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Men’s Rights Redditors find “ebonics” hilarious

The regulars over on the Men’s Rights Subreddit are currently getting amused and/or outraged by the existence of a book titled “Girl, Get That Child Support,” a guide to help single mothers track down deadbeat dads and get the child support they are owed. A few of them were apparently so overstimulated by the book’s title, and a reference to “Baby Mamas” in the subtitle, that this little conversation ensued:


Note the upvotes and the (scarcity of) downvotes. And the complete lack of anyone saying “hey, you’re being racist assholes.”

The Men’s Rights Movement, the “most significant civil rights movement of the 3rd millennium.”


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Really?!! You wouldn’t happen to be Toronto side would you? No one else around me seems to use “uni”, they usually use school or the name of the university. The few that have used it have been immigrants. Huh, live and learn.

I do go to school in Toronto. But I got my first degree in Halifax, and people tended to use it there. I also lived in New Zealand for a while and maybe that’s where I picked it up? Not sure.

Shadow: I am using plain old google, and my ability to craft a search string.

The one I used for this batch of stuff was, “”



@Maija & Viscaria

It could just be that people outside of my friends and acquaintances use it, but I don’t tend to pick up on it because I’m so used to hearing it. Or maybe it’s just not as common in TO.

. And why would evolutionary psychology be any different between the races? It seems kinda racist to imply there would be some difference.

ARE YOU AN IDIOT!? It only talks about fucking white people using western society as the basis to make claims. When you look at any other society, it falls apart like a Jenga tower played by 5 drunk people; IT ONLY WORKS IF YOU ACCEPT WHITE PEOPLE ARE EVOLUTION’S RESULTS.

Again, only morons would reject studies done by different countries’ scientists that came to the same conclusion.

Not if those papers are fundamentally flawed, as yours all have been, but w/e.

Seriously though, you fucking racist idiot: Unless you think every society works like white people’s (Hint to the anthropologically deficient: NO), then evopsych only works on white people (and an absurdly small number of non-white people), because it only studies western structures and societies. THis may shock you, but not everyone built a society in the same way as Europe and the USA. And those societies are not automatically inferior by any metric except actual total wealth, and even that is frequently contributed to by abuse from colonial powers. Evopsych would have very different results if it rose in a different country as a discipline; you’d hear about how women being the primary hunters and the primary holders of income was genetic and men are hangers-on of wealth by genetic programming, because none of it is genetic, it is societal, and evopsych’s results are completely inapplicable in any culture but the one it’s studied in. Absent a totally equal culture, you can’t even begin to study genetic causes of behavior.

Wait, hypergamy was originally a scientific term, and not something MRAs just made up?

It’s not that MRAs wouldn’t make something up (As they do so frequently when they talk about hypergamy), it’s that they don’t have the creativity to make up something new XD

@Pecunium Yes, I took the booby pictures. They’re not as glorious as your booby pictures! (I fear both of those sentences might be taken out of context!) I am going to look at all of your Galapagos pix, and wish I were more talented at photography… 🙂

If anyone desperately wants to see more of an article that’s behind a pay wall, email me at cloudiah at gmail and I will see what I can do. I have access to LOTS of databases, she says while rubbing her hands and cackling.

I was in Galapagos in August, 2007. It was far too short a trip. I am also glad I had companions, or my photo gear would have put me over the weight limit.

It was a splendid trip.

@katz Last year. We did a fundraiser to send a good friend there as a retirement present, and 3 of us decided to join her. I will be paying that off for at least the next year, but it was totally worth it.

lowquacks: A purple octopus found off Newfoundland a few years ago; I am not aware if it has acquired a proper name yet. If you click through my new avatar has the octopus as my cutie mark.

Molly: The anthropological use of the term “hypergamy” has nothing to do with the manosphere use.

It’s been nine hours since Ruby (who was on steadily yesterday, and made a post this morning) last presented any sort of “argument”.

I think we haz gived her a sad.

“I think we haz gived her a sad.”

I sincerely doubt it.

And I’m just barely skimming through this whole thing.

Well, her determined ignorance has given me a headache, so I say we call it even.

No, seriously, what is Ruby going to gain from all of this? What, are we the Final Boss, with Being Right on The Internet the kidnapped person she must rescue?

Because if so, she lost 1,000 lives.

She’d have to read what what’s written to have a sad, and she clearly doesn’t do that.

Well, at least she’s not talking about beetles, or hyenas. In my experience discussions about gendered behaviors with people like Ruby usually go something like this.

SD (sexist dumbass) : Among lions a male rules over a group of females, who provide him with food. Therefore men are genetically programmed to be promiscuous, and you should go make me a sandwich.

EE (everyone else) : Among tigers, females want nothing to do with the males unless they’re in heat or the male is their cub. What does this have to do with people again?

SD : Lions are social animals, so obviously their behavior is relevant when discussing humans

EE : Well then, what about wolves? They’re social and in many ways more human-like in their behavior than cats, and they live in cooperative groups dominated by a mated male/female couple, so they have both a male and a female alpha. Also they form long term monogamous bonds.

SD : You’re such an idiot! Obviously that is in no way relevant to human behavior. Now, as I was saying, among lions…

Cassandra: But do they have anythng to say about ant-lions?

Hellkell…. there is that. On the other hand we have used Science, so she can’t just say we are being meanies.

Now she has to say we are being elitist, refusing to admit she has more sciency science than we do.

@Cassandra, re: comparing humans to animals

LOL! That is so true! Like those idiots who wrote “A Natural History of Rape”. Apparently, men are genetically programmed to rape, and as proof, the writers compare people to scorpionflies…

At this point I’m happy when people like that compare people to other mammals rather than, say, scorpionflies.

Yeah, no shit! What the hell is the closest common ancestor of human and scorpionfly? I’m pretty sure it probably never walked on land.

No, seriously, what is Ruby going to gain from all of this? What, are we the Final Boss, with Being Right on The Internet the kidnapped person she must rescue?

No, we’re The Feminist. She must kill The Feminist to become The Feminist. She’s currently stuck on the Delicious Fruit in the first screen.

Who is a common ancestor of human and scorpionfly?

A sufferagette. And yes, they walked on land, poisoning everyone else in sight!

Oh come on Meller, this isn’t even phoning it it. You being such a nervous nellie… skulking about old threads, lurking until you think no one’s looking so you can drop some little attempt at witty one-upsmanship.

It’s not even l’espirit d’escalier, it’s just pathetic.

Has it come to this? So great and proud a champion of the cause reduced to this shabby and ignominus attempt to keep some sense of still being in the fight?

THIS is what passes for MRA/WN humour? No wonder y’all live on the outskirts of humanity!


Actually, we are considered “WEIRD:” Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, Developed. Responses by WEIRD people to all sorts of questions are decidedly atypical compared to the rest of humanity.

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