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Hitler-loving dudes named Andrew agree: Roosh V is a-OK! (Even though he’s not white.)

Hitler: Roosh V's biggest fan?
Hitler: Roosh V’s biggest fan?

So our dear friend Roosh V is getting support in some unexpected places. And by “unexpected” I mean “completely expected, what, are you kidding?”

Consider this little exchange last night on the Twitter:

Andrew Anglin ‏@stormer9k 16h16 hours ago Andrew Anglin retweeted Ricky Vaughn I don't care what race @rooshv is. He is killing it. 100% love. Andrew Anglin added, Ricky Vaughn @Ricky_Vaughn99 Roosh V (@rooshv) touches on the JQ on the @Gavin_McInnes show. 3 retweets 12 favorites Reply Retweet 3 Favorite 12 More Dark enlightenment ‏@enlightdark 15h15 hours ago @stormer9k @rooshv Iran and Armenia are ancient civilized places. I have more in common with a Persian than Blacks 0 retweets 5 favorites Reply Retweet Favorite 5 More Andrew Auernheimer ‏@rabite 15h15 hours ago @enlightdark @stormer9k @rooshv yes, Persians are more than welcome to join my death squads, just not mate with my daughters.

Anglin added:

Andrew Anglin ‏@stormer9k 16h16 hours ago Andrew Anglin retweeted Dark enlightenment Either way, @rooshv is a civilized and honorable man, as far as what I am seeing. Rightfully saluted.

It’s a veritable far-right shitweasel convention!

In case you’re not a regular reader of the far-right shitweaselosphere, the first Andrew in this conversation, Andrew Anglin, is the dude behind the neo-Nazi online rag The Daily Stormer.

The second, Andrew Auernheimer  — who despite having the same first name and the same avatar is an entirely different person — is the infamous hacker-turned-white-supremacist better known as weev.

The reason they both have the same avatar? They’re showing support for a fellow right-wing shitweasel, the alleged journalist Chuck Johnson, who was banned from Twitter for, well, I don’t remember exactly but I’m pretty sure it was for a good reason.

Birds of a feather, huh?




66 replies on “Hitler-loving dudes named Andrew agree: Roosh V is a-OK! (Even though he’s not white.)”

“How can they be okay with Roosh given his self-admitted rapes of Icelandic women? I would think they’d be in a rage over him defiling “pure” white women.”

This inconsistency is a perfect example of how extremist hate rhetoric is normally insincere.

On the surface, it’s about this or that purportedly ‘noble ideal.’ But really, it’s about self-aggrandizement. I would expect that hateful bigots and extremists always doubt their crap to a degree. Surely this is one thing all jackbooted thugs have in common.

So, what did happen in Toronto today, besides the protest? I’ve been checking online and haven’t seen anything, and I’m really not eager to go to his site and boost his page views…

Ignoring someone like this doesn’t really have a positive effect. While I can see the simple logic of not giving him oxygen that lets his views reach the ears of more people, the wisdom of people more experienced than I in activist circles has taught me that the best way to send noxious people like this packing for good is to spread condemnation of their views.

Though spreading condemnation means that some people will hear these views and agree with them because they secretly held them, many more will hear these views for the first time in relation to the utter opposition and condemnation and learn how wrong these views are. When it is widely known and understood that these views are not OK then ordinary people will stamp out these views and make them socially unacceptable.

If the views of people like Roosh are merely ignored then they can build in the absence of opposition, collecting more people who otherwise would have rejected them if they felt their views would be widely rejected.

If you want a Nazi to be ignored then people must first widely understand their views as wrong/evil so that they will be inclined to dismiss and reject them whenever they appear.

One of my current projects is a boring outreach and legislative effort re: combatting antibiotic resistance (people hate me for it because it means having symptoms for longer) in general practice so I thought it was sort of adorable seeing Roosh described as a pathogen and the lady who dumped beer on him referred to as an “antibody”:

I don’t agree with the article entirely but I appreciate the analogy.

Yeah, if knowing about Roosh makes people able to protect themselves from him, then I say we get his face plastered on every billboard in Canada.

Seriously, people say “there’s no such thing as bad publicity”, but how do you think becoming a fucking pariah works?

Also, if generating enough negative attention around Roosh also makes it harder for other toxic right-wingers to form alliances with each other, then that’s also a handy side effect. Roosh drove the wedge between Owen/Aurini, and even AVFM and MGTOWs can’t decide how much to be disgusted by him, and for what reasons. It seems that the constant squabbling over whether it’s ok to side with Roosh on any issue is at least keeping the various Manurespherians from fining any common ground around which to organise*.

*Hahahahaha, as if they could organise a piss-up in a Bier Keller during Oktoberfest, even though it’s a pre-arranged event that only requires attendance, and having hired an Events Organiser from England to do everything for them! Can you imagine!

Good to see that Charles Johnson is still banned on twitter.

White Supremacists talking about civilizations makes me laugh. White Supremacists have literally destroyed scores of non-White civilizations around the world. Plus, what’s the definition of a civilization anyways? So is their point that only people who live within civilizations deserve to live?

My definition of civilized people are those who allow other cultures and peoples to survive and don’t go around the world killing and enslaving people for nefarious reasons. But that’s just me.

White Supremacists have literally destroyed scores of non-White civilizations around the world.

And they haven’t done their own any favors, either. My grandpa made the mistake of being heard kvetching on the street that ever since “that shitty little Austrian twerp” (his words, roughly translated) got into power in Germany, there were no more decent shoes to be had. (Which was true.)

Well, he got called up on the carpet for it by the Gestapo, and the first words out of the goon’s mouth were “Sie haben vier Kinder…” (“You have four children…”)

Yup, that’s right. For all their pro-natalist racism, the Nazis didn’t give a damn about even innocent kids from the “right” background if their dad didn’t dance 100% in line. And they would have shot them all before his eyes if he hadn’t piped down and ducked his head from then on.

Apparently Roosh may not have been able to give his speech. Some assert that his evidence: his photo with the newspaper is photoshopped which seems plausible. It’s weird that none of the attendees in the background are facing Roosh, their object of adulation.

Weev is Jewish. He’s apparently deeply ashamed of this fact for whatever stupid, private reasons, and has invented this twisted white-supremacist persona in defense. So, Andrew Auernheimer, this hysterical ranting little man is a self-hating Jew, fantasizing about his own extermination. Just in case this all wasn’t nauseating enough already.

What’s truly odd is the only true Aryans are all from Iran. The word means something like “noble people.” The fact they don’t know he should actually has more claim to a word they use for themselves tells me there’s so much about their race they are ignorant about. Yet they claim to be experts on race and ethnicity.

I, too, would not wish for Roosh to ‘mate’ with my daughters, should I have any. Which I don’t. But not because of his ethnicity. I would most definitely not like for any of his content or materials to influence my son.

Chuck Johnson got kicked off twitter because he asked his followers for money to hire a hitman (Or general murdering supplies to do it himself, he was intentionally vague) to kill DeRay Mckesson.

Taken in the context of his twitter feed, it’s pretty clear that the tweet was asking for money to help dig up dirt on DeRay Mckesson, not assassinate him. I mean, Johnson is a huge asshole, and has done other things worthy of getting booted from Twitter (like doxxing medical professionals who treated Ebola patients), but that particular tweet wasn’t worth banning him.

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