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RIP, Bobo the cat

No post today. My cat died last night. A friend found her on the doorstep one cold and rainy night some 14 years ago, an overgrown abandoned kitten, but Bo’s weird intensity was too much for my friend’s cats to handle, so I took her in. After a long and, I think, mostly happy life (she was a bit cranky, and more or less hated everyone but me), she developed a lung problem that really wasn’t treatable, and it was only a matter of time. Still, most of the time she seemed like her old un-sick self, and I somehow still hoped she’d magically revive and stick around a little while longer. Then over the last couple of days she really started to go downhill, and finally tonight she died. I will miss her enormously.

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I respect all intense animals, I’m sorry she had to leave. 🙁

Reddit is exploding with drama, but I’m not going to talk about it here because it’s really tasteless shit. It’s on /r/shitredditsays if anyone is interested.

RIP Bobo.

Also delurking to say that I am so sorry for your loss. Our pet buddies are such important parts of our life. Take care and thank you for your blog.

Thanks so much for the support. I miss that cranky little cat.

A very young cat that I’d raised died several months ago and I remain heartbroken about it. It’s hard–they mean so much to us, and that meaning is so in-home, it’s hard to articulate to other people sometimes how devastated we are. I hope your process of grieving is gentle and your memories stay sweet.

(she was a bit cranky, and more or less hated everyone but me)

I love those kinds of cats. Back in my frat house we had a cat named JD and she was the nastiest cat I’d ever met, but there were about 3 frat guys at any given time whom she’d cuddle with during TV. (I was one of them.)

Sorry to hear about the loss of your cat, David.

Mr. Futrelle,

Please accept my condolences on the passing away of Bobo. May your memories of her always comfort and cheer you, until you and she meet again over the Rainbow Bridge. This is pain that I know; my heart goes out to you.

–Just a regular MRA

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