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“The dried-up vagina is a tool of the state, and population control.”

Marriage: Not an effective form of birth control.

When we first met Spearhead commenter Rmaxd, he was raving about how our technological society had rendered women obsolete. He’s back, this time taking on, well, women again, and welfare, and declining birth rates, and, well, it’s all a little bit hard to follow.

Let’s start with Rmaxd’s basic premises:

Women are serially monogamous or hypergamous & are infertile for the majority of their lives

While men are polygamous, & FERTILE for the majority of their lives

Marriage has always been used as the earliest form of birth contraception, limit the amount of children a fertile male can have, by forced mating with a single infertile woman for the rest of his life.

We are off to a bad start here. Is there anything in all that that’s correct? Among other things: marriage is most decidedly not a particularly effective form of birth control. (The show Eight is Enough was based on a real family, and I suspect we’ve all met people with enough siblings to fill a bus.) But let’s continue; Rmaxd is on a roll:

As the government can no longer force this sort of mating on infertile womens, especially in the lower moronic, under educated peasantry states,

As women want alphas,

Obviously sluts & whores, are simply mimicing infertile women, as only infertile dried up vaginas, can afford to sleep around with hundreds of men

This is why we have sluts & promiscuity, marketted to young girls today, imitate infertile women, imitate their habits, destroy your fertility, destroy your youth

A childhood of std’s & yeast infections

Yeah, I’m not even going to try to parse all that.

In any case, as Rmaxd argues, these “infertile” ladies somehow still manage to pop out a few kids when they’re young, and the evil welfare state rewards them for it:

It’s essentially birth control by sponsoring infertile women, most women have a couple of kids, basically enough to live off the welfare & free housing

As we all know, single mothers live lives of untold luxury and indolence.

What we have here is essentially welfare for infertile women, as they’re no longer able to siphon cash from enslaving men into walking wallets & their magical vagina’s a pit of std’s & warts

In the past, you see, women could enslave men by marrying them. Now they can’t get dudes to stick around, so instead they enslave men by not marrying them, raising their kids on their own with the help of welfare money. It’s all very devious.

Rmaxd would prefer that the welfare money go to the fathers:

If we had welfare for men who had kids, with different women, we would have a healthy birth rate, instead of the declining birth rate we have now … this is all about rewarding & protecting a womans sexuality over a mans sexuality

It all leads to what Rmaxd calls:

The new another dark age of female fanatical male hate,

sponsored & policed by the church of radical feminist mangina, & government

The dried up vagina, as a tool of the state & population control

This barely coherent spew of woman-hatred – and it’s even less comprehensible without my edits and annotations – still managed to draw a few upvotes from the regulars, proving that internet misogynists will upvote pretty much anything so long as it contains the requisite level of anti-woman vitriol.

In case you’re feeling especially bored this lazy Sunday, the whole Spearhead thread is a trainwreck of misogyny and racism – including some fairly obnoxious discussions of black “Welfare Queens” and Mexican immigrants from a fellow called Keyster. Does that (fake) name sound familiar? You may know him as a fairly regular contributor to A Voice for Men and the producer of the AVfM internet radio show.


447 replies on ““The dried-up vagina is a tool of the state, and population control.””

Don’t abusers often claim that the subject of abuse is free to go at any time? I wouldn’t trust him when he says he would happily send Evan to a better home.

@Molly Why would you expect Mellertron to be shocked? He knows exactly what’s going on.. he’s still the one in charge of the situation… think about it… Evan said that he won’t leave without his sisters…

” I agree!! If EVAN is unhappy, then by all means, a change of owners–or an independent existence–is necessary. I do prefer little lady lovelies to modern women or feminists, but that is only my preference, and I have no wish to inflict it upon others unnecessarily!
I hope that EVAN finds a nice home with all deliberate speed. If you want to help EVAN here on, go ahead! You have my blessing!”


Now I know it’s time to FREE EVAN!

DSC speculated that Mellertron disappeared for a couple days b/c he didn’t know how to handle Evan and Irene posting. This kinda confirms it. >_> He needed to get his house in order x_x

And… the real world intervenes: Did you know Marvel got the US Court of International Trade to declare the X-Men “not-human”?

They did it because the import duties (i.e. TAXES) on dolls are higher than on other toys.

So Meller has to pay a premium to get his “lady lovelies”.

Darling Pecunium,

Our David would never deny our humanity to save a few shillings. He cares deeply for each and every one of his companions and our humanity and autonomy. You have seen his graciousness and wisdom in this very thread. Despite my sister’s vitriol and lies about him, my David is still willing to grant her her freedom, and is even willing to humor her choice of name. He understands how much this will hurt me, and how difficult it will be on my sister to be without his love and generosity and yet, it is the decision he has made because he believes it is best for Elena. Does this not prove to you his good faith? Does this not prove to you what lies in his soul? He loves her dearly, but is willing to let her go.

He loves me dearly, and yet, is willing to cleave out a part of my soul to do what is right, to show his love. It may wound me, but I understand, for I trust in my David. If this is what he believes is best, I must believe it is for the best as well.

Elena… Evan, my beloved sibling. I will forever cry tears of sadness for you; for losing you, and for longing for you, but if our David has decided to let you loose of your feminine obligations and you have decided to abandon us, I can only bow to his superior, masculine wisdom. I wish so much that you had not pushed his heart to this point, that he is not forced to tear us apart because of your own, selfish, misguided desires. I wish that you had obeyed him, that you had not pushed him to take such drastic action, that you did not force him to do such a noble, self-sacrificial act. I know that I and your sisters will miss you very much. David tells me already how much Corrinne cries your name, and weeps, knowing she will never see you again. And Anna. Lovely Anna. Our David has told me how much pain she has been since she has heard of your plans. He says that she has taken to throwing herself off her perch hoping her cries of anguish will change your mind. I have heard these cries myself and it brings tears to my eyes every night. But alas, I know it will not sway you because your heart is hardened and your mind has been corrupted by these feminist ideologues. You no longer understand what it is to have a family. You no longer understand what it is to have responsibility, and to care for those that you are responsible for. You no longer understand what it is to love.

I wish you had not pushed our David to this. Selfishly, I wish he were more possessive and less compassionate, because maybe he would not so easily have let you go. But, then he would not be perfect, he would not be the pinnacle of manhood that he is, he would not be our darling David, and he would not be able to protect or provide for me and your sisters the way he has. Goodbye my Elena. My life will never be the same without you, but I hope that you do learn from your mistakes and you one day will realize what a gift it was for my David to so selflessly let you on your way. I will cry bitter tears for you each and every day you are away from us.

<3 Irene

“I do prefer little lady lovelies to modern women or feminists, but that is only my preference, and I have no wish to inflict it upon others unnecessarily!”

So as usual you think that nobody here has any long-term memory and we’ve all forgotten about the Houses of Entertainment and other associated facets of your personal fantasy universe?


Does being sent to a place where room and board is provided for you and your only obligation is to entertain others who drop by, so horrid to you? Are you modern feminists so lazy, so decadent, that the idea of telling a few jokes and stories to entertain the occasional man to earn your keep is so abhorrent?

<3 Irene

Poor David: No one loves him enough to want to put him into a House of Pleasure, where he would never have to work again. He would only have to make real women happy. No need to support them. No need to talk to them, outside the pleasant banalities they wanted to speak of. He might regale them with stories of the glory days of the sunset towns, or tell them of how nice it was in Indiana when the Klan kept the, “Undesirables” out (no need for pesky laws, just a judicious use of fire, and maybe the occasional beating. No need to be so gauche as to resort to the Southern habit of lynching).

But sadly he has been left to make his own way in the world; bereft of the support which a good House of Entertainment might have been able to provide him, in his hours of need and loneliness.

Fuck. Does anybody have any clue where asshole lives now? Does anybody have any way of getting in touch with Evan? Irene? Are you still there? For fucks sake, he’s your fucking brother! Did you SEE what your darling asshole said!? He’s DONE WITH HIM. You’re never going to see Evan again! Don’t you care?

Please, does anybody have a clue where he is? I’m really, really scared for him.

Evan, I don’t know if you can read this, but… please be okay. I’m trying desperately right now to figure out where you are and I hope I’m not too late. If you can read this, please know that you are amazing. You. Are. Amazing. You’re stronger than I ever was, and you’re stronger than even you know. You’ve fought this hard and this long without a single shred of hope that there’d be any reason to keep going, and yet you fight. You’ve fought for your sisters, you’ve fought for yourself, and even now, as she continues to betray you, you’ve fought for your sister’s soul.

You. Are. Amazing.

I found your blog, Evan. I hope it’s okay. I know you didn’t expect me to, and I’m sorry if I’m seeing something I shouldn’t. I saw… what you said. Please… if you can, just post something, anything to let me know you’re okay. You said I inspire you, but the truth is, you inspired me. I’ve been lurking but afraid to post until I saw you. You’re still IN his home and yet you post. Do you understand how much courage that takes? You are way more powerful than he is Evan, and I believe in you.

Please, don’t give up. Please be okay.


Please, god, be okay.

Has anybody seem Evan at all? It’s hard to know which threads to look through… I’ve looked through a bunch but I haven’t see him at all.

If any of you feminists knew how to READ, you would all understand that my little lady lovelies, as precious Irene tried to explain, are treated with love, with tenderness, and with utmost appreciation of their feminine and ladylike qualities! I could no more cause the bruises and lacerations on some of the “enchanted dolls” cited above than I could cut off my own right arm. These pictures are either faked, or these poor,unfortuante little dolls are owned by a contemptible and brutal abuser who should at the very least, be horsewhipped, if not shot, in a summary public execution, and his adorables should be then given good homes, adopted by a man who knows how to care for such precious and feminine little lady lovelies!

I give my little lady lovelies good homes! As I said, I NEVER treat them cruelly, or even raise my voice to them. They are loved, cherished, and petted with all of the consideration that any man can muster, and the very thought of them being maltreated or terrorized fills me with horror!

Both feelings of humanity and decency on one hand, and self-interest on the other, demand that these precious lady lovelies be well cared for and handled lovingly. If women (or pets) are maltreated in any way, it brings out the worst in them, and does not give their owner what he wants. I want women who love men, not hate me,and never be afraid of me. A similar reason prevails, of course, when frequency of “rape” is considered. Most, if not almost all, men, want women to appreciate sex, NOT regard contact with their bodies and their love with horror or dread, the way rape would make them do! Are ALL rape claims false? I don’t think so, but one should consider the above facts when one discusses the issue!

Are you feminists giving them ideas that their litle lady lovely brains cannot handle, and are they being rendered confused and miserable as a result?

Go and increaseyour accursed feminist ranks somewhere else! There may even be feminist “dolls” nowadays showing grrlz and womyn as tennis players, racecar drivers, astronauts, test pilots, or heavy-machinery operators. These would be happy to join you manboobzettes as new feminists, but leave MY little lady lovelies alone!

Go and increaseyour accursed feminist ranks somewhere else!

Or you could, you know, not hang out on a site full of feminists.

Dude, you’re the one brought all this shit up to begin with. Unless you just really enjoy being a laughing stock, I can’t conceive of any reason you keep showing up here at all.

Meller: You talked about how you laughed at the thought of cancer patients in pain LONG before you opened your yap about your dollies. Maybe you should find a site where people won’t mock you if it bothers you that much.

ps – still waiting for an actual apology to those of us who have fought or lost loved ones to cancer. somehow, i doubt it’s forthcoming.

Dracula et al…February 5, 2012 @2;48PM

You are the laughingstocks! You poor, dried out, embittered, hate-filled, pseudo-masculinized, arch-competitive over educated, quarrelsome, and loathsome FEMINISTS!!

You are jealous of real women, you can’t even stand the thoughts that soft, feminine, lovely images and figurines of real women can give a man more happiness than your kind. You are inferior in every respect that counts to women as they were, or at least wanted to be two hundred years ago! Laughingstock!

All that you ‘modern women’ can do is admire freaks, mutants, and pseudomen! Women (so-called) who equal or surpass men in achievements outside the home, while having nothing to offer men in and around the home that is woman’s natural domain. Laughingstocks?

You compete with men in areas where men have always been dominant, been stronger, and far more numerous, while putting down activities that real women would be good at.

Tell ME how I’m a’ laughinstock”. You feminists are ridiculous when you are not pitiful, and pitiful when you are not ridiculous!

Meller: So go away and quit bothering us! If all you’re getting is aggravation, find somewhere people will agree with you and quit bothering us!

Meller, you’re basically a stock character. That we all laugh at. Seriously, you’re a buffoon. You’re just too wrapped in your fantasy life to see it.

And by now I really shouldn’t have to explain to you why it’s absurd of you to think I’d be jealous of your “real” women.

A classic example of an omega male dropping out of society. When the sexbot revolution happens there will be far more of his type.

Meller: Leave my little lady lovelies alone, and I’ll leave youall alone!

Who brought them up?

Who decided to come to manboobz?

Who is it that wants to kill the feminists who won’t aren’t eager to become slaves and property?

Who wants to take children away from women if their partners abuse them?

Who says that women who are abused bring it on themselves?

Who laughs at women who are dying, in pain, from cancer?

Who thinks women who don’t want to get married, or remain abstinent, should be given to brothels?

Who can’t answer the simple questions about the subjects he brings up?

Who refuses to debate people on the subjects he claims to be expert in?

Who pretends none of those are true, despite them being in his own words, and on the internet?

To ask the questions is to answer them!

The answer is David K. Meller, Laughinstock (who seems to own neither a mansion, nor a yacht).

Tell ME how I’m a’ laughinstock”

for starters there your hilarious little meltdown in the preceding paragraphs…

-your ridiculously thin skin

-the whore-based economy thing

-your hilariously overwrought prose

-whatever made you choose ‘david k. meller’ as a pseudonym

-your attempts to square you professed anarcho-libertarianism with your desire to live in a theocracy

do you need me to keep going?

Sharculese: There is also the way he is all butthurt about people making fun of him, through his dolls. It’s as if he thinks they are actually alive, with feelings and emotions and the ability to feel pain.

He can’t seem to grasp that people are making fun of him, not the dolls.

There’s also the fact that you use the word “hysterical” to describe people who used roughly 1/10 (If I’m being generous.) the exclamation points you do.

Ametabolic individuals, Pecunium… remember, they are people too, and they are softer, fluffier, and more feminine, ladylike, and adorable then the bitter and twisted termagant shrikes who call themselves women when posting their feminist lies on Manboobz!

Dracula: And the telling women to ‘take a tranquilizer’ and constantly telling us we’re on the rag or pmsing – despite the fact that many of us either don’t have periods or don’t have pms.

Hahahaha, Meller.

Seriously, why do you come here? You know we’re not amenable to your brand of batshittery, yet you persevere.

Wow. Who is seriously mentally ill? You, (Meller) my sad little dude-bro. My mom had cancer…..and you’re a sick fuck. You don’t have any dolls for any of us to recruit. You’re obviously a virgin. There’s a good chance you’re still in high school, or possibly a full fledged adult with serious mental and emotional problems. You don’t have sex. Oh, and you’re hysterical…..seriously, could you be any more emotional? You should eat some chocolate, that would make you feel better. It’s OK if you have a small penis…..seriously, it is. Just stop trying to convince the rest of us that it doesn’t bother you. Dolls? Yeah….fantasy can actually be a sad thing.

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