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Is Reddit nothing more than a collection of rape jokes and pedophilia apologias?

Nope! As the totally scientific chart above shows, it also contains: generalized misogyny, racism, atheist dickbaggery, and last but not least: lots of pics hosted on imgur!

Here, some recent data, most of which I have borrowed from ShitRedditSays. I’ve put the number of upvotes for each post in brackets, when relevant.

Rape jokes:

Guys, you’re not making enough rape jokes! [+856]

“I’d fuck her until the neighbours complained about the smell.” [+250] [Bonus points: Also a murder and necrophilia joke!]

Rape clock [+36]

Redditors mock a rape victim! [Assorted upvoted posts]

Pedophilia apologia:

Admitted pedo and child porn fancier compares himself with Gandhi [+83]

More goodness (by which I mean badness) from that thread, courtesy of SRS.

Oh noes! Evil anti-pedos threaten free pedo speech! [+25]

He’s been shamed into deleting it by you. Are you happy now? For the record, mattperrin said “Why does she have to be 18? So she can be in porn? Very very few girls enter porn, and if you’re just talking about being sexually aroused by her, that’s okay for anyone 13+”.

Pedo joke … perfection! [+100]

General Misogyny (and creepiness):

Ha Ha! Girls can’t work cameras! [+636]

Girls only like thugs and they’re all dumb and why oh why won’t they go out with a nice guy like me? Did I mention I hate women?  [+assorted massive upvotes]

Help me prove to this guy feminism is no longer needed. (Please do not use profanity and words like “cunt” though.) [This whole discussion is sort of delicious; our pal ThingsAreBad, aka JeremiahMRA, pops in to argue that feminism was never needed because everything was peachy back when women couldn’t vote.]

I’d fuck her right into a broken hip. [+588] [Referencing Helen Mirren.]

“She has very large holes in her earlobes. About the circumference of an erect penis. She is also very attractive. Myself and many other redditors, immediately upon viewing the picture, imagined putting our penises through those holes.” [+10]

Bonus! More random misogyny.


“I just had sex with my first black guy, and believe me it’s true what they say…he stole my t.v.” [+477]

“No no no, that will just attract more rapists.” [+70] [BONUS POINT: Is also a rape joke!]

Atheist douchebags:

Reddit Makes Me Hate Atheists, by Rebecca Watson. As you’ll notice, her examples from r/atheism contain many massively upvoted rape and pedophilia jokes, not to mention lots more generalized misogynistic douchebaggery. The circle is complete!

But generally speaking you can pick almost any random highly upvoted post here for endless more examples of what makes even atheist activists hate Reddit atheists.

Which have helped to inspire this meme.

Pics on Imgur:

Top posts on (my) Reddit at the moment:

Then again, random pics of cute dogs and squirrel-riding frogs are certainly preferable to more angry racist rapey hatey pedo-justifying crap. So, yay imgur, I guess? (At least when it’s not being used to post still more angry racist rapey hatey pedo-justifying crap.)

390 replies on “Is Reddit nothing more than a collection of rape jokes and pedophilia apologias?”

Reminds me of the SNL video about sexual harrassment:

1) Be Handsome
2) Be Attractive
3) Don’t Be Unattractive

Yeah, how’s that working for you Sugar-tits?

“i’m not going back and reading the whole thread, did it turn out in the end that brandon’s issues were just another manifestation of a spoiled child throwing a fit because he thought someone was telling him what to do?”

Yep! But this time there’s a new twist – we’re jealous of Ashley. I mean, sometimes he fucks her with the lights on, how lucky can a girl be?

Where’s the off button on this remote? This show is boring.

That is such an insult to The Doors!

I’m trying to think of a band that would be a good stand in for Brandon. Maybe Limp Bizkit? Some sort of tedious nu metal crap, anyway.


1) Rebecca sexualized herself by jumping to the conclusion that the guy was interested in having sex with her.

2) She was uncomfortable…so what? Why should I change my behavior because someone might not like it?

@Nobinyamu: Yay…more personal attacks! And you wonder why I don’t take you seriously.

I don’t see my “beta” comment as baseless…and it is MY educated guess of what happened. I never said I had all the facts. But I don’t go around saying my hypothesis is the objective truth. It isn’t.

Hell, I even prefixed the paragraph with “My bet is that it…”. Any smart person can see that I am stating an opinion and not reciting hard facts

I don’t watch SNL on TV. I do however watch some of the most popular skits on youtube.

1) Rebecca sexualized herself by jumping to the conclusion that the guy was interested in having sex with her.

Hell, I even prefixed the paragraph with “My bet is that it…”. Any smart person can see that I am stating an opinion and not reciting hard facts

remember guys, when brandon speculates based on the meager facts he knows, that’s just stating his opinion and you can’t criticize him for it

when people with first hand knowledge make inferences based on the situation, that’s jumping to conclusions and it’s important to rant and rave about it for pages on end.

@Sharculese: Dude, do you come with a Sharculese-Meaningful English dictionary?

Also, I never said my opinion couldn’t be criticized.

I’m trying to think of a band that would be a good stand in for Brandon. Maybe Limp Bizkit? Some sort of tedious nu metal crap, anyway.

I lean toward Screaming Trees. They never really got the idea that a song should end and just sputtered off into guitar feedback.

all songs should sputter off into guitar feedback. everything needs more skronk.

Also, I never said my opinion couldn’t be criticized.

you could have fooled me with all your maundering about how, ‘it’s just my opinion man’ but w/e babby

all songs should sputter off into guitar feedback. everything needs more skronk.

While I admire your knowledge of punk, I can no longer be your friend.


Oh limp bizkit lolllll One thing I’ll say about him though, he knew how to pick guest artists, and all of them came out with their A-game


Do you read David Eddings by any chance? Your “it’s a kilt!!!” made me think of Redemption of Althalus

Brandon: What does probably mean to you? Because you seem to be using it in different ways in the same thread.

As in, “He was probably doing ‘x’, with the intent of ‘y’, but we can’t assume ‘y’ was what he was actually after, so we have to give him the benefit of the doubt.”

Something in that equation is fucked, if something is probably going to explode, I’m not going to benefit from doubting it. But, for reasons only plain to you, and the lurkers in meatspace, you think probably and doubt go hand in hand.

Care to explain this? I mean if the price of gold was suddenly going to tank, and you paid a pretty penny for it, it’s best to give that the benefit of the doubt, and not sell enough to cover your investment costs, because… well just because, right?

But then again, you have these plastic definitions. Slut is perfectly alright, unless you want to decide that someone who has been a slut isn’t ever going to be worthy of a relationship with you.

Respect is to be earned, but the least infringement of what you think are your entitlements and no respect remains to the person whom you think owes it to you.

Since you won’t explain how you use Respectable claiming it’s a word with changeable meaning; you aren’t being asked to define it for everyone, but to explain howyou use it so I can only assume that, like Humpty Dumpty you choose it to mean what you want it to mean, since (as with slut, previously), and are, probably, using it as suits your purpose to praise women you approve of, and denigrate those you want to show disapproval of, taking advantage of the social connotations of being respectable, in both cases.

Way to make your intent to equivocate obvious.

Which means, no one can trust you. You are admitting to engaging in practices of dishonest debate, but you think you are entitled to the respect someone who engages in honest debate has earned.

That, and you are, still, ignoring the actual point… people who are being foul to a 15 year old. I’ll bet that if this were your cousin, or sister, or some relative of Ashley’s you’d be all pissed off.

But since it doesn’t, in any way you can see, affect you, you don’t give a rat’s ass, and will use it to attack a woman who had the temerity to express her opinion about how men in general act; because that does affect you (and not probably) since you’ve said you think you have the right to be a dickhead anytime you feel like it; and pretending what she said was, “over the top, hysterical, and flat out ridiculous,” (which is why I am certain; beyond probably, that you didn’t watch the video; that or you are truly stupid. Since I don’t believe the latter I have to assume you are lying about having watched the video; because it was calm, rational and on-point).

Pecunium, his hissyfit of “how dare you tell men how to act” is probably because he is That Guy. I’m sure the behavior she was talking about is the type he displays all the time.

Brandon:I don’t see my “beta” comment as baseless…and it is MY educated guess of what happened. I never said I had all the facts. But I don’t go around saying my hypothesis is the objective truth. It isn’t.

But you get all cranky-pants when people say they disagree: and with supporting evidence to justify their position. Your response, “But it’s my, opinion, so you have to admit I might be right.”

Which is wrong.

Looking at what she said, six months ago, when it was all fresh and relevant and shit, we thrashed it out. We came to reasoned conclusions. We watched lots of dudes make exactly the arguments you are making (right down to the, “if she had thought he was hot she’d have shagged him down to a stub and gone bowlegged and smiling”).

You are saying nothing new, but you want people to treat you as if you had.

Get over yourself.

@Pecunium: David is making him get over himself, actually, as he explains in what is possibly the greatest post ever in the “Polling is Open” thread.

I don’t watch SNL on TV. I do however watch some of the most popular skits on youtube.

You know, I saw in the other thread that Brandon is on moderation for the crime of tediousness which is hilarious. But I can’t help but point out that I said just last night that Brandon would claim that the television shows he references and posts that he clips wouldn’t count as “watching television” because he watches them on the internet.

Nobinayamu | December 29, 2011 at 12:57 am

It’s like saying you don’t watch television while simultaneously posting clips of South Park and saying that you like the show Scrubs. Let me guess: that doesn’t count because you watch those shows on the internet, right?

Brandon, I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: you’re so fucking dumb. Tedious, certainly, and dull as dishwater. But mostly you are just incredibly stupid in addition to being a lying sack of shit.

NOTE TO BRANDON: In the comment you just tried to post, you referred to yourself 35 times. (I counted.)

Did you perhaps misunderstand the rules of the Brandon Challenge? You’re not supposed to make comments in which you refer to yourself literally dozens of times. You are supposed to make comments in which you do not refer to yourself at all.

Comments in which you refer to yourself will not go through.

Comments in which you do not refer to yourself, will.

If you can pull this off, you will be taken off moderation. And then you can refer to yourself again. Just not as often as you do now.

35 times, you guys.


How many of those were instances of “you can’t tell me what to do”?

Actually, it was a long detailed response to Pecunium.

He’s aware he’s on moderation, because he complains about it and knows that, as he puts it, there’s a “chance this will never get read.”

Yeah, like a 100% chance if you break the one rule of the Brandon Challenge, dude.

It’s really not hard, dude. All you have to do is NOT REFER TO YOURSELF.

Which is to say, he just has to make one comment (I assume with some topical relevance), which isn’t about him, and then he can reply to people again. You’ve not forbidden him from ever speaking about himself, just insisted for some chunk of time he manage it.

Maybe just once.

Note to Brandon: if David had set himself “the Brandon challenge”, his second post above would have got through, while his first would require just one tiny change, which wouldn’t make any difference to the content.

See if you can work out what that tiny change might be.

For the record, this post would also pass “the Brandon challenge”.

Y’know, I think it’s totally awesome that a Sri Lankan wants to learn English and practice it with us. However, perhaps you’d find lessons with an actual English tutor more helpful, Explore Nature? Though your efforts are laudable (I don’t think anyone here can write Tamil or Sinhala even to the extent that you are able to randomly string together English words into an incoherent soup), they’re sadly impossible to decipher. Good luck with your efforts, Explore Nature! Stay away from MRAs!


moving along, I’m shocked to learn dude’s a Lankan. His earlier posts read very Eastern Europeanish as far as the phrasing went. Live and learn!

Just in case Brandon ever manages to write something like “here is a cute picture of a kitten” without adding an “I” or a “me”.


“Maybe the guy really did want coffee.”
Unlikely, and it does not matter. What he did made her uncomfortable


Probably, He probably did want to fuck Rebecca. But we can’t say for certain, so why are you assuming the worst of him?

You missed the part where it’s UNLIKELY AND DOES NOT MATTER. And our educated guess is that this very common pick-up line was used as a pick up line. Not that he is hannibal lecter.


Feminists seem to lack the capacity for giving a man the benefit of the doubt.


and if he had any social skill, that’s a result he could have foreseen.

That’s what matter. Do you disagree? BTW, if he actually has no social skill, he should be thankful for the explanation. But she judge his acts, not his intentions.


Watson was asked to talked on the subject of how to bring more women to atheism, and she provided an example of something not to do in this perspective.


OMG…she was uncomfortable. What a travesty! Making women uncomfortable should be against the law…give this man the death penalty!

If she had said that, she would have been hysterical. She didn’t. Let me emphasize that: SHE DID NOT call for this behavior to be illegal. She was ASKED to talked on how to bring more women to atheism, and she advised to make them feel welcome by not making feel uncomfortable. Why is that so crazy?


Maybe Rebecca should grow some thicker skin and not get offended at minor inconveniences.

Or maybe you should grow a thicker skin and not get offended by four (reasonable) words said by a woman on a youtube video.

Definition time again! What does respectable mean?

“respectable” changes it’s meaning depending on the situation and context it is being used in. Also, I can disagree with someone but still respect someone.

That’s not a definition. The context is “when you said it”.

It is not a crime, immoral or even wrong to ask a question.

It’s NEVER wrong? Really? It’s not wrong if I ask someone “Do you prefer loosing your job or having sex with me?”? I mean, it’s just a question!

So saying this guy committed some terrible act is ridiculous at best.


She thinks she is important enough to tell men “don’t do that!”.

She is important. Important enough to be paid to talk on the subject. More important than you and me, yet we’re still free to write our opinion.

Like she is some authority on male behavior.

In this particular case, she is an authority on what atheist men should do IF they want more women to come. So if you’re not an atheist that wish there was more women on atheist forum and meetings, she was not talking to you, and you can keep on very legally make women uncomfortable in elevators.

I can’t find anything wrong with what the pedophile says… I think it’s important to stop demonizing people for being naturally attracted to children. If it can’t be changed, it has to be dealt with somehow. These people need someone to talk to about it without fear of bad consequences. Pedophilia is not inherently evil, it’s just a natural trait that is deviant and can lead to damage, unlike other forms of sexuality. I also don’t get why they’d criminalize drawn images of child porn in some countries. It doesn’t even hurt anyone, and it provides pedophiles with an outlet. Studies I’ve looked at haven’t found a link between porn and increased sexual violence, so I doubt it’s gonna make them go out and rape.

A lot of the misogyny and sexism on reddit piss me off. But at the same time I find my Reddit experience to be pretty positive. People are mostly progressive, accepting of gay people, and there are plenty of subreddits for women of all stripes.

The second pedophile comment is creepy. The first one though I don’t see it as apologist. I think pedophiles need help before they offend. I don’t see how a culture full of Chris Hansens helps keep children safe if it just stigmatizes people who have these weird desires and makes them afraid to go get help from a therapist about it. It’s like Catholic priests being molestors.

Saying that doens’t mean that we should accept kids being sexualised in the media and images of underage girls in creepy pornographic poses. It just means that before someone is a chlld molestor. They’re someone with a desire. And they should get help for it.

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