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Roosh V: Protect yourself from the sexy, satanic temptations of the gym

Still in thrall to the gym’s seductive powers

Ex-pickup artist Roosh Valizadeh used to make a living selling dubious and at times straight-up rapey pickup advice to men desperate to get laid. Now that he’s found God he seems to make his living by loudly and publicly renouncing the weirdly driven hedonism of his old lifestyle.

His newest target of his wrath is that modern saturnalia that is … the gym.

In a post on his blog last month, Roosh, a former gym rat himself, denounced gyms as veritable temples of narcissism and lust. Back in the day, he explained, he went to the gym to lift several times a week But he was less interested in getting fit than he was in sculpting his body into something allegedly attractive to women. “I want to claim that I went to the gym to be ‘healthy,'” he wrote in his post, “but my true intention was to be attractive to the opposite sex for the purpose of fornication.”

Fitness? More like fittin’ dis dick in … oh never mind.

So now he feels obligated to warn other men of the dangers of the gym. As he sees it, there are four of them. The first danger is the “vehemently secular music” they play at gyms to combat the tedium of the stairmaster.

I don’t want to hear songs about sex, seduction, getting rich, dancing all night in the club, driving expensive cars, and becoming a big boss. Thankfully, I can hardly understand the “English” being sung in most modern songs, especially hip hop, but even then, the Satanically-engineered melody will find a way to worm its way into my brain and remain there for at least a day, distracting my spiritual life with the potential to insert sinful and pornographic ideas.

Oh, but Satan isn’t just writing catchy tunes to ensnare Roosh’s brain. He’s also making sure that women at the gym wear as little clothing as possible. “There seems to be a competition among gym-going women to see who can display the most skin without technically being naked according to local ordinances,” he snorted.

Roosh is especially angry about sports bras.

The arrival of “sports bras,” which are still bras (just because you put the word sports in front of them and remove the lace doesn’t mean they should be displayed publicly), confirmed to me that the gym has become like an antechamber to the brothel bedroom.

Yes, it’s the sports bra that used to put so many nasty ideas into Roosh’s head. Well, that and all the yoga-ing that goes on at the gym.

I like to think that I can maintain custody of my eye, but inside the gym, half-naked women cavort all around me, and then enter into compromising positions on their yoga mats which immediately sends my mind into the gutter without conscious effort.

And then there’s all that bending over.

Yes, I am admitting that I’m too weak to not glance at these women in bras with gigantic bulbous rear-ends when they bend right in front of me.

The horror!

Before I turned to Christ, I actually saw this as a benefit of any gym, for why not be sexually entertained by women to lustfully prepare for an act of fornication? But now, I run away from it.

Another danger: mirrors, which encourage narcissism and body worship.

The mirrors were my teachers. Over many years, they taught me that my look is the most important part of me, that I had to cherish it if I wanted to continue receiving sexual benefits, and I could maybe consider getting botox injections when I became older to still be sexually attractive to young European women. 

Sorry, Roosh. You’re an old dude now. Live with it.

The last major stumbling block at the gym? Gyms encourage men to “get bigger and bigger muscles for no practical reason” other than trying to look good for all those half-naked ladies.

There’s always someone who lifts more than you, or who has a better steroid supplier than you, so you will constantly aim to compare yourself to other men to subliminally attract the half-naked women that aggregate around the butt machines.

Curse those half-naked ladies for existing in Roosh’s general vicinity!

Your body is fine as it is, you’re healthy, but pride ignites within you to be even bigger and stronger, not to lift heavy things outside of the gym, but solely to lift heavier things within the construct of the gym itself to make you think that your body, given to you by God, is an achievement of your own. This temptation makes you a slave to the gym.

It always strikes me just how much people who aren’t black like to compare themselves to slaves.

But Satan won’t be able to get Roosh back to the gym; he’s now content doing calisthenics at a nearby park. “For me to go into a gym today” he explained, “I would need to cover my eyes and ears to not fall back into the world of the material.”

Roosh blindfolded, with noise-canceling headphones, wandering around the gym bumping into shit? I would pay to see that, actually.

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Jenora Feuer
Jenora Feuer
1 year ago


I don’t know if that’s a fair conclusion to make when he says he’s still exercising. Not that one needs to be fair to Roosh, but still.

There is something to be said (in the more general case, not necessarily in this one) for giving someone as much benefit of the doubt as possible and then still showing that they’re wrong even by their own ‘logic’.

Citizen Justin
1 year ago

Oops, regarding my comment, I just went through WHTM’s archives re: Roosh and David’s already covered that. My bad.

GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
1 year ago

@Lumipuna: I might actually go to a gym that was dim and quiet. No lights bright enough to do surgery by, no blaring music or TV, no talking. But then I’m never without sunglasses and earplugs. Outdoors in the summer I wear 2 pairs of sunglasses.

@Citizen Justin: the reply Tweets to that were good.

Queen of the Harpies
Queen of the Harpies
1 year ago


I am a little disappointed Roosh isn’t going with the commandment “if thine eye offends thee pluck it out”, problem solved everywhere.

Oh how I wish religious busybodies everywhere would do this.

@Citizen Justin

It’s cool, I still find stuff in the archive I haven’t read yet too. And numerous entries are worth reading again.

Ten Bears
1 year ago

That’s actually mostly why I stopped going to the gym, except for the religious nutballery. Totally OK with the scantily clad females, it’s the smelly loud-mouths I don’t want be around.

I hope he doesn’t run over me stumbling around the park.

GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
1 year ago

@Trying: I’m older than he is and I enjoy some hip-hop. The ladies are producing some especially fierce stuff nowadays. I’m a Lizzo fan, for example, though she also does killer R&B.

@Nequam: That would seem to be the complete solution to the problem he’s having, wouldn’t it? Goes right along with the eye-plucking Bible verse.

I wonder what he’s going to do when summer comes and the park is full of scantily-clad women getting some sun and dressing for comfort in hot weather. Maybe wear a blindfold for his calisthenics. And earplugs to drown out everyone’s music… and we’re back to David’s last paragraph.

So he’s attracted to “bulbous buttocks… isn’t that special!” (Church Lady superior dance)

Queen of the Harpies
Queen of the Harpies
1 year ago

So I was skimming through the archives, and I guess nothing ever came of that Icelandic woman who accused him of rape? Did Doosh and his scummy lawyer successfully scare off the blogger who reported it?

I know it would’ve been almost impossible to charge him, but I wish he’d been forced to own it. But just reading those passages from his own books will tell anybody (who isn’t in complete denial/complicit) that he is indeed a rapist.

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