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Pledge Drive UPDATE: Almost … there!

The last time I updated you on the progress of the pledge drive, I was feeling pretty discouraged about how it was going, and pretty pessimistic about the future of the site. But now, I’m feeling a lot better. Thanks to a small flood of donations, some quite generous, things are looking a lot brighter, and we’ve almost reached our goals.

If you’re one of those who donated, thank you!

If you haven’t donated yet, please rectify this by hitting the donate button below!

donate button

If you’re a fan of the site who’s too broke to donate now, please consider one of these other ways of helping out the site.

All your support, financial or otherwise, is greatly appreciated!

Thanks again! Give yourselves a big round of applause!


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Queen of the Harpies
Queen of the Harpies
3 months ago

I’m glad that things are improving. However, I’d still like to ask, politely as possible, for an estimate as to how much is still needed. If you don’t want to give exact numbers for how much it costs to run this site or how much it would take to finish the pledge drive, then how about a rough percentage estimate? Is the site 50%, 75%, 80% close to being fully funded, or something else? I ask because it will influence how much I decide to donate.

3 months ago

I agree with @Queen. I posted in the other thread, but I don’t think transparency will hurt you. It helped me in the group that I run to cover Meetup & Zoom costs. When I opened up everyone agreed to split the cost evenly amongst all members.

GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
3 months ago

I agree with @QotH too. Even if you round the percentage down, which I don’t have a problem with (Like if it’s 75%, go ahead and say 70%).

Queen of the Harpies
Queen of the Harpies
3 months ago

Well, to be honest, I feel very much ignored here. Normally I wouldn’t press for a response from anyone, but in this case I feel like even a simple “I don’t feel comfortable discussing that” would have sufficed, rather than complete silence.

Nevertheless, I have donated. There you go. Keep up the good work.

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