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Yeastward ho! A Voice for Men heads in a radically yeasty new direction


Yes, that’s right: the top “featured article” on A Voice for Men today is titled:

Unique yeast evolutionary events made lager beer history

The post in question — reprinted from — is an example of the bold new direction for AVFM that site founder and chief tantrum-thrower Paul Elam announced proudly a little over a month ago, and which, he explained, was proof of AVFM’s great success in “chang[ing] the public narrative about sexual politics.”

AVFM has apparently done such a great job of this whole narrative-changing thing that the site is now able to just reprint random articles about crap from and declare them to somehow have something to do with men’s issues and men’s interests. I mean, it’s not like AVFM is desperately casting about to gain additional traffic without doing any actual work or anything like that.

This post about yeast raises the bar even further. Having succeeded so completely at changing the discourse for human men, AVFM can now begin to change the discourse for YEAST MEN as well.

Presumably AVFM will soon be announcing its new name: A Voice for Yeasty Men.

Might I suggest a slogan? YEAST RISING!


I got a million of them, Paul. Call me!


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7 years ago

I also like the guy who has 2 “boys” and 1 “girl”. Scare quotes, what are they?

“Scare quotes” are for “people” who are afraid they’ll forget “their” children’s “gender”!

Paul Elam must not have read that beer article very carefully, because the lead scientist who discovered the yeasty evolutionary breakthrough was (gasp!) a woman. I thought women couldn’t STEM?

For guys who always claim to be Going Their Own Way, they sure never seem to get far without us. Hell, they couldn’t knee-walk home from the pub without the help of our agriculture and our beer!

7 years ago

I like me some Houseman: and that poem from A Shropshire Lad is one of my faves. It’s why I stare into various abysses (inc. the Manoshpere).

Re Elam/AVfM, if they think this will poolish their image, and raise their reputation, well the proof is in the pudding.

A.A. Wils
7 years ago

My yeast puns rarely rise to such an occasion. My budding career in comedy has produced a product that is so spore.

(I’ll see myself out)

Road to Servitude
7 years ago

You are right EJ, this is my point. As you say, reactionaries claim to be against ‘identity politics,’ but it all depends on whose and whose is in question. They condemn feminism, but support MRM. They oppose racial equality, and then turn around and support David Duke or other white supremacists. This is a ridiculous contradiction, and I think these bigots are well aware not only of the bad ethical character of their views, but also of the logical flaws. I sometimes wonder whether the term ‘identity politics’ has become so tainted by people using it as a slur, that maybe there are also alternative names for it that aren’t tainted? I don’t really know. Then again, I guess there doesn’t have do be one single word for everything, though (otherwise that tends to mean a forced consensus, which isn’t good either)…

Road to Servitude
7 years ago
Reply to  Bina

They are really unique in their capacity to be jerks, so maybe they should call themselves MBJOOW (Men Being Jerks Our Own Way). They really are in a class of their own.

Road to Servitude
7 years ago

*Whose politics and whose identity, I meant.

7 years ago

Funny– since mitochondrial DNA is passed down through the mother. Yeast doesn’t have a need for a ‘father’– maybe they should protest that?

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