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Is Jordan Peterson fan art a sign of the impending apocalypse?

Yes, that’s supposed to be Peterson

By David Futrelle

Some public intellectuals are so public that they inspire entire mini-genres of memes. One can find innumerable memes featuring the indomitable Marxist philosopher and hot dog fan Slavoj Zizek, left icon Noam Chomsky, and panopticon theorist Michel Foucault; even someone as seemingly memeproof as Susan Sontag has inspired a few. Lesser intellects like antifeminist think-tanker Christina Hoff Sommers and wannabe thinker Ben Shapiro have somehow inspired memes of their own.

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Anime Nazis turn on Christina Hoff Sommers after she stands up for assaulted reporter

Based mom no more?
Based mom no more?

You may recall how Christina Hoff Sommers, right-wing think tanker and longtime pseudofeminist, was transformed into the idolized “Based Mom” after she cannily jumped aboard the #GamerGate train and started going to events with noted ethical journalist Milo Yiannopoulos?

#gamergate antifeminism antifeminist women christina hoff sommers gynocracy infighting men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny MRA paul elam

Paul Elam attacks Christina Hoff Sommers as a “crypto-misandric privilege-seeking gender parasite.”

Christina Hoff Sommers doing her best "Blue Steel"
Christina Hoff Sommers doing her best “Blue Steel”

Catfight! Histrionic Men’s Rights gooberhead Paul Elam, apparently hungry for attention, has decided to pick a fight with phony feminist and GamerGate den mother Christina Hoff Sommers.

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