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Reddit NoFapper takes LSD, convinces himself that all his lusty thoughts are the fault of a sex demon

TBF, these guys probably aren’t up to anything good

By David Futrelle

So I took a little stroll through the Semen Retention subreddit again today, and there were demons afoot. Or at least inside the brain of one of the gentlemen there.

A fellow called WinWithin888 decided to tell his fellow semen retainers of a recent discovery he’d made while zonked out of his mind on LSD — namely, that all of his impure thoughts are being put into his head by some sort of evil demonic entity.

“Yesterday I took a trip with Lucy (LSD),” he began,

and had a really deep meditation session where I realized a lot about myself on all levels.

Oh did you.

I was meditating and started to see really angry like faces, basically like demons.

The brown acid that is circulating around us is not specifically too good. It’s suggested that you do stay away from that.

I was lying on my back in a position like when mothers give birth when my penis area started to vibrate really hard as well as my bed and my legs started to move as if I was having sex. It honestly felt like I was having an earthquake but the vibe of it was very sexual.

The demon faces aren’t specifically so cool but this bit sounds … kind of fun?

The whole time I was getting flashes of this “scary” face constantly while feeling this sexual energy take over me.

Ok, maybe not that much fun. I guess this is what happens when you combine an LSD trip with the sex-negative ideology of semen retention. It kind of seems like you turned a good trip into a bad one because of all the nonsense bouncing around in your head.

I suddenly stopped and realized that this wasn’t me but a entity attached to me and using me to act in lustful ways.

Ah, yes, you are a pure ball of goodness and light; it’s just those entities that are giving you inappropriate boners.

Everything started to connect for me regarding why I even entertained sexual thoughts, the partners I have been with and their influence on me as well as how these events have been damaging my spirit and keeping me in a lustful state. I was unaware of this entity guiding me, talking to me and disguising itself as my own voice and using me to fulfill its lustful desires.

Sneaky bastard!

It really made me realize that sexual energy is definitely misused and should not be taken lightly. It is not to bust nuts for pleasure.

No, I’m pretty sure that is what sexual energy is about, at least for those with penises. Sex is fun for a reason.

I knew this already but this was like a STAMP on it. I see why the porn industry does what it does, why America is so sexualized and how being in a lustful state truly drains a person.

Damn, those entities must be busy little buggers.

I couldn’t have been more grateful for the meditation session and exposing this entity. I’m definitely continuing SR, because I realize any thought that comes in my head that has a lustful vibe to it is not my own true thought.

This guy’s going to be walking around in a state of perpetual horniness, yelling “out, foul demon!” at his penis every time he sees a woman he thinks is hot.

I can channel this energy upwards towards my brain (heaven) and not towards my sexual area (hell). I can use this energy for my purpose on earth (heaven) and not for pleasure (hell).

Dude, having seen a bit of how your brain operates from this post, I’m pretty sure it’s pretty far from heavenly. And if pleasure is hell, you’re probably doing it wrong.

Human beings can have a little masturbation, as a treat. Or a lot, for that matter; it’s only a problem when it becomes compulsive. Seriously, dude, suppressing a harmless natural urge and denying yourself of one of life’s simple pleasures is only going to make you more fucked up, not less. I mean, semen retention has already got you conjuring up demons in your head (and you aren’t even the first NoFapper I’ve seen who’s obsessed with demons). I can’t imagine that continuing down this weird path is going to make you any healthier.

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34 replies on “Reddit NoFapper takes LSD, convinces himself that all his lusty thoughts are the fault of a sex demon”

I’ve never done LSD, so I’m not sure if it’s usually sexual. But I can assume from what I’ve heard that this is not a normal experience, or at least it’s a rather bad trip.

I’ve never taken any non-prescription drugs save for the one time right around my 21st birthday when I tried pot (my friends had been on me for 6 years by that point telling me I couldn’t know that I didn’t like it without trying it…thought I hadn’t avoided it because I was afraid I wouldn’t like it, but rather because I felt it was a bad plan to get in the habit of buying things that can get you sent to jail).

That said, I was that non-drug using friend that most people were comfortable taking drugs around. So I had a good friend who took ecstasy once or twice a month and LSD maybe once a year. The one time she did LSD when I was with her, she was doing ecstasy at the same time and that combination really, really worked for her, to the point where she could orgasm without having sex, masturbating, or even trying to touch herself or move suggestively/sexually in any way. Seriously, it’s not even like she was wiggling her body on purpose to get off by the pressure of her clothing. Whatever normal walking/moving she was doing was enough (although I think the clothing did have something to do with it).

I know everyone is different, but watching her that night gave me the most powerful temptation to try recreational drugs I’ve ever had, just to see if it would work the same for me.

My sexual experiences on LSD in my (much) younger days involved very intense feelings, and then you start being distracted by all the pretty patterns on the pillow.

We sure this guy didn’t take Molly or something? Sounds much more like something you experience on Molly.


Yeah, that’s pretty much the way it went for me too.

Thing is, I did LSD 4 times over about three years, and each one was a unique experience. Occasionally a bit uncomfortable, but mostly fun. But I decided it was too intense for me.

As for our young sex-negative person, hallucinating demons definitely counts as a bad trip, but the wooyist hippy type I ever met knew better than to think the hallucinations were real once they came down. I have to admit that his keeping his sacred sperm to himself is a great boon for the gene pool.

Huh. I sometimes think that doing LSD in a controlled setting would be interesting.

And then I read accounts like this and figure I don’t really want to know what my brain would come up with…

I am one of those doesn’t masturbate type of Aces. I don’t feel the need to brag about it, though.

Don’t masturbate if you don’t want to. It won’t give you magic powers, though.

@Cryp Dyke : the phenomen you describe on your friend is similar to the effect some food have on me. The half empty cup is that I fear there is something wrong with my brain wiring. The half full cup is that it’s probably cheaper to buy lime juice and curry than LSD and ectasy.

As for the topic of the article, more than a bad trip, I feel like I am reading some religious text, with the preachy tone, the mystical implications and all.

There were some interesting experiments here; before LSD was criminalised (and ethics panels for studies).

Groups of volunteers were given LSD. As part of the sign up process they were warned what to expect in terms of effects and duration. But the groups were all told different things. They reported back that their experiences were in line with the briefings.

That does tally with the idea that LSD and other psychedelics are effectively enablers, and its the brain itself that’s doing all the weird stuff.

That does tally with the idea that LSD and other psychedelics are effectively enablers, and its the brain itself that’s doing all the weird stuff.

I’ve had some experience with ‘shrooms and can tell from experience that your expectations and mindset heavily influence your experience (gee…). In my case I became more aware of the blind spots in my vision as my brain didn’t feel like compensating for them. It was too busy with other stuff.

I have no experience with LSD (and the time I was curious enough to try is in the past. Also, more of a controlled substance then shrooms were), but I’d hazard a guess that if one is obsessed with the idea that the whole world is out to steal your precious bodily fluids, well, that might come up.

Weren’t it also the nofappers who were obsessed with training succibi to be waifus? Or were those the mgtows? These idiots tend to blend together to be honest.

@ battering lamb

and can tell from experience

I couldn’t possibly comment; but let’s just say I find the idea plausible 😉

@Battering Lamb

Weren’t it also the nofappers who were obsessed with training succibi to be waifus? Or were those the mgtows? These idiots tend to blend together to be honest.

It was the MGTOWs. Semen retainers wouldn’t want a succubus to steal their precious bodily fluids.
Though I would imagine you’re right that there is some overlap between the two groups.

I couldn’t possibly comment; but let’s just say I find the idea plausible

For empiricism!

One of the perks of living in a country with a liberal attitude towards some narcotics (though not nearly as liberal as some media makes it out to be). I think shrooms are illegal now due to tourism, though I haven’t really paid much attention since my lifestyle is somewhat different now.

@Knitting Cat Lady

Yeah, as another asexual, it feels uncomfortable to listen to someone lauding a lack of sexual desire as being better/ more pure/ superior. Sexual desire is just a thing that some people have and some people don’t, and neither is better or worse than the other.

Of course, I’m a person with a vagina, so these dudes probably wouldn’t think of me as being superior anyway. Only people who produce semen can “ascend”, those who don’t are just here to be stumbling blocks for those folks, apparently.

Are we sure it’s a sex demon or merely a hormone monster (or monstress)? Yeah, I started watching Big Mouth. Funny show. Kinda reminds me how much I’m glad puberty is behind me.

@ Alan:

The best parts of those studies are the dry descriptions of somebody tripping: “Subject then laughed for several minutes, before abruptly being startled by something on the floor.”

@ moon custafer

Have you seen the footage of when they gave acid to troops? You have the sergeant going all R Lee Ermey and then squaddies desperately trying not to giggle.

@Alan Robertshaw
That video is entertaining, but there is so much ethically wrong with it. Still, by all accounts the men seemed to be having a good time if the laughter is any indication.

I’m old enough to remember when “the devil made me do it!” was Flip Wilson’s punchline.

I’ve never taken any psychoactive drugs such as LSD – nor had any great desire to (as amusing/frightening as I found the Acid scenes from Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas – which I can only assume were made up from whole cloth ). I did find this disturbing as this young man is projecting his own sexual desire as some sort of demonic other. This can’t end well.

Finally my apologies but while reading this all I could think of was a quote from the late Lemmy Kilmster’s book White Line Fever: “Orgasms on acid are fantastic by the way.”

Again my apologies.

The closest I’ve evet gotten to hallucinogens was when I accidentally took too much cough syrup and got a parched throat and visions of Lovecraftian monsters whenever I closed my eyes. Would not recommend.

@Professor Fate

(as amusing/frightening as I found the Acid scenes from Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas – which I can only assume were made up from whole cloth

Nope, that corresponds pretty well to what Thompson wrote. That fellow took deeply inadvisable quantities of psychoactives, though.

So they believe in Pombagira(entity from Afro-Brazilian religions, responsible for love and relationships)?


That would probably be dextromethorphan. It’s called robotripping and has nothing in common with your usual entheogens.


Perhaps but I don’t think so – I’ve read Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas about 20 times at least – I still think the opening “We were somewhere around Barsto on the end of the desert when the drugs began to take hold” is brilliant . I’ve read many of Thompson’s other work (Hell’s Angels is a favorite along with The Great Shark Hunt and F&L on the campaign trail 72) along with his collections of letters – Oh he HATED Nixon like nobody’s business – but this book F&L is a work of literary art not sober reportage of he and Dr. Gonzo got up to on their trip to Vegas – you get some of that in the letters – I do take his description of LSD’s effects on him here with a grain of salt – they are just far too precise and funny : “A drug person can learn to cope with things like seeing their dead grandmother crawling up their leg with a knife in her teeth.”
But he did do too much of everything – booze , coke, Speed, other drugs, cigarettes, and it did take its toll but for a while there he was magnificent. – if you haven’t read it “The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved’ the article that gave birth to the term Gonzo Journalism is brilliant. it’s in The Great Shark Hunt and i’m sure it’s out there on line these days.

Generally , in the past when I was on LSD, sex was the LEAST thing on my mind. Bodies move and contort in ways that are not comfortable to your mind. It’s hard to focus on sex when your partner’s eyes and nose keep moving on their face😨 Besides, LSD has anesthetic effect. You don’t feel physical contact as strongly as when sober. In fact, LSD was first sold commercial as an anesthetic.So it’s a little strange he had an intense sexual experience while dosed.

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