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Black incel: “Release black men from the shackles of thinking black women are attractive”

Boy bye

Are there back incels, you might find yourself wondering. Yes, yes there are. Are they any less racist than their lighter-skinned counterparts? Sadly, based on what I’ve seen, no.

Meet “Frank Jack,” a black incel who wants men of all races to hate black women as much as he does.

“Release black men from the shackles of thinking black women are attractive,” he declares in a post on the incel-friendly forum Looksmax.

Niggas will straight tell you in they face black women are hot and gods gift to the world and expect you to take them seriously. Black men need to stop pro creating with black women. They need to stop talking to black women. They need to stop acknowledging black women existence all together. Black women are ugly asf and are the reason why the black race is in the hole that it’s in.

One commenter wonders how he squares this opinion with his own blackness. “Well, black men do need black women If there’s to be any more black men,” he writes. “You’re black, aren’t you?”

But Frank Jack isn’t worried about a “black genocide.” In fact, he sort of likes the idea.

“I’m fine with the black race being near extinct,” he says. “I’ve already said multiple times we need a black Holocaust.”

A black man calling for a black Holocaust. I didn’t expect to run into that today.

But it’s not as if he hates all black people:

I Love black men and hope every black man succeeds in life. I despise black women and hope they all die alone and bitter.

In another comment he fantasizes about black men “fucking and pro creating with white women to create the mulatto cosmic race.”

When someone suggests this would “dilute” the black race, Frank Jacks says he doesn’t care. “Anything that stops black women from existing is fine by me,” he writes.

Since most incels don’t like even thinking about black women — they tend to agree with the OP that black women are ugly and terrible — the conversation turns to a subject that is genuinely controversial among incels and the incel-adjacent: the appeal, or lack thereof, of Asian women.

Another black commenter calling himself SigmaDONkek declares that

black woman are horrid as are 99% of white women I only phuck asians with my BBC

(He’s not referring to the British Broadcasting Corporation.)

Turns out Frank Jack is not a fan of Asian women. “100% of Asian women are horrid,” he declares. “Asian women’s only personality trait is trying to copy white womens personality.”

In a followup comment, he knocks white guys with Asian fetishes:

White men who like Asian women are just ugly white fucks who can’t get white women so they resort to getting the cheap ass knockoff versions of them which is Asian women. No self respecting white man would ever be with a Asian woman

A white commenter called wanttobeattractive goes even further with his hatred of Asian women:

asian women are little disgusting gremilins that wish they were white

asian women should be shipped back of to asia and be banned from the west and keep to there own race

little fucking cretins

In a followup, he specifies what in particular he dislikes about Asian women, which turns out to be almost everything.

name one good thing about asian women

worst bodies, the worst languages and accents, worst personalitys, worst faces, will create incel sons, most self hating and race betraying

they have no place here

Remember: These guys have somehow convinced themselves that it’s their looks, and not, you know, their hateful personalities, that are making it impossible for them to get dates.

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1 year ago

Yeah but you didn’t need to pull this out of the sewer and give it attention. No one cares what some random dude thinks, this is just an excuse to give sunlight to hatred. Next time skip it. If there are real threats out there, i.e. incels threatening violence, expose it. But leave this garbage in the tip, nobody needs to read this shit.

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