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The Case for Chivalry (Note: It's really, really rapey.)

Chivalry: Good for dudes too.

MRAs, by and large, aren’t big fans of chivalry, and complain bitterly about the terrible injustices forced upon them by this archaic concept, like having to hold doors open for ladies from time to time.

But perhaps they are not considering the many fine benefits of chivalry. In the comments section of Alcuin’s pro-patriarchy blog, our traditionalist friend fschmidt recently set forth the case for chivalry in a way that even the dullest misogynist could appreciate:

In early western culture around the time of the Renaissance, chivalry meant that ladies should be honored and sluts should be raped. This is a totally sound concept and encourages good behavior on the part of women. You cannot expect women to behave if they are not rewarded for good behavior and punished for bad behavior.

Fschmidt’s opinion inspired a lively discussion. Caeser’s Ghost argued that fschmidt had gone a bit too far with the whole rape thing:

Women who dress and behave like whores shouldn’t be raped. They should be prostitutes and treated as such.

Fschmidt replied:

Caesar’s Ghost, I have the greatest respect for prostitutes. Prostitutes provide a valuable service. But sluts provide no value and undermine morality. This is why sluts, identified as provocatively dressed women outside of areas of prostitution, were regularly raped around the time of the Renaissance.

CG argued that prostitutes deserve only the most limited sort of respect:

I respect prostitutes in so far as they fulfill a lowly but necessary function in society. Outside of that function, I have no respect or value for them.

Promiscuous women who are not prostitutes should be treated badly, but I don’t believe that they should be raped. I regard the Renaissance as a great era, but I would have to disagree with their way of handling the problem of sluts.

The mission of Alcuin’s site is, as he states at the top of every page, is to “Promot[e] the Intellectual Renaissance of the Western Tradition.” Apparently you can’t have a real renaissance without sorting out whether or not sexually active women should be raped, or just treated like shit.

For those interested in exploring fschmidt’s opinions further, check out his not-terribly-popular CoAlpha Brotherhood discussion forums. Or this post, in which I examine his CoAlpha brother Drealm’s theory about how women oppress men by dressing like sluts and not covering up their evil sexy hair.

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205 replies on “The Case for Chivalry (Note: It's really, really rapey.)”

>>>BlackBloc: Personally, I think cynicism is a very adolescent position.

Well I’m 32 and basically smack dab between Gen X and Millenials. Gen X is still pretty much stuck in that adolescent position, and I think that’s basically the impetus for Ron Paul’s popularity.

If chivalry means opening doors for women and treating women with the same basic respect you’d accord to another man (so long as they don’t do anything wrong to you with no provocation and return the favor)then I’m all for it.

On the other hand…….If chivalry means feeling guilty about being male and believing that society owes something to women just because they are female and without them having to work for it the way a man would, then fuck that I say! 😛

MSN: forget chivalry. The only rule is: be decent to people regardless of their gender, and maybe even nice if that’s not too much to ask.
Nobody asked you to be sorry for having a penis.

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