boobs misogyny MRA reddit shocked SHOCKED

The Men’s Rights subreddit declares war on topless women, if it can find any

First with the toplessness, then with the pinching

Men’s Rights activists have to stretch a bit to find new things to get mad about. Right now Men’s Rights Redditors are working themselves into a tizzy because a city in Colorado made it legal for women and girls to go topless.

In 2019.

irony alert porn reddit shocked SHOCKED TERFs transmisogyny transphobia

“Gender Critical” Redditor: Trans women are ruining porn recommendations

It’s positively shocking!

By David Futrelle

Can “Gender Critical” feminists — a.k.a. TERFs — talk about anything without turning the discussion into an excuse to bash trans women?

alt-lite alt-right baby men concern trolls entitled babies evil imaginary ladies gender policing men who should not ever be with imaginary women ever men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny oppressed men oppressed white men playing the victim shocked SHOCKED toxic masculinity twitter

Internet babies want Lady Captain Marvel arrested for stealing a motorcycle

By David Futrelle

Captain Marvel has been in theaters for two and a half months now, but the baby men of the internet are still finding excuses to throw tantrums over it.

hypocrisy irony alert kleptocrat in chief shocked SHOCKED trump

I’m shocked, SHOCKED, to see the Trump kids selling access to their dad for big $$$

Also, you get to kill some animals

Apparently it’s only wrong when Hillary (allegedly) does it.

Even after repeatedly attacking Hillary — without evidence — for allegedly operating a pay-for-play scheme when she was Secretary of State, selling access and favors in return for big donations to The Clinton Foundation, the Trumps don’t seem to understand that selling access for money is a bad thing, even when they do it.

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