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Weekend Open Thread Dada Party!

Schampa wulla wussa olobo!

Welcome to the Weekend Open Thread Dada Party. Talk about whatever you want. And don’t worry if some of the words you use aren’t actual words. The Dadaists didn’t care about that sort of thing. Blago bung, blago bung. Bosso Fataka!

Click here or here to hear Kurt Schwitters read some of  his Dadaist poetry. For more on this poem, see here.

Enjoy! Or, as Hugo Ball might have put it, ba – umf.

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10 years ago

Speedlines–those are some of my favorites as well–looking at the list of Baum books, I see that they’re fairly late in his work–10, 11, and 14 of the fourteen he wrote. (Rinkitink, according to this list was originally a Non-Oz book).

As I said, the Royal BOok is one of my least favorites of Thompson’s.

I’m a huge fan of Kabumpo in Oz, Grampa in Oz, The Hungry Tiger of Oz, The purple Prince of Oz.

10 years ago

p.s. should note tht in my memory (haven’t read in a while) there is some racist imagery in HT involving the portrayal of the Rash (turbans, fiery tempers, etc.), but I do love the Hungry Tiger (even more than the Cowardly Lion).

Ami Angelwings
10 years ago


Exactly! xD

Otherwise, you could say this is a great way to pick up girls too xD (actually it WOULD be.. for me.. cuz I love wrestling xD )

8 years ago

I am writing a paper about 20th Century Art Movements, does anyone have suggestion for authoritive resources?

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