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Happy Patriotic Kitten Day!

Happy Fourth of July! At least for my readers who live in the US. The rest of you can have a happy day as well, but yours will probably involve fewer fireworks.  Anyway, no misogyny today. Instead, here’s a kitten making its own fireworks with the help of an iPad. Consider this an open thread.

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That is really reasonable. Also yay for introspection! “That said, it’s important to remember that, in cases like rape accusations, we all rightly decry the “trial by media” that happens before high-profile trials like this. We weren’t on the jury, and all we have to go on is what pops up on overly sensationalized news stories.
“Innocent until proven guilty” holds for all cases, not just ones where we agree with the outcome.”

@darksidecat–OMG thank you! I’m sure we’ll dissect it in next weekend’s open thread.

@Ami–I am totally going to steal that line, “I don’t have to have no opinion on everything”. So useful!

Glad it helped, Ami!

I must admit I’ve never heard of Casey Anderson. I looked up the case a bit and I can see why it got so much attention – baby murdered! Slutty single mom! – but yeah, no direct evidence. With all the media hype it’s amazing there was anything approaching a fair trial.

Well, I haven’t been following the Anthony case too closely (though didn’t the defense argue it was an accidental death and Anthony lied and hid the body out of panic or something along those lines?), so I won’t take a side. However, I do think that the reasonable doubt standard is not the standard for having any opinion on a case, but rather the standard for criminal conviction. Reasonable doubt standards give a lot of false negatives-guilty people who walk-but I don’t really see a better alternative for a criminal system. So, I do think that people can make up their minds with less, and, if people think Anthony is guilty based on the evidence, they are free to say as much. A not guilty verdict does not automatically prove a person is innocent. So, I am actually perfectly okay with someone who, based on the facts from the case, thinks Anthony is totally guilty. Howewever,that does not give them the liscense to use it as “proof” of whatever random conspiracy theory they might pull out of their ass.

I’ve been reading and commenting here since I think December? And I think I saw a link to here on someone’s blogroll. I should keep track of these kinds of things, apparently. I comment too much. Because why not.

Um, hey everybody. I am done with fucking finals. And drinking. And eating a burger. Oh that’s nice.

Thanks, Johnny Pez! Yeah, that finals nightmare sucks. I’ve had it. Whaaa? But I’ve never even been to that class! And if I flunk, I have to go back to high school gym class?

I luckily have never had the finals nightmare, luckily. Though I do get really worried I’m going to miss administering them (especially at 8 am. Blerg). Can’t remember if that’s shown up in a dream, though.

And everyone should just pretend one of those ‘luckily’s isn’t there. Speaking of dreaming, sleep calls…

Nobby: The final exams I had to administer were one-on-one practical exercises.

People’s careers, and (though it sounds hyberbolic, and melodramatic) lives were on the line.

Careers, because if they failed, they weren’t going to become interrogators.

Lives, because if they passed, they were going to become interrogators.

I don’t think I ever made the wrong call on an edge case, but man… did we talk about how to grade those exercises.

Thanks Pecunium! Doctress is here, too, but I think she’s a pretty busy lady. I’m also planning on just sort of doing a lot more running and yoga and so forth to pass the time. Tried and true method for un-boredom and getting into good shape whenever a boyfriend leaves- and they always seem to for me. I’m also gonna plan a trip back home to Chicago and the surrounding area to visit friends I haven’t seen since I moved back in March. Maybe even a trip back to my podunk little hometown to see some extended family. I’m not sure yet though, he only left yesterday.

@Pecunium Oy, yeah. I’m, at worst, responsible for a small part of a person’s med school chances >.<.

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