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Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik’s manifesto reveals him to be a rabid antifeminist with views strikingly similar to many MRAs

Anders Breivik Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, who killed more than 90 people in attacks on Friday, was motivated by a toxic mélange of far-right ideology largely revolving around his intense hatred of Islam. The 1500 page “manifesto” he posted to the internet – what appears to be a grab-bag of his own writing and material cut and pasted from assorted right-wing sites and even the Unabomber’s manifesto  – crackles with denunciations of Muslims, “Marxists” and the assorted other bogeymen that haunt right-wing dreams.

And it’s also filled with denunciations of feminism  that could easily have come from the posts and comments of Men’s Rights and misogynist “manosphere” blogs like The Spearhead, In Mala Fide, and, well, quite a few other sites I write about regularly on this blog. (Not to mention a few of this blog’s misogynist trolls.)  In passage after passage, the ideology is the same, the language is the same, even the specific obsessions are the same – from no-fault divorce to the evils of “Sex and the City.”  (Download the entire thing from the links here.)

I haven’t had time to go through the manifesto in great detail yet, but I wanted to share with you some selections from it that I think will strike most readers of this blog as strangely familiar.

The following selections, denouncing, among other things, the “’Sex and the City’ lifestyle,”appear to have been written by Breivik himself:

It’s the destructive and suicidal “Sex and the City” lifestyle (modern feminism, sexual revolution) which we are taught to revere as the truth. In that setting, men are not men anymore, but metro sexual and emotional beings that are there to serve the purpose as a never-criticising soul mate to the new age feminist woman goddess. The perfect matriarchy has now been fulfilled and complete equality has finally been achieved. The fact that mankind will seize to exist within three generations with this type of regime is irrelevant. Long live cultural Marxism! …

Isolated, “sex and the city lifestyle” is relatively harmless, but if you glorify it and ram it down the throat of mainstream society like we see today it becomes a lethal and destructive societal force as we are witnessing which eventually leads to a complete breakdown of moral/ethics, the nuclear family model and a sustainable fertility rate which again is leading us to the extinction of Europeans.

Breivik goes on to rant about STDs and no-fault divorce, before moving on to another favorite obsession of manosphere misogynists, the supposed sexual “capital” of manipulative women:

Females have a significantly higher proportion of erotic capital than males due to biological differences (men have significantly more prevalent sexual urges than females and are thus easily manipulated). The female manipulation of males has been institutionalised during the last decades and is a partial cause of the feminisation of men in Europe. This highly underestimated factor has contributed to the creation and rise of the matriarchal systems which are now dominating Western European countries. …

He also blames women for the spread of what he considers evil “cultural Marxism” and multiculturalism:

Fact: 60-70% of all cultural Marxists/multiculturalists are women. This partly explains why the gradual feminist revolution is directly linked to the implementation of multiculturalist doctrines. These feminist cultural Marxists do not only want more benefits and rights for themselves. They want it all, and have more or less been awarded with everything they could ever dream of achieving. They now have complete matriarchal supremacy domestically and exercise substantial influence in politics. …

Obsessed with the purported danger that Islam will outbreed the West, Breivik offers an assortment of creepy solutions to increase the fertility of Western whites. (It’s not altogether clear to me if these are all his own views, but they certainly are consistent with what he says elsewhere in the manifesto.)  After suggesting limiting contraception and banning abortion, Breivik offers this “solution”:

Discourage women in general to strive for full time careers. This will involve certain sexist and discriminating policies but should increase the fertility rate by up to 0,1-0,2 points.

Women should not be encouraged by society/media to take anything above a bachelor’s degree but should not be prevented from taking a master or PhD. Males on the other hand should obviously continue to be encouraged to take higher education – bachelor, master and PhD. …

And then he’s back on his “Sex and the City” hobbyhorse:

Discourage women in general to strive for “sex and the city/Madonna” lifestyles. The mass media are currently actively glorifying/encouraging “sex and the city/Madonna” lifestyles which involves the glorification of casual sex, multiple sex partners and generally an extremely liberal individualistic lifestyle hostile to the traditional nuclear family values. As such, the non-restrictions of the mass media is the main cause for our unsustainable fertility rate of 1,5. 

The indirect media/government glorification campaigns through individual artists, various series, movies and media coverage in general should reflect this new shift (no more glorification of “sex and the city lifestyles” or equivalent portrayals. No longer should women be pressured to have equal success regarding their career as males.

Womens “new role” should be actively illustrated and glorified through series, movies and commercials. This will involve significant restrictions in media freedoms and rights. These restrictions and reforms will result in an increased fertility rate of approximately 0,2-0,3 points.

The end result for implementing the above reforms would be an increase in the fertility rate up from 1,5 to approximately 2,1-2,4 which would be sustainable.

However, this will also involve significant restrictions in women’s rights and media rights.

And, like many in the manosphere, he also holds out hope for “artificial wombs,” which would of course reduce the inconvenience of relying on women to cooperate with his plans.

Large chunks of the manifesto consist of cut-and-pasted blog posts from an anonymous far-right Norwegian blogger known as Fjordman, whose now defunct blog can be found here. (According to Andrew Brown in the Guardian article linked to above, Breivik and Fjordman are not the same person.)

Here are some selections from the Fjordman posts that Breivik includes in his manifesto. Again, much of this will seem very familiar to many of you, I am sure.

For all the talk about “girl power” and “women kicking ass” which you see on movies these days, if the men of your “tribe” are too weak or demoralised to protect you, you will be enslaved and crushed by the men from other “tribes” before you can say “Vagina Monologues”. Which means that if you break down men’s masculinity, their willingness and ability to defend themselves and their families, you destroy the country. That’s exactly what Western women have done for the last forty years. ….

The male protective instinct doesn’t take action because Scandinavian women have worked tirelessly to eradicate it, together with everything else that smacks of traditional masculinity. Because of this, feminism has greatly weakened Scandinavia, and perhaps Western civilisation as whole. …

Didn’t feminists always claim that the world would be a better place with women in the driver’s seat, because they wouldn’t sacrifice their own children? Well, isn’t that exactly what they are doing now? Smiling and voting for parties that keep the doors open to Muslim immigration, the same Muslims who will be attacking their children tomorrow? …

Misandry, the hatred of men, isn’t necessarily less prevalent than misogyny, the hatred of women. The difference is that the former is much more socially acceptable.

If all oppression comes from Western men, it becomes logical to try weakening them as much as possible. If you do, a paradise of peace and equality awaits us at the other side of the rainbow. Well congratulations to Western European women. You’ve succeeded in harassing and ridiculing your own sons into suppressing many of their masculine instincts. To your surprise, you didn’t enter a feminist Nirvana, but paved the way for an unfolding Islamic hell. ….

Feminists claim that the reason why women haven’t been as numerous in politics and science as men is due to male oppression of women. Some of this is true. But it is not the whole story. Being male means having to prove something, to achieve something, in a greater way than it does for women. In addition to this, the responsibility for child rearing will always fall more heavily on women than on men. ….

it was in fact the women who started this whole “single is best” culture that now permeates much of the West. Since women initiate most divorces and a divorce can potentially mean financial ruin for a man, it shouldn’t really be too surprising that many men hesitate to get involved at all. … At the same time, women during the past few decades have made it a lot easier to have a girlfriend without getting married. So women make it riskier to get married and easier to stay unmarried, and then they wonder why men “won’t commit?” Maybe too many women didn’t think all this feminism stuff quite through before jumping on the bandwagon? …..

The elaborate welfare state model in Western Europe is frequently labelled as “the nanny state,” but perhaps it could also be named “the husband state.” Why? Well, in a traditional society, the role of men and husbands is to physically protect and financially provide for their women. In our modern society, part of this task has simply been “outsourced” to the state, which helps explain why women in general give a disproportionate support to high taxation and pro-welfare state parties. The state has simply become a substitute husband, upheld by taxation of their ex-husbands. ….

Radical feminism has bred suspicion and hostility, not cooperation. And what’s more, it has no in any way eradicated the basic sexual attraction between feminine women and masculine men. If people do not find this in their own country, they travel to another country or culture to find it, which in our age of globalisation is easier than ever. A striking number of Scandinavian men find their wives in East Asia, Latin America or other nations with a more traditional view of femininity, and a number of women find partners from more conservative countries. …

radical feminism has been one of the most important causes of the current weakness of Western civilisation, both culturally and demographically. Feminists, often with a Marxist world view, have been a crucial component in establishing the suffocating public censorship of Political Correctness in Western nations. They have also severely weakened the Western family structure, and contributed to making the West too soft and self-loathing to deal with aggression from Muslims. …

Well, after two generations of Second Wave Feminism, Ms. Willis and Ms. Beauvoir have had their way: The West has skyrocketing divorce rates and plummeting birth rates, leading to a cultural and demographic vacuum that makes us vulnerable to a take-over by… Islam. And feminists still aren’t satisfied. ….

Feminists claim that women have been victims of men, that men have oppressed women for centuries and that the sexes are equal. Denying this will result in the smears “misogynist” and “male chauvinist pig”. But equalising the sexes has led to a crippling feminisation of Western society … portraying women as oppressed victims and the equals of males is one example of how the pursuit of equality is being used to destroy our society and undermine – and therefore be in conflict with – Mother nature. ….

I’ll continue going through the manifesto to see what else I can find. If any of you decide to do the same thing, and find other selections in it that you find telling, please post them in the comments below.

I would also like to find specific writings on manosphere blogs – posts or comments – that directly parallel these selections from Breivik’s manifesto. If any of you are willing to help, again,  please post your findings in the comments below, along with URLs to the sources of the manosphere quotes.

Ideas have consequences. Vile, hateful ideas have vile, hateful consequences.

For more on Breivik’s misogyny, see this post on Red Light Politics.

PZ Myers has more on Breivik’s noxious ideology, including his hatred of atheists, here.

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10 years ago

“No, I don’t, it isn’t the true core of feminism, absolutely not.”

Then what was your past trollery about how men should be wiped out of existence about?

“?? I read her manifesto, I QUOTE her!”

Yes, you have read it…yet you seem to put that up as “honest femenism” while dismissing the opinions of other feminists who state that they are as far from Solanas as they can get. Earlier you stated, “I don’t criticize her, I admire her for her honesty!” Impling that Valerie was an honest feminist with good ideas while everyone else is…what, lying? Why would a member of a marginalized people have any reason to lie about not treating a member of a majority like shit?

Civil Rights is not a puzzle of politics, it is shivel that gets at the fundamentals of individual rights. Detractors imagine it to be little more than oppression olympics or some exercise in power, when really Civil Rights is about individuals getting the right to participate in the world, no matter their biology. That you construct it as some zero-sum game says a lot about you and nothing about Civil Rights itself.

10 years ago

@cynickal: To be fair, I’m a video game person (of the old school/retro kind, though), and even I realize that games are just games, not a means to an end. That Meller thinks that they are a replacement for human interaction…well, he should speak for himself, frankly.

10 years ago

Meller: Men will NOT consent to their own castration! We WILL and we MUST get the women we want;

Nonsense. The women you want are as actually castrated as you think men are for not being able to bullyrag them, and own them (coverture, et sequalam legium).

If you served in the military, then you of all people ought to know what I mean!

This… makes no sense. I mean it. I can parse the rest of of that farrago of non-sense (because the future you see as inevitable, isn’t), but this blathering non-sequitor about lemmings and strangers and my being in the Army… is gibberish.

10 years ago

Meller – “I WANT a world characterised by harmony, cohesiveness, and understanding between the sexes; of QUALITY, not ‘equality’!”

Your entire rant was somewhat disconcerting, but this part especially stuck with me. It seems as if you honestly think that men everywhere are finding it impossible to coexist with a significant other who is a *gasp* feminist. However, everywhere I look I see people who are happy and in healthy relationships. Regardless of the relative happiness of various strangers in the world, I guess my question for you is what makes you think you will be able to form a relationship of “harmony, cohesiveness, and understanding” between even one woman if you do not see her as your equal? You, and various other commentators on this site, say things about how unfair feminism is to men or how men are looked down upon or that the laws unfairly burden men more than women, and these arguments are the crux of your arguments against feminism and the reason you state that violence by men is inevitable because men can’t be expected to deal with that for much longer…but then in the same rant you seem to advocate for a position where women would be treated poorly by the law, would be looked down upon by society, etc. Does it not occur to you that maybe women might dislike being treated like sub-humans as well? Personally, I would never be friends with someone, let alone in a romantic relationship, who considered me beneath him or of lesser importance than him. I don’t think any person would. I do expect my relationships to be based on equality. To me, this doesn’t necessarily mean that I can do everything he can do (for instance, I readily accept the fact that because he went to culinary school, his cooking is WAY BETTER than mine), but that our contributions to our relationship and home are equally important.

Also, I find it really interesting that because you consider immigration to be bad (and because the manifesto of one lone terrorist stated that his actions were because of immigration), you seem to think that means that the majority of people agree with you. It seems to me that if the majority of people wanted immigration completely closed off, our elected officials would at least be considering something along those lines in order to appeal to their voters when election time rolls around. However, I highly doubt that the manifesto of a terrorist speaks represents the thoughts and beliefs of the majority of his country.

10 years ago

Nonsense. The women you want are as actually castrated as you think men are for not being able to bullyrag them, and own them (coverture, et sequalam legium).


10 years ago

I WANT a world characterised by harmony, cohesiveness, and understanding between the sexes; of QUALITY, not “equality”!

So, then, “quality” and “equality” are mutually exclusive terms?

You WANT a world characterised by the subordination and subjugation of women in the best interests of men ONLY.
And what eventually grew out of that type of world? Feminism, that’s what. Most, if not all, things don’t just occur in a vaccuum, and neither did Feminism.

David k. Meller
David k. Meller
10 years ago

I have NO idea where the f**k this is going! I certainly extended the olive branch here, with no results! I needa drink–or at least another website!

I need assurance that right reason still exists in the world!! I need assurance that men are still men, women are still women (G-d bless ’em), and that feminists are regarded as Satan’s own freak show!

You people (“women” and “men” alike) on manboobz, have given me a new appreciation of the existence of sheer lunacy in our society! From now on, when I read Press releases from President Obama–or listen to speeches from the likes of Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, or Nancy Pelosi, I will think “there, by the grace of G-d, I could be viewing manboobz com!

Compared with you all, even Presidential aspirants of the Stupid Party (the GOP) and the even goofier counterparts of the Dumbercrats–are luminous models of rationality, good humor, and self-responsibility!

Power to the People, Comrades!! Don’t forget those red armbands, or you won’t be allowed in Party Headquarters for the workers and peasant’s (and womynz) meeting tonight.

10 years ago

Do you also need assurance that small furry creatures form alpha centauri are real small furry creatures from alpha centauri?

10 years ago

Nobby wins the internet.

10 years ago

Keller – if this blog (and the people who frequent it) bother you so much, then why come here? You certainly aren’t here to challenge yourself or you beliefs, so it seems that you come here merely to piss yourself off (or attempt to piss us off). If we all bother you so very much that you wish you were listening to Sarah Palin give a press conference, by all means, stop subjecting yourself to this torture.

10 years ago

men are crazy. and when they go crazy, people usually end up dying.

this is hilarious though. i love his obsession with sex and the city. like that’s the reason he’s a loser.

i call the “MRA” the LRA–losers’ rights activists. it’s a bunch of failed men who simply cannot believe that they didn’t get what they want in life. so they do the time-honored male tradition of blaming women for their failures (check out the adam and eve story for a primer).

why are men so crazy and so sensitive? and why aren’t more news media outlets reporting on this in that context?

10 years ago

Es una visión extremista y sesgada, sin embargo eso no le resta razón a muchos de sus puntos, aunque no sean tan absolutos y generales como él maneja.

Uno de los puntos que más comparto, es la tendencia del feminismo que lleva a la absurda situación de que los hombres (principales contribuyentes) esten financiando al estado para que tengan los recursos para substituir a ellos mismos de sus funciones como esposo; darle toda la libertad y ventajas a las mujeres sin que ellos (los hombres) reciban nada a cambio por su trabajo, protección y el servicio que les estan prestando.

Desde mi punto de vista el problema numero 1 es que el estado intervenga en la vida privada de las personas, no creo que tenga derecho a eso. Pero si tuviera que aceptar que el estado no va a respetar esto y se va a meter con la vida de las personas; abogaría sin duda a leyes discriminatorias pero en sentido contrario, encaminadas a lo que él dice, para restaurar el patriarcado que comparto que es el sistema más natural, armonicó con la naturaleza, estable, justo y conveniente.

10 years ago

“men are crazy. and when they go crazy, people usually end up dying.”

Alright Jackie since you opened your yip let me help you jam your foot all the way in .
First what you say is a sexist statement. The blanket statement men are crazy makes me wonder if your not a tad touched yourself. I could reply with “women are crazy” but that would be wrong as well and just as bad as your orginal statement.
So lets look at some facts and I just know your going to hate them but what the heck you made the statement so put your bib on dear and get ready for a mouthful of toe-jam.
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. (2010). Results from the 2009
National Survey on Drug Use and Health: Mental Health Findings
Past year SMI ( serious mental illness) was more likely among women aged 18 or older than among men in that age group (6.4 vs. 3.2 percent).

Among adults aged 18 or older, the percentage having any mental illness in the past year was
significantly higher among women than among men (23.8 vs. 15.6 percent).

Get it Jackie ? Women are twice as likely to have serious mental illness than men and about 1/3 more likely to have any mental illness.
So either your delusional (and part of that 6.4% ) or your just ignorant either way you need to bone up a little before you open your mouth and you get another taste of your toe-jam.
Do I really need to have a peek at female spree killers? yah sure why not

Brenda Spencer: On January 29, 1979, Brenda, then 16, used a .22 rifle and fired at the staff and students of an elementary school across the street on which she lived, killing two and wounding nine
Amy Bishop: Shot six colleagues, three of which died, with a 9mm handgun February 13, 2010 shortly after learning that she had been denied tenure. She was arrested and indicted for the shooting and is currently in custody. The authorities also reopened the case of her fatally shooting her brother years earlier
Jennifer San Marco: Killed a neighbor, then went to a mail processing plant, where she killed an additional six before shooting herself in the head on January 30, 2006
Sylvia Seegrist: On October 30, 1985, she opened fire at a Springfield, Pennsylvania shopping mall, killing three people and wounding seven others.
From :
Now here is something interesting taken from:
“Although males make up the majority of serial killers, there are female serial killers as well and they differ from men in many ways. Research shows that the majority of males (50%) kill for sexual pleasure while females kill for profit (75%), control (13%), or revenge (12%). Men tend to be more actively violent in their killing, raping, torturing, beating or strangling their victims while females are usually passive and tend to favour poison. The victimologies differ as well; men tend to chose strangers while women target relatives, friends, and romantic partners. One of the most suprising differences is the length of time over which each gender continues killing. Men usually kill for a short period, a few months to about 4 years. Women, on the other hand, kill for an average of 6-8 years, sometimes even decades.”
The part I find particularly chilling is the last part about women killing relatives etc and as well that they kill over longer periods of time. Then there is the methodologies, see women like to poison more then men which can lead to a murder being classified as natural causes and if you want the data on that you’ll have to get offa yur hinnie and ask permission from mommy or daddy to do research so you can make an educated comment.
It is blanket statements like yours that really just adds to the confusion and hate of an enumerated group.
Yes he was a sick individual, yes he did heinous acts ( my heart goes out to the victim’s families) but you making the blanket sexist statement was deplorable and you should be ashamed of it but somehow I don’t think you will. Good thing there is hard facts and data to disprove you.

10 years ago

I happened to have read the manifesto and I (a female) and disgusted that the author of this article took the part about females completing out of context and therefore missed the entire meaning of the book. There is so much in the book that is the result of years of research and it has loads of useful and intelligent information. I do not support Brevik’s method because it was counter productive and he choose the wrong target ( a group of young people who were at a pro-palestinian rally being brain washed by the left wing liberal Norwegian government who sponsored the “summer camp”. This type of censorship was partly what lead to Brevik’s decision to kill those “kids”.) He should have targeted the communists/socialists/progressives inside and outside of government who are destroying the youth and the country of Norway.

10 years ago

Ok player.

maria de lourdes
maria de lourdes
10 years ago

haha,where are those so igualitarian scandinavian countries,where women have respect and freedom???Europeans and americans love to say Latin America is full filled with sexism and misoginistic men,now,what do you say about that???

That still reigns in the industrialized countries,not only in the lands of “fanatic terrorists”

9 years ago

Anders Breivik’s prison correspondence to an EcoFeminist

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