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TyphonBlue Monday: “All ‘Ending Violence Against Women’ initiatives assume that the appropriate targets for violence are men.”

The title of this blog can sometimes be a tad misleading. Because sometimes the biggest boobz out there are not men at all. A case in point: TyphonBlue, a proud member of the Men’s Rights Movement Women’s Auxiliary who sometimes makes boobish pronouncements like this:

Challenged by a non-MRA somewhat perplexed by her “logic” here, TB elaborates:

Nah. Still doesn’t make any sense. Or, as Peggy Olsen might put it:

134 replies on “TyphonBlue Monday: “All ‘Ending Violence Against Women’ initiatives assume that the appropriate targets for violence are men.””

You should all check out the recent Spearhead article about black people. It’s a comedy goldmine. You even have Keyster talking about the election of aa black president proves that “We don’t have a skin color problem in the US”.

I must admit there are the occasional times when I feel “above” those types of women who are only interested in celebrity gossip, shoes, clubbing, etc. They just strike me as bimbos (when they probably are more intelligent than they let on) and I feel like they make the rest of us look bad too. But it’s not like there aren’t men with equally superficial hobbies either…dudebro frat types. They may criticize women for shopping and gossiping to much, but how is watching sports and yelling at the TV or boasting about how much pussy you get any better?

Wisteria, wouldn’t you say there are a lot of men in feminism with a similar complex?

Er, that came out weird- not to imply a false equivalence or anything. But I’m just saying, I get it.

Either way MRAs will complain about all types of women. I mean, I thought one of the reasons they hated feminists was because they tried to be men or looked too masculine. But then they ascribe stereotypical female traits to us like hysteria or irrationality. Meanwhile GWW is, in her own words, more masculine. And she has the dreaded short hair that misogynistic hate so much.

It just leads me to conclude that it’s not a matter of appearance. They just want women who agree with everything they say and will respect them if they do. But then again, is that really even respect?

Bingo, hellkell. Misogyny would be a tougher pill to swallow if a lot of women didn’t buy into it, to some degree. Female MRAs believe stereotypes about women, assume they’re different and, above all, are sure that if they just curry favor with the smart, powerful men, they’ll ge their share.


It’s sad that we live in a society where everything masculine is seen as cool and valuable and smart, something girls and women want in on, but everything feminine is deemed superficial, shallow and frivolous.

Some matriarchy huh?

Kinda reminds me of the whole “girl gamer” thing. I mean girl/women players of videogames, not PUA type game.

We don’t have a “skin color problem”, huh? Tell that to the assholes who’ve been tweeting about how having a black girl cast as Rue ruined The Hunger Games for them, and how her death didn’t feel tragic to them because she was black.

(Please note that the book describes her as having dark brown skin, and the people tweeting this nonsense read it before seeing the movie.)

I believe feminism’s elevation of rape-victim status to a bizarre combination of almost religious idolatry and kid-glove handling harms women in very insidious ways.

What world does GWW live in, where this happens? While it is true that feminism recognizes rape as a problem, and feminists generally regard people who say they have been raped with compassion, how on earth is that a bad thing?

So, I mean, I was treated with suspicion by the fucking rape hotline. We’re not exactly living in a word where people who go public with their rape are treated well on balance.

Tbh, I think it’s kind of weird to be psychoanalyzing GWW over the Internet, based on nothing other than the fact that she’s a female MRA.

She can just be an idiot, like all the rest of them.

Tbh, I think it’s kind of weird to be psychoanalyzing GWW over the Internet, based on nothing other than the fact that she’s a female MRA.

It’s not just that though. In my brief correspondence with her (through Youtube) I realized that she definitely thinks herself to be so much better than other women, and that this attitude is why Elam’s misogyny doesn’t bother her.


True. I guess there’s just an extra element of strange when a woman willingly puts herself in an environment that she knows is hostile to her sex.

Many of us here believe the high suicide rates of men are an issue, as are workplace injuries/death rates of men on the job…don’t think any of us would touch the MRM with a 20 foot pole though.

Also based on what Crumb says it’s extremely arrogant of her to assume that she is so much “better” than women. First, she doesn’t know how all women live. I personally have never leeched anything from a man in my life or expected anything from them based on my sex, yet I’m still apparently a princess for being western and extra evil for being a feminist too. That’s their problem, they believe all women are stuck up princesses golddiggers. Its bullshit and makes them look like idiots for generalizing like that.

I mean if we want to speculate about laziness, a lot of MRAs including Elam spend tons of time online. Most people who work don’t have that type of time to spend online writing detailed blogposts and having back and forth arguments on youtube. True they can work from home, but hey I’m playing it the MRA way- making assumptions about the entire MRA population based on a few of their members’ online habits.

Tbh, I think it’s kind of weird to be psychoanalyzing GWW over the Internet, based on nothing other than the fact that she’s a female MRA.

She can just be an idiot, like all the rest of them.

And she is that.

Yikes, I actually wasn’t trying to psychoanalyze her, though. I have a problem with what she said, and I criticized it. Because it was stupid. Same as I would for any MRA.

I guess being a male feminist makes you gay instead. I don’t know. I don’t write these jokes.

Yeah, I mean I don’t mean to be hectory, it’s just that it seems to me a red herring. Somehow she came to the conclusion that men are systematically disenfranchised, same as Elam and [johntheother] and the rest of them. Whatever internal MRA logic looks like, I don’t see that it’s necessarily any different in GWW just ’cause she’s a woman.

Whatever internal MRA logic looks like, I don’t see that it’s necessarily any different in GWW just ’cause she’s a woman.

Just to be clear, if any MRA (or anyone, for that matter) said they believed feminism hurts women by elevating rape victims to religious-idol status, my response would be the same as it was above: a mixture of utter disbelief combined with sadness that there isn’t in fact more compassion in the world for victims of violent crime. I’m not sure where you’re getting the “different because she’s a woman” thing, Scooby.

“and how insensitive they can seem on issues that have affected me very deeply from the opposite side of the gender divide,” GWW

Birth control/abortion maybe???
I was wondering about that. The thing with her is that she’s faced with how bad her sources are and she prattles on. It’s a weird horror movie feeling when I find out that people are not sincerely dumb. Cuz… I don’t relate to not being sincerely dumb. 🙂 …not truthful that is… not willing to change an opinion, stop citing a source, etc.

It’s all too common for women to use other women to state their identity and why they’re superior, I’d rather be a victim feminist…thanks… Meaning I look at over all systems which includes areas like labor, people shopping at walmart etc. People generally don’t have the luxury to make sociological social justice decisions in their lives, they’re just getting by like the rest of us.

Speaking of anti-feminist women, how can she say there is no wage gap, all of it is due to women’s choices, but then near the end say employers might think twice about hiring women due to possible lawsuits?

Is that not discrimination? Does the fact that women all magically group into low paying jobs not strike people as problematic? why do women basically get punished career-wise for giving birth to the next generation of people?

How is no one in the comments pointing this out?

*smacks head against table*

if the consequence of lower pay is what women get for choosing pink collar jobs and having kids, then the consequence of injury or death is what men get for choosing dangerous jobs.

It’s not a problem, its just a choice! lets do nothing to address the issues.


We don’t have a “skin color problem”, huh? Tell that to the assholes who’ve been tweeting about how having a black girl cast as Rue ruined The Hunger Games for them, and how her death didn’t feel tragic to them because she was black.

I saw that earlier today and pretty much wanted to stab the universe. It’s that much worse because the little girl playing Rue looks so freaking adorable in the stills I’ve seen that I actually said, “Oh jeez, I am totally going to bawl when that kid dies” the first time I saw her picture.

The actress who plays Rue is one of the most beautiful children I’ve ever seen. The only way she could look any more angelic and innocent is if there was an actual halo on her head.

I’m pretty disgusted with a lot of people right now.

Lemme guess… It just so happens that Latina and African American women choose even worse-paying jobs than white women do, and the fact that they get paid 58 and 70 cents per dollar respectively is due to the choices they make.

And yay, I get to throw out this site again! Some excerpts:

Higher levels of education increase women’s earnings, just as they do for men. However, there is no evidence that the gender gap in wages closes at higher levels of education. If anything, the reverse is true: at the very highest levels of education, the gap is at its largest…

Some people think that if women move into male-dominated occupations in larger numbers, the wage gap will close. However, there appears to be a gender-related wage gap in virtually every occupational category.

Women are more likely than men to work part-time. However, most gender wage comparisons leave out part-time workers and focus only on full-time, year-round workers. A close look at the earnings of women and men who work 40 hours or more per week reveals that the wage gap may actually widen as the number of hours worked increases.


Jesus Christ. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised re: Hunger Games racism, but the first half of that comment I was sure that the complaints about Rue being black would be more along the lines of, “and she gets killed, and none of the leads are of color.”

I can’t even understand how anyone who read the books wouldn’t understand Rue and Thresh (and probably most of District Eleven) to be black, let alone *not feel sympathetic to her death because she isn’t another blonde Primrose.* But then, the world is full of stupid and mean, and fandom is no exception. Fuck, though.


One thing I notice with a lot of Repubs and Libertarians is that they operate like we live on a planet where discrimination doesn’t exist. Racism, sexism, homophobia…it’s all just one big lie! No coincidence that most of them tend to be white, hetero male or even white, hetero, female. Also yay for another site! *bookmarks*

Two quotes from another article debunking the myth that it’s all due to choice

The workforce continues to be largely segregated into “male” jobs and “female” jobs. For example, men have higher representation rates in manufacturing as well as in construction, transportation, wholesale and trade. Women are predominantly concentrated in retail services, education and health industries and are more likely to work in small firms (fewer than 20 employees).15 Fifty-six percent of women work in two occupational categories: sales and service, and business, finance and administrative.16

According to data from the 2006 Census, “women between the ages of 25 and 54 make up the overwhelming majority of those in the 20 lowest-paid occupations. In 13 of the 20, they account for more than two-thirds of the workers while men are the majority in only three of them.”17 On the other hand, men dominate the 20 highest paid occupations in Canada.

Demographic characteristics include marital status and the presence of children. There continue to be expectations based on gender arising from these demographic characteristics. For example, women continue to take on a larger portion of unpaid household work than men. Statistics Canada conducts a time use survey to measure how Canadians spend their time. The latest data from this survey indicate that, while women and men work the same number of hours for pay each day, women spend almost two hours more per day on unpaid work.9 While this gap is slowly closing as men take on a larger share of unpaid household work, studies have demonstrated that women are more likely than men to make labour force choices that allow them to balance their caregiving responsibilities. Time use surveys indicate:

Although part-time work may be a personal choice and encourage the involvement of women in the workplace, the gap between women and men underlines the fact that they do not use their time in the same way and that the task of looking after dependent family members is largely borne by women.10

Women are much more likely than men to balance their home and work lives by working part-time. In any given month in 2009, there were twice as many women working part-time as men. When asked why they work part-time, men and women provide very different answers. Most significantly, 19% of women work part-time to provide care for children or to take care of other personal or family responsibilities, compared with 2% of men.11

Recent studies show that the more children a woman has, the lower her hourly pay. For men, the opposite tendency applies. Men with children have higher hourly pay than men without children. The wage gap is small or non-existent for never-married men and women.12

So mothers are punished economically for having children while fathers don’t, and they do more unpaid housework, and this is all a “myth”? Give me a break.

The number one major for women is business, and I find the idea that math majors are rolling in cash sort of hilarious. Men also major in history as one of the top majors for men. A HIGHER PERCENTAGE OF MEN MAJOR IN SOCIAL SCIENCES THAN WOMEN. Shit, this stuff isn’t hard to find. Take a look at Forbes Magazine (relatively conservative, non-feminist publication)

Yeah of course.thats why at all the international women’s day events I n have worked at or heard about through work -domestic violence against women and men has been addressed and that is why men are also involved in initiatives to prevent domestic violence.

How is no one in the comments pointing this out?

Because it’s Youtube, the perfect place to spout random bullshit and misinformation without evidence whatsoever and still be rewarded for it. Anti-feminism and outright misogyny are the norm.

In other news….In the related videos bar, the first video is from GWW. Then there’s a bunch of videos also claiming that the wage gap is a myth.
The last video on the page is “The Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats.


*sighs* it’s true. I don’t even know why I hold a tiny shred of hope that topics like that can be discussed critically on boobtube.

YouTube is for cute animal videos and arguing about why your favorite musician is a total genius, not like that other guy, who has no talent and by the way he’s stupid and those girls in his video are not cute at all.

Why does anyone try to talk politics there? It’s a waste of time.

Funny you should say that, Cassandra, because I actually saw people arguing about Ron Paul in the comments thread of a fucking Talking Heads video a couple of months back. *sigh*

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