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BREAKING EASTER NEWS: New evidence reveals Jesus was killed by feminists.

Over on The Spearhead, a fellow calling himself American offers a fascinating new theory on the death of Jesus: It was the evil ladies who did him in!

Pierce brought up an important event in the life of jesus. He was falselly accused, and the violent masses and the heathen whordes wanted to see blood; so the pilate delivered.
Kinda like the American feminist whorde of barbarianism. Maybe womens justice is simply more primitive and barbarian (more heathen-esque) than patriarchal orderly justice.
whether its the klu-klux-klan “mob lynchings” of 100 years ago over false rape accusations, or the Duke lacrosse feminist mobs roaming the streats of durham looking for blood, there seems to be a common theme here. feminine matriarchal justice is lies , hysteria, mob/klan barbarism; while patriarchal justice is truth based, orderly, ect. ect.
Pontius pilate didn’t want to kill jesus, but the violent matriarchal whorde/klan wanted to see blood and forced his hand.

Happy Easter, if you’re into that sort of thing! Just remember, as you’re enjoying your chocolate eggs and microwaving your Peeps, that woman are all a bunch of lying, bloodthirsty whores.

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The MRM has officially broken my brain. That quote sounds like something our friend Pell would write. They are literally impossible to parody. I’m begining to wonder if some prominent examples aren’t actually members of Anonymous playing out the most long running and complex troll operation of all time.

Why would Anonymous want to troll us LOL. Is it some Xanatos Gambit to help show up all MRAs as stupid bigots? I’m curious!

I don’t condone the use of violence in the circumstance as described, as there is insufficient information presented to determine whether the author felt threatened in any way or why she would. I find her statements about not being afraid to speak out (or however she out it) in this way to be problematic, mostly because she seems to think it’s ok to be violent in response to non-violent gestures, given how vaguely she describes the situation. Without having read all the comments myself, though, I do know the author pointed out that she did not pose a physical threat to this man and her effect was more shock than anything else, so it’s not exactly an unforgivable offense.

Abd it’s still nowhere near as bad as anything I have seen come out of the MRM.

Aww, are you bitter about the SPLC article, gudenuf? Maybe you should question why you choose to associate yourself with a group of people who regularly mock and revel in the assault, rape and murder of women.

u mad gudenuf? run along back to whatever MRA hate site you came from.

if that jez article was about man A who yelled shit at man B on the street, and man A punched him, it would go completely unnoticed by MRAs. Hell some might even cheer the guy. But good little girls must shut up and take whatever is thrown at them right? we got MRAs who get enraged when women just TALK about street harassment. Of course this pisses them off.

I don’t condone her actions because physical violence is only acceptable when someone physically assaults you or tries to. But honestly I feel zero sympathy for the asshole. If you verbally abuse random strangers on the street you should be prepared for whatever might happen. I bet $10 if it was another guy he was yelling at he’d think twice before doing so.

@Magdelyn: Depends on which Jesus

The one in the gospels which were edited out which apparently made women DISCIPLINES right alongside men, maybe not. Christianity got a lot more sexist after it became a state religion than when it was a movement among slaves and outcasts, from all I’ve read.

So, we always have to ask: WHICH Jesus when we’re asking WWJD! (note: an animistic pagan myself, total Goddess worshipper, which of course explains why I so hate men!/sarcasm)

@ Alex

They haven’t explicitly blamed women/feminists for the Holocaust, but JtO (I think) wrote an excruciatingly awful piece called “In the Shadow of Dachau”. The main premise was that women/feminists wanted to wipe out men. There was also a side theme, pointing out that one women was involved in organizing the Rwandan genocide.

Even for AVfM, it’s one of the most idiotic, poorly constructed and hysterical articles I’ve ever read. I’m surprised it’s not become an instant MRA classic.

That’s some routine you’ve got going, gudenuf. You come here on behalf of people who either make martyrs and heroes out of their violent actors (ie. George Sodini and Tom Ball) or never mention them in the hopes everyone forgets they ever existed (ie. Gunwitch). You know, those same people who keep talking shit about how women need to watch what they say, what they do and how they act. Of course the implied threat being that they might fall prey to some new bottom-feeding scumsucker with a head full of the same “those bitches’ll pay” garbage as the rest of you. We’re supposed to feel all ashamed for not chastising a woman who got sick of some catcalling prick while you lot make saints out of murderers and bullies? Get bent, douchebuckle.

gudenuf: The violence apologism is strong in this thread. Maybe the SPLC will have to classify you all as a hate group.

Maybe, if we had people like Elam, and Gunwitch, and John the Other, and Thomas Ball, and Anders Breivik,and Marc Lepine in our ranks they might; and they would be correct to do so.

But we don’t.

The unwillingness to accept any but “the correct answer” is strong in you.

I’m not an apologist. I think violence is sometimes justified. I’m not making excuses for it, while pretending I’m against it.

I’ll say it again. I think violence is sometimes justified. In cases of plain self-defense.

On a legal level what happened in the jezebel piece may have been justifiable self-defense, it may not. I’d have to see more evidence.

What happened in the case described on reddit wasn’t.

Same standards applied, a reasonable fear for one’s physical safety. No apolgism. If you are trying to say the reddit story was justified, even if you give the jezebel story a pass, then you are engaging in apologism.

Because to give the reddit story an excuse, is to use different standards.

1: He was not in fear for his physical safety.

2: He did not use a proportional response.

But that’s not what you want. Nothing less than baying after the poster at Jezebel as an abuser (which isn’t possible, as she had no relationship to the person she hit) will satisfy you.

We aren’t willing to be politically correct enough to suit you.

The violence apologism is strong in this thread. Maybe the SPLC will have to classify you all as a hate group.

Where in thread is this violence apologism? We can all read so surely you could point out specific examples right? The thing you quoted had to do with actual self defense against someone physically attacking you unlike the fake story where the threat was some lady threatening to use some dude’s sperm to get pregnant (shitty but not a violent action or warrant for assault).

The matriarchal cultures of Judaism and the Middle East?

I’ve read all I need to. He might as well say flying monkeys did it.

Uh huh. Well, that’s nice.

How about that Judith, eh? Obviously she was an inspiration to Solanas and Dworkin, with her beheading Holophernes and all! She obviously cock-teased and got him drunk and then stole his sperm to have kids with.

The jezebel article again? We discussed that shit in the threads here ages ago, it isn’t even new news. Go google and dig up our old threads, we don’t need to rehash, lazy out of date trolls.

The excuse for most lynchings or murders in the South were that a black man disrespected a white woman in the opinion of the white men who killed him.

In 1919, the NAACP released a publication on lynchings, with data compiled from newspaper clippings and other reports. They found that from 1889-1918, 3,224 people were lynched, mostly in the South. Nearly 80% of the victims were black. This report found that the claim that lynchings were a response to black men raping white women was largely a myth. Most lynchings were justified by accusations that black men had committed crimes other than rape. 1919 ended up being one of the worst years in the U.S. for racial violence (lynchings and white-initiated race riots), with hundreds killed and thousands injured. There’s a pretty good book about it called Red Summer, by Cameron McWhirter, if anyone is interested.

He might as well say flying monkeys did it.

Well, the flying monkeys were doing the bidding of the Wicked Feminist Witch of the West…

(Where’s MY army of evil feminist flying monkeys, dammit?)

Jesus. We FINALLY got the Pope to stop blaming the death of Christ on the Jews, and now the MRA movement is blaming it on women. There’s no way I can win this game (madface)

On the other hand: “Golden Whorde” Ghengis Khan, ultimate ALPHA FUCK?


Nearly 80% of the victims were black.

Ah, but you see, black people weren’t the only people who got lynched and therefore there was no racial dimension to lynching and therefore it happened to white people nearly as much as to black people and BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHH

…Excuse me, I appear to have vomited up everything I have ever eaten while trying to parody lynching apologists. Guess I won’t try again.

Oh my. The whole “it’s OK to hate on Jews beacuse they killed Jesus” thing was stupid enough, but this is even more detatched from reality.

It’s a really versatile excuse, though:

“You know what I can’t stand? Songbirds.”
“Why on earth don’t you like songbirds?”
“Songbirds killed Jesus!”

“Dolphins killed Jesus!”

“Tax-collectors killed Jesus!”

“Postmen killed Jesus!”


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