. But there’s never been much correlation between IQ and common sense.

The Spearhead commenters are disturbing. I was horrified at the defense of Josh Powell (and bashing of his missing wife). And here’s a gem from the most recent post about the end of feminism: “Geography Bee Finalist himself April 12, 2012 at 15:00

“Presidential Election Suggests Climax of Feminism is at Hand”

So when do men not at fault for alleged prior misogyny get to inflict payback on women (who may not be at fault for prior discrimination against men, but who cares)?

I personally can’t wait for woman-bashing to go mainstream again. American men born since c. at least 1970 (I was born in 1981) have been discriminated against for misogyny that wasn’t their fault, so now it’s their turn to be vindictive, even if the target for vindictiveness is not at fault.

Well-loved. Like or Dislike: 18 2

My favorite comment on “small boobs” is the one where some guy comes on and tells everyone about how much experience he has as a woman because he’s married to one…Then some other idiot comes on seconding that opinion and we should listen because clearly this man has FAR more experience.

Strangely, the internet did not immediately combust.

My favorite thing was the idea that what he says to his wife when he thinks she’s fishing for reassurance is totally applicable to feministy conversations about body image and how appearance affects, say, job prospects.

And today in Unsolicited Penis Updates…

Well you know, there might be women out there like me who don’t consult the penis update RRS feed each morning.

It would probably blow these guys minds to hear that there are women out there like me who don’t give a shit about a) how attractive men percieve me and b) what the weather is like in their shorts despite being told incessantly how vital this information is. I haven’t gone fishing for compliments since I was in my teens because with all the unsolicited penis updates out there, it didn’t take me long to figure out that men have a wide variety of tastes. It really doesn’t really seem to matter what body type you have, some men wil find it attractive.


My favorite comment on “small boobs” is the one where some guy comes on and tells everyone about how much experience he has as a woman because he’s married to one…

That reminds me of that bit in one of Nancy Friday’s books in which a man sends a letter to her about his wife’s sexual fantasies, signing it with her name.

I honestly can’t remember – the only detail that’s really stuck in my mind was the bit when Friday writes “He signs her name.” (The understandably outraged italics are hers).

But I’ll see if I can find it and dig it out.

The whole “women are just like my wife thing” is so disturbing. I always think “like what? We all have the same brain, experiences and personalities stuffed into different bodies so you can find a model you find most fuckable?” And “what kind of marriage do you have?”

Yes, there are experiences that are common to womanhood…but they don’t happen to every woman, and not certainly those experiences aren’t going to have the same impact or meaning to all women.

The, “women are all like my wife/partner” boggles me. I attribute it to having only ever had one partner.

That, or being possessed of a black hole where their brains ought to be.

On the whole body image and appearance thing….sometimes conforming to the norms and spending all that time on appearance can be used as social armor. Or a way of mentally preparing for what’s expected of you that day.

Now I’m imagining our friend from the Feministe thread singing “I’m Every Woman” in a totally unironic manner.

Oh wow, everyone. So much missing the point in this thread.

“Lesbian gender feminists” are not “gender feminists who are lesbians”, they’re “feminists of the lesbian gender”. Lesbians are sexually attracted to women, and I’m pretty sure women don’t have sexual attractions. Basic stuff.

Anyway, I’m not quite sure on the specifics of how they get sex from breaking relationships apart, but I’m pretty sure it’s because the International Council of Who Women Have Sex With assigns them someone if they break up enough families. This would explain the diversion of vagina funds away from Nice Chivalric Men who’ve completed what would previously have been sufficient Being A Semi-Decent If Passive-Aggressive Human Being At Least Sometimes While People Who You Want To Fuck Can See You.

You’re welcome. Just look out for those lesbian-gender feminists. Anyone trying to break up your family or relationships, or those of your friends, could be one!

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