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Skanks, Sharia, and Manginas in Shining Armor: Yet another rant from The Spearhead


[TW for violence, rape apologism.]

On this lazy Sunday (why can’t every day be lazy?), I present to you without comment this lovely little rant I found over on The Spearhead, where it received more than two dozen upvotes for its lively mixture of misogyny, Islamophobia, and rape-as-comedy-fodder. (It got a decent number of downvotes too, I’m guessing less for its views on “femiskanks” or Islam than for its straightforward endorsement of White Nationalism;  I’ve edited out some of the Islamophobia for space reasons.) Take it away, Bryan the cracker-loving woman-hater:

Ah, american femiskanks, where would we be without them?

In a nasty way I almost look forward to the rise of Islam in the West/USA because it will be amusing to see feminism crushed under the boot of Sharia. There is no room for feminism, gay rights, etc, in a Sharia land. …

I think that being a man who is disgusted with western women, I’m going to spend a bit of time laughing at the thought of femiskanks being raped by Muslims for taking part in “slut walks” and having acid thrown in their faces for making their typical femiskank claims about how men are worthless. …

I look forward to the day when police stop responding to requests for protection orders, emergency protection orders, etc… If a woman is truly in danger from a man then she should be able to seek protection via her brothers, her male cousins, and stay in her father’s house. If her brothers don’t want anything to do with her that speaks to the sort of woman she is.

Along similar lines, I look forward to the day when police stop responding to domestic “violence” calls unless it has crossed into the realm of disturbing the peace or creating a disturbance for the neighborhood. When some femiskank calls 911 and tells them, “I see a man raising his voice with his wife and telling her it is time to leave the store they’re in, this isn’t right” said femiskank should be told, “why don’t you just drop dead, this line is for serious calls, get off the line or we’ll arrest you.”

There are too many mangina police out there who are all too ready to physically assault and even kill other men, at the behest of crazy power-tripping women, simply because they care more about making $50,000 dollars per year and gaining the approval of random femiskanks in the community, than about doing what is right and what is healthy for the nation.

Women realize the incredible power they have, be it political, social, economic, judicial, or extra-judicial. If a woman makes a false rape claim she can ruin a man financially, socially, politically, legally, and often she can have him attacked, perhaps killed, by an outraged mob of manginas in shining armor. …

A Roman father had the legal authority/power to have any of his daughters PUT TO DEATH, yet … I cannot cite a single example of the law being applied in practice.

Can you imagine how terrible things would be if women had the codified and unquestioned legal power to put a male relative to death merely by word/command? The male population in the USA would easily be less than half of what it presently is. The only reason women might refrain from engaging in mass purges against men is because on some level they realize they need men for economic reasons. Even still, that realization might not stop them as they are incredibly short-sighted to the point of being so hateful and bitter that they cut off their nose to spite their face.

Yes, we have seen it time and time again, they have restraining orders taken out to keep their ex-husband away from his children, thinking, “ha, that will show him who is boss, let him cry about it!” and they give no thought to the fact that their children are almost certain to grow up with tremendous problems. Either they do not realize it or they just do not care. I tend to lean towards the latter being the case, they just don’t care whether or not their own children suffer, as long as they can “make that jerk (ex-husband) suffer” and make him realize “I am woman, hear me roar!” that’s all that matters.

Yes, I’m sure that’s the reason. I’m pretty sure that if I lived in the same town as you, I’d try to get a restraining order against you just for this comment alone.

139 replies on “Skanks, Sharia, and Manginas in Shining Armor: Yet another rant from The Spearhead”

What I found funny on the Spearhead is when someone had the nerve to say there are older women out there also looking for younger men.

GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those men look down on you as whores!!!!!!!!!!!

I live as much as possible in Nicaragua. Being how depressed we’ve been since coming back this time I think shortly this is going to be full-time.

The Nica men do not look down on foreign women anymore then Nica woman do. Hustlers see them as a provider for their families male or female, a business deal and nothing more. My opinion on the whole situation is if gringo’s don’t understand that then they deserve what they get.

There is however a sex trade of Nica boys to gringos. I’m considering setting up a non-profit of hitman for these guys (semi serious ha ha) . Girls are not often targeted for pre-adolescent sex from gringos (it happens but not as often as in Asian countries).

I’ve mentioned this before, but my grandpa had to drop out of school at age 14 and be the “man of the house” after his dad abandoned the family. (His mom worked as a janitor, but all the blue-collar jobs in town that paid a living wage were for men only.) It was not fun for anyone. I don’t even know what to say to the idea that his duties, as a 14-year-old factory worker, should have also included beating up anyone who threatened his mother and sisters so the police wouldn’t have to lower themselves to defend mere women.

Again, I can never tell how much these guys actually believe any of the crap they write.

I honestly think they just do not care about the ramifications of their ideas. They have a fuzzy idea of The Way Things Used To Be and they are mad at the women currently in (or not in) their lives. So they want to have it The Way Things Used To Be to get back at the women in their lives.

Or maybe it is the best example of doublethink since 1984.

Amen. There’s another disadvantage of the “traditional” patriarchy that the MRAs don’t consider.

1) A woman may be completely dependent on a man, any man in such a society, but that doesn’t mean all the average Joes are going to end up with supermodels. The average Joe will be married to the average Jane, and the supermodel is going to marry the richest, most powerful man she can. After all, if you’re expected to live in a cage, you might as well get the best, most luxurious cage you can get.

2) But say that our supermodel does fall in love with Handsome-Yet-Poor Joe. Joe’s still out of luck, since her family will probably disown her unless she marries Rich-Yet-Hideous Mr. Joesph, since they don’t want to support her for the rest of their lives either. That’s why William Pratt (the future Spike) got shown the door by his Victorian goddess; a handsome, yet poor poet (in both definitions of the word) doesn’t stand much of a chance where women can’t support themselves, and have to look to their men to do it for them.

3) Even if Handsome/Poor Joe and the supermodel end up together in spite of everything, there’s always going to be a richer, more powerful man who might covert Poor Joe’s “property” as his own. If the supermodel’s wishes don’t count for anything, then Poor Joe’s opinion doesn’t count for anything either. This happens at least twice in the Bible with King David’s wives Michal* and Bathsheba, and it was a common event in US Mormonism before they disowned polygamy.

Ann Chamberlin’s novel Snakesleeper tells the story from Michal’s point of view. Michal marries David when they’re both teenagers, but David abandons her after their wedding night. Michael is forced to marry the average, middle aged Phalti, whom she eventually comes to love. When David comes to power, he tracks down Michal and forces her to become his queen, in spite of her wish to stay married to Phalti. Michal eventually agrees to stay with David after Phalti is found dead, because she wants to protect Phalti’s family. Phalti’s sons (except the youngest) take the MRA route and call her a whore who stays with David for his riches.*

* Because it’s always easier to blame the lone, powerless woman instead of an army full of powerful men. See “Malinche” for example.

@She Wolf

I wouldn’t be surprised if “Babylonian” is a reference to our Jewish overlords

Thank you so much Amused! I wonder how many of these guys drop the ‘perfect foreign lady’ fantasy once they actually meet or marry one or even, you know, travel. Because the illusions they have about Russian and Thai women are about as accurate as their false memory syndrome surrounding a 1950s American utopia.

The advantage for an MRA in choosing a foreign bride is that by bring her here she is already isolated. They don’t have to go to the trouble of isolating her before the abuse can begin.
Grim, I know, but as much as the desperate subservient beauty myth attracts them the ability to isolate attracts them even more.

@TheNatFantastic, I’m sorry, but in my experience vast majority of self-professed anarchists are dumb as rocks. I’m aware that there’s a more sophisticated breed out there, but they seem to be a minority.

Woah, Scooby Doo you must have met a lot of anarchists in your life to know the statistical breakdown of “dumb as rocks” vs “sophisticated” as well as you do.

@Scooby Doo

Let’s break this down:

Group A: ‘Dumb as rocks’ (no citation or explanation, or even a demonstration that you actually know what they believe)
Group B: Go to innocent people’s funerals asserting they deserved to die because they weren’t viruently homophobic. Recognised as a hate group.
Group C: Blame women for any and all problems. Want to ‘fuck their shit up’. David manages to collect new evidence of how hateful and illogical they are on a daily basis. Recognised as a hate group.
Group D: Cissexist, transphobic.

One of these things is not like the others.

But then again, according to you I’m as ‘dumb as a rock’. And by the way, having lived in three cities with burgeoning anarchist communities and social centres, I’ve probably met ten times the anarchists you have. I also have the added knowledge of knowing what I actually believe, unlike you who is probably just thinking ‘No government = chaos!” and possibly “But black bloc!”.

Now citations please, or shut up about my political beliefs*. (And I know I’m not the only anarchist here)

(*Not ‘some 12 year old on X-box live said he was an anarchist and he was a total douche!’)

Hi, Nat… my questions about anarchism would be a big thread derail. I’ve never met a smart feminist one before. I’m intrigued. Not sure this can be solved in a comments thread, tho. Kudos to you for defending yourself well, tho. 🙂

Shadow: What IS true is that for all the accusations of dysfunctionality against the legal system, vigilante justice is far more vicious and inequitable.

This is so true. Myself and my brother HAVE confronted my sister’s boyfriends for treating her like shit, and, looking back now, I can say that at least two of those incidents were complete overreactions on our part. Relying on vigilante justice means relying on others to not succumb to their emotions, and that’s a fool’s bet.

This is why we pay cops. A huge part of the training they get is on how to defuse tense situations, and a large part of why they get paid so much is to deal with a lot of crap. That we have such poor oversight, and that the courts are more and more (not that the time when this wasn’t the case was all that long, or all that intense), siding with the cops, citing, “personal safety”, every time they tase someone to death, or jjust beat them silly, or engage in a search that ought ought to be ruled inadmissable.

But that’s the ideal. People trained in the law, and trained in not over-reacting, which is easier when they have no dog in the fight.

They do have one dog, “respect”, which is why we have to treat them like an armed gang of thugs so much of the time, but so long as they don’t feel they aren’t being given their due they tend to be tolerably fair.

Amused: If you “lightly” slapped your wife for being a “bitch-whore”, and her Sonny-like brother comes at you with a mountain of muscle and a baseball bat, try to argue a defense then, motherfucker. So MRAs’ ideas on this aren’t just vicious, they are also plenty stupid.

This is when the Mellibertopia says one appeals to the “impartial, independent, arbiters” who will make a ruling; backed by their reputation, and everyone will agree to accept it.

Peace is inevitable under such a system.

And now I’m off to the Louvre Museum… where I think I’ll get a good running start and hurl myself at the wall.

Look, Nat, I’ll retract my statements re. anarchism, and apologize for causing offense. You’re right, it’s not comparable to the other groups I listed. It’s just an ideology I disagree with, and there are plenty of those.

Good for you Nat, sticking up for yourself. I’m a Libertarian, and some people really don’t like that. No political party owns Feminism.

“No political party owns Feminism.” Obviously not, and more feminism everywhere wouldn’t be a loss. But some political ideas are more coherent with feminism than others.

Black Bloc. Don’t you love those “compliments” that are equal parts insult and headpatting? I mean, your sooo intelligent as both a feminist annndd for your political beliefs! /end sarcasm.

My political ideals are very compatible with Feminism, and I’m not a Democrat.

Yeah, the majority of anarchists I have met have been fairly thoughtful individuals. I disagree with them on the issue of statism, but there are a lot of stereotypes about anarchists that are not at all reflective of the reality in the vast majority of cases. Right wing anti-statists are doucheheads, but all rightwingers are doucheheads, so that shouldn’t be held against leftist anarchists.

Heh. I’m an anarchist who readily admits that how I perceive that philosophy is incompatible with my local society as a whole. Works beautifully on my tiny system scale, though!

I’m a feminist too, even! And worked in anarchist public service including the local internet cafe (cheapest in town!) and zine library, where I did a presentation on the history and genres of comics and graphic novels for a local grant!

But what do I know. I’m just dumb as a rock with no actual political agenda, hey-yup.

Cheers for backing me up on this guys.

If anyone’s curious as to what I actually believe, Google anarcho-communism and anarcha-feminism. I fall in those spheres. I also wrote this short and rubbish thing about the relationship between anti-capitalism and feminism a couple of months ago:

I don’t want to do a massive derail here, but if anyone wants to ask any more questions, you can get in touch with me via my blog (link if you click my name) – last post was about anti-capitalism and sex work, if you’re interested.

Just for lulz, here’s the last email my howwid anarchist social centre sent me. See if you can spot the hate crime:

“We need a hosts and cooks for next Saturday’s brunch, on 31st March and also
for Sunday’s dinner.

If you can make one of those dates please add your name to the paper rota at
Kebele, or to Crabgrass or email [redacted]

Also, we need more people to get involved in the Cafe Collective and there’s a
Cafe Collective meeting this coming Thursday 29th from 6.30 pm in the Library.
It’s on with the monthly mid week dinner to enjoy as well!


Cafe Collective”

Remember: I might have met some Christians who were hateful arseholes. It wasn’t Christianity that made them arseholes, it was just being arseholes. If you can’t point to a central tenet in a movement that makes it hateful, STFU.

@pillowinhell: Well, we all know that a person that believes maintaining anonymity at a demo is paramount, or that an unwarranted police arrest is an act of political repression and violence therefore the act of resisting arrest or unarresting a comrade is a form of *self-defense* not initiatory violence, is incapable of discussing the social ramifications of patriarchy in a reasoned manner. There’s a law against it. /sarcasm

It always perplexes me when guys like this are so convinced women have all this “power” and we “know it.” Like we are these ultra mind-fuckers who can connive and plot against men at superpower levels.

some women are crazy bitches. Some women are both crazy bitches and physically violent. Some women lie to the police and in front of a court to revenge. Some women are the abomination to God, The result of being a child raised by such a mother must leave severe emotional disfigurement,

Ooh, can I be an abomination? Sounds like fun. I’m sure I can find an appropriate outfit, too. Hail Satan!

The result of being a child raised by such a mother must leave severe emotional disfigurement,

This hanging comma is really bothering me. What else is there to say? Is it just teasing me? X_X

some women are crazy bitches. Some women are both crazy bitches and physically violent. Some women lie to the police and in front of a court to revenge. Some women are the abomination to God, The result of being a child raised by such a mother must leave severe emotional disfigurement,

And then there’s you, who are completely off the charts for irrelevance and Teh Stoopid. And I would love to know who made you that way, except that I really, REALLY don’t.

If this troll were being honest he would change some to all, because that’s what he really believes, we see right through you. It’s funny how some men can do terrible things, but you don’t see him or others like him saying generalized statements about the male population (I guess, other than they are all noble heroes who dive into burning buildings and let women and children go first off drowning boats! Of course that’s totally generalizable!)

Some trolls are really late to the party, and that makes the baby Jesus cry. Troll, why you make baby Jesus cry?

RE: ae em

Some women are the abomination to God,

Not like you, of course, who come to years-old blog posts to spew your bile about how terrible women are. You are of course an upstanding citizen doing wonderful things in the world by ranting anonymously on the Internet. Your god must be so proud to have worshippers like you.

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